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Someone Call the Operator - ATL K8's Meetup


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Stateful vs Stateless Applications in Kubernetes might be cliche in 2018. A host of advancements and projects in the K8’s ecosystem help bridge the gap. With the Product Owner’s dilemma, having to produce a K8’s deployable was one more distribution for an application.

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Someone Call the Operator - ATL K8's Meetup

  1. 1. July 2018 Call the Operator! A little dabble into Kubernetes Operators and Operator SDK Ravi Lachhman
  2. 2. Ravi Lachhman ● Technical Evangelist at AppDynamics. ● Prior experience at Mesosphere, Red Hat, and IBM. ● Specialties include SQL and NoSQL DB corruptions and not being able to do CIDR calculations. @ravilach
  3. 3. Stateful Applications in Docker?! [2014] OR @ravilach
  4. 4. Our Friend, the Technology Curve @ravilach
  5. 5. Our Friend, the Technology Curve ● MVP ● Describe your application in a deploy.yaml @ravilach
  6. 6. Stateful Applications in Docker?! [2018] OR @ravilach
  7. 7. Product Owner’s Dilemma @ravilach
  8. 8. Why the Operator? ● Steller example from Yellow Jacket, Neha Narkede, co- founder of Confluent. ● Allows programmatic mappings and packaging of application functionality to Kubernetes Primitives. ● Moving from describing applications in K8’s to building applications to K8’s. ● confluent-operator-apache-kafka-on-kubernetes/ @ravilach
  9. 9. Wait, is this a CRD?! ● CRD is a Custom Resource Definition in the K8’s spec. Next generation of “Third Party Resource” <1.8 ● Custom endpoint which represents a custom K8’s installation. ● Below setting up a CronTab via K8’s [CNF exam]. @ravilach
  10. 10. A Brief History of the Operator ● Created by CoreOS in late 2016 ● Next rendition is the Operator SDK which was built in conjunction with Red Hat in the first half of 2018; this is a pre-alpha release. ● With the SDK, can start interfacing with low level API’s and primitives with K8’s. ● Getting traction with platforms such as Kafka, etc. @ravilach
  11. 11. +1 Controller ● A Controller is needed to manage resources, in this case a Custom Resource. ● A Custom Controller needs to watch, react, and update components. ● Get ready to write some GO! ● 2017/writing-a-custom-controller-extending-the- functionality-of-your-cluster @ravilach
  12. 12. Good Resources ● CoreOS Blog: ● ● List of Operators ● operators ● Building a Controller ● an-example-of-kubernetes-custom-controller.html ● Controller Parts ● controllers-b6c7d0668fdf . @ravilach
  13. 13. July 2018 Go and Operate (or Control)! @ravilach