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Iisf building knowledge economy v1

  1. 1. Indian Innovation States Foundation (IISF)<br />- Building Knowledge Economy<br />Culture<br />IISF Calls for<br />Indian Innovation Revolution 2011-2020<br />Indian Innovation States Foundation<br />Building Knowledge Economy<br />Institution<br />Industry<br />FounderRavi Saripallesaripalle.ravi@gmail.comhttps://isquarestates.blogspot.com+91-9866340848<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Context<br />About IISF<br />(Indian Innovation States Foundation)<br />How it helps Indian Economy?<br />Summary<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Context (Are we Innovation Ready for next decade?)<br />Do you agree that Innovation Revolution Required for the following community?<br />MSME Contributes 8 percent of the country's GDP, 45 percent of the manufactured output and 40 percent of its exports providing employment to about 60 million persons through 26 million enterprises; second largest employment generating sector after agriculture<br />Scope for Technological Upgradation, Demand Aggregation, Lack of R&D support for Innovative Solutions, Marketing & Branding Assistance, Skill development<br />In summary “CABS” Deficiency – Cognition, Attitude, Belief, Skills<br />Innovation Deficiency is Dangerous than Diabetes in India 2011-20<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Context (Are we Innovation Ready for next decade?)<br />Uneven Innovators<br /><ul><li>58th on an international innovation ranking[1]
  5. 5. Diminishing Conducive environment for </li></ul> Innovation & Human Capital Index<br /><ul><li>Individually very creative but poor team work,</li></ul> degree oriented , less research focus<br />Conversion of TM, Copyrights,<br />Patents<br /><ul><li>Conversion of R&D to Innovations is low
  6. 6. Patents rate is low comparative competition</li></ul> (other countries)<br /><ul><li>Low rate of New Service Innovations and</li></ul> Product Innovations<br />Low employability Skills<br /><ul><li>By 2012(BSG), will have 1.3 million surplus of un-trained and under- educated people, country will fall short (by 5.3 million) of real talent[2]
  7. 7. NASSCOM, Only 5.97% of candidates an be employed by IT services companies without in-house training[3]</li></ul>4<br />[1] http://www.indianexpress.com/news/an-uneven-innovator/604770/<br />[2] http://www.rediff.com/money/2008/nov/11guest-how-to-build-a-good-talent-pool.htm<br />[3] http://www.theprofessionalss.com/pdf/NEWS%20LETTER-EMPLOYABILITY%20SKILLS.pdf<br />
  8. 8. Context- 2011 to 2020- Problem ahead?<br />Imperatives<br />Inclusive Growth System<br /><ul><li>By 2020, India generates huge number of unskilled grads
  9. 9. By 2020, Developed countries require same number of skilled labor due to ageing factor
  10. 10. China & other countries- Healthy competition
  11. 11. India Patents/IPs need to grow fast
  12. 12. Innovation and Leadership hours missing </li></ul> in education system; We need to shift<br />focus from degrees/Marks to <br /> ideas/business models<br /><ul><li>Developing nations competing with India</li></ul> on grass root execution<br /><ul><li>Students returning to states as </li></ul> entrepreneurs % is reducing; Brain Drain<br /><ul><li>Investors typically attracted to states </li></ul> generating more entrepreneurs/patents/IPs<br />etc; <br /><ul><li> Branding Missing (Innovation and </li></ul> Leadership perspective)<br />Brain Drain<br />Invention<br />Innovation<br />Execution<br />Sluggish Growth<br />Gap<br />Gap<br />Gross root Execution<br />Gap<br />Leadership Execution<br />GAPS TO BE FILLED <br />Innovation deficiency is more dangerous than diabetes in next decade<br />5<br />
  13. 13. About IISF(Indian Innovation States Foundation) Calls for Indian Innovation Revolution 2011-20<br />6<br />8<br />Innovation Orientation Sessions<br />(Engage student/employee<br /> 3 hrs per every 3 months)<br />1 Renewable energy hour per day by every household<br />(e.g. solar/wind/biogas)<br />Innovation Culture Builds<br />1<br />2<br />MSME(1) Innovation Labs set up at colleges <br />(10% of MSME Prototypes at Institutes/Colleges )<br /> Sustainability, Carbon footprint reduction<br />Building Peace <br />& <br />Harmony States<br />Culture<br />7<br />Innovation Sustained Economy<br />5<br />Pardon your fellow beings<br />(Just 1 pardon per month for your peace)<br />Green Ride campaign <br />(1 day bicycle ride per week/Carry “folded- Bicycle”/Public transport)<br />Self Development <br />3<br />Indian Innovation States Foundation<br />Building Knowledge Economy<br />Help MSME by rich talent identification & linking them; <br />Self Assessment for all ages & tools for Improving Index;<br />[FRI- Future Readiness Index-School going<br />CRI-Corp Readiness Index-College Students<br />IRI-Innovation Readiness Index-Employee/Working class<br />NRI-Nirvana Readiness Index-Senior Citizens]<br />Health , Wealth <br />&<br /> Sustainability<br />Industry<br />Institution<br />4<br />Remember Gandhi; <br />Gandhi wishes your birthday<br />We deliver Khadi Giftware at your doorstep on your Birthday <br />(Customized message based on your aspirations, Cloth Wear & MSME Products, MSME Innovation Journal)<br />6<br />Campaigns <br />1 good morning to 1 new person each day<br />Inspires you, Demand aggregation;<br />employment<br />Building <br />Investor friendly States; <br />1. MSME-Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises<br />
  14. 14. Activities in Detail<br />7<br />
  15. 15. About IISF<br />Indian Innovation States Foundation<br />Building Knowledge Economy<br />8<br />
  16. 16. About IISF- Operational Modalities<br /><ul><li>Type of Institution -Setting up as Non-Profit Organization; Social Enterprise
  17. 17. Mission-Building Knowledge Economy. Working for Social Cause & Noble </li></ul> Mission-India’s Survival or Super power in next decade or both!<br /><ul><li>Business Model -“Experience Service, Donate for Happy Service Minutes” </li></ul>Setup IISF <br />MSME Innovation Incubation Labs at <br />(Target 10% of MSME Prototypes at<br />Institutes/Colleges )<br />Step 1<br />Public Chapters and Initiate discussions to Setup Dept of Innovation/Ministry of Innovation under HRD Ministry & MSME<br />Schools/Institutes<br />Industries<br />Innovation Orientation Workshops- Engage every student/employee for 3 hrs per every 3 months Special focus on MSME themes (covering last 3 months scientific & business innovations. Over a period it builds innovative culture<br />Step 2<br />Rich Innovative Talent Identification for MSME -Identify top 20% talent at institutes/Industry (Assessment) - Segregate between Innovators, Inventors, Intraprenurs, Entrepreneurs (In our view, Ideally industry/institution should have composition of 20%(Innovators), 5%(Inventors), 70%(Intrapraneurs), 5%(Entrepreneurs); Self Assessment framework and improve their readiness indexes at various ages- FRI, CRI, IRI,NRI *(explained in later slides)<br />Step 3<br />9<br />
  18. 18. About IISF- Operational Modalities<br />Groom & Inspire Indian People- Remember Gandhi Campaign; <br />We celebrate & wish your birthday with great special. <br />“Believe you, Believe you can, Believe you will “ & Gandhi wishes you B’day<br />Collect your date of birth, collect your interests & aspirations from your well wishers <br />Create customized message and wishes based on your aspirations, MSME Innovation Journal (email or physical journal) (both scientific & Business & social innovations)<br />We deliver KhadiGift pack at your doorstep ( Cloth Wear & MSME Products, MSME Innovation Journal, Customized message/wishes for your innovation development)<br />How it helps<br />Demand Aggregation Tool for MSME Sector<br />Innovative MSME Products Marketing & Branding<br />Innovation development in Individuals and Institutions<br />Talent Identification & Linking to Industry<br />New “Groom, Inspire, Innovative India Model”<br />Step 4<br />10<br />
  19. 19. About IISF- Operational Modalities<br />Green Ride campaign <br />(1 day bicycle ride per week/Carry “folded- Bicycle”/Public transport)<br />How it helps<br />We would like to promote Green Ride using Bicycle (1 day in a week)- “Green Ride for your Health, Wealth and your earth Sustainability” campaign<br />2.     We would aggregate demand during this process and create demand visibility to<br />Cycle manufactures as well MSME-cycle repairers, retailers etc- Create common <br /> portal to aggregate demand<br />3.      “We will form “Cycle Preventive Care” company under this consortium & help <br /> MSME –cycle repairers get regular income- share wealth among cycle repairers. <br /> This helps in demand aggregation for manufacturers. It creates lot of <br /> employment for cycle repairers too. For e.g. every month 1 day cycle overhauling<br />& weekly basic maintenance (for e.g 50 rs per month for this maintenance <br /> support) <br />4.       “Green Ride” is inspired by development of “folded cycles”. <br />5.       Carbon Credits & Carbon Trading would be another big bet in very future. We <br /> need to develop some technology to count our consumer’s Green Rides so that <br /> we can trade the credits & pass back the benefits to consumers & MSME-cycle <br /> repairers<br />6.       Also we would like to set up MSME Innovation labs in Institutes-All IndiaBicycle<br />Innovation Labswhich inspire the student community as well understand future<br /> requirements. It also helps reducing the prototype costs.<br />7.      Brand Development to cycle manufactures.<br />Step 5<br />11<br />
  20. 20. About IISF- Operational Modalities<br />Building Investor friendly states- MSME develops through investor friendliness. Initiate “1 good morning to 1 new person every day campaign”. It increases productivity, investor friendly environment and overall helps in economic growth.<br />Step 6<br />Peace & Harmony are key for MSME Success- Pardon your fellow beings<br />(Just 1 pardon per month for your peace). This build peace & Harmony in the states; It becomes investor friendly again<br />Step 7 <br />Renewable Energy Promotion & Sustenance- Campaign for 1 Renewable energy hour per day by every household (e.g. solar/bio-gas); Promote MSME Renewable energy producers & give brand to these manufactures (e.g. solar cookers, solar bulbs in houses, self energy generators etc)<br />Step 8<br />Work with Government to set up Separate Innovation Ministry bridging HRD & MSME Ministries for India’s Innovation development & sustenance. Develop Innovation metrics for all states, inspire states & monitor states for forward actions<br />Make 2020, A Historical Scientific Moment for Indian History; <br />Lets call for a big Indian Innovation Revolution 2011-20 <br />12<br />
  21. 21. Support and Thought Leadership From You<br />13<br />Your Small Contribution Makes Our Big Dream True<br />“Innovation Deficiency is Dangerous than Diabetes”<br />Please send your comments to saripalle.ravi@gmail.com<br />or post your comment at http://isquarestates.blogspot.com<br />
  22. 22. Lets Make Innovation Revolution 2011-20 true<br />Agri cultural Revolution<br />Revolution Cycles<br />Initiate in India<br />Industrial Revolution<br />Innovation Revolution<br />Technology Revolution<br />We are here today<br />14<br />
  23. 23. Thank You<br />Your Success is India’s success!!!<br />Building Innovation army to make India Sustained & Superpower<br />15<br />FounderFounder, & Consultant, IISF<br />Ravi Saripalle<br />saripalle.ravi@gmail.com+91-9866340848<br />http://mentoredge.com/mentors/2958http://isquarestates.blogspot.com/ <br />http://twitter.com/isquarestates<br />http://in.linkedin.com/in/ravisaripalle <br />
  24. 24. Appendix<br />16<br />
  25. 25. Improve your Readiness Index (explained here)<br />17<br />