Cric4Smile - underprivileged children


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This event brings many changes in the behavioral mindset, enhance the attitude of these kids,
boost their confidence levels such that the kids get stuck up in the 'Success Triangle', which hopefully helps them to break from the 'Vicious circle of Poverty' in the future

Let us all unite and make many sport
persons and make the whole world believe 

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Cric4Smile - underprivileged children

  1. 1. Observations cum Feedback from Orphanages homes Most of orphans  Out of this, someliving in orphanages of them wontare Street Children believe on general Out of this, most public. Because theyof them (60-70%) already cheated byare cheated by parents/relatives.parents or relatives.
  2. 2. This event brings many changes in the – behavioral mindset, – enhance the attitude of these kids, – boost their confidence levelssuch that the kids get stuck up in the SuccessTriangle, which hopefully helps them to breakfrom the Vicious circle of Poverty in the futureLet us all unite and make many sportpersons and make the whole world believe"EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED"!!!
  3. 3. Our plan is to conduct Cricket Tournament for underprivileged childrenIndependence’2012 to Republic’2013 Cric4Smile a street cricket Happening on our Earth for 1st time in History (if I am not wrong)
  4. 4. WhatConduct cricket tournament between orphanhomes, physically challenged kids of all ages
  5. 5. Apart from this, Trying to fulfill the orphanages requirements during Jan 26th, 2013• Pooling their requirements in advance & Publishing on our website• Enables a right chance for the philanthropic people to directly donate/sponsor their requirements on same day***• It is a win - win situation for both (philanthropic persons and orphans)***Remember we are not interested to take any donations from anyoneinstead of that we suggest to give them directly to those needy people.
  6. 6. Project details (Each chapter) Team • Each college/company/NGO can represent anyone Orphanage of their formation*** own choice • Conduct cricket tournament (apart Cricket from cricket rules , no. of overs, power play over’s, etc will betournament disclosed during event time) Health • Health and dental check up for underprivileged children checkup***Each team comprises of 14 players (11 main + 3 extra) Main players = (8 children + 3 volunteers) or (8 children + 2volunteers + 1 VIP/ celebrity /Orphanage founder) Extra players = 2 children + 1 volunteer
  7. 7. Project details (Final chapter)Speech from • About career guidance, moral support, importance of educationAmbassador Hunt • Drawing or painting collection, science exhibition models received from public will be displayedReal Star of • Collected audio songs or music will be played during eventHyderabad • Final winner will be selected through public voting • Distribute the sponsored or donated items and prizeSharing gifts distribution • Finally give them a moral advice and wrap up with sign Sign off off from Orphanage authorities
  8. 8. Project task plan When1 Bring support from NGOs/Companies/colleges etc. 1st June 20122 Make orphanages to participate in cricket tournament 1st June 2012 Registration of participating orphanages/NGOs/ On or Before3 Colleges/Companies 1st June 2012 Tying up each NGO/companies/college with different4 15th June 2012 orphanages Practice sessions and cricket team formation5 (Volunteers are required to visit the orphanages, 10th Aug 2012 train people and form a cricket team)
  9. 9. Project task plan contd.,, When Taking requirements from orphanages and publish them on our 6 10th June 2012 website Identification of Sponsors: We are not taking any money from them instead of that we request 7 sponsors to support orphanages of their choice based on above Dec 30th 2012 requirements. It is a win - win situation for both (philanthropic persons/sponsors and orphans) Conducting Cricket match - Every second Sunday, there will be a Aug15th 2012- 8 tournament between 4-6 teams on an average Jan 26th 2013 9Identification of play ground Done Aug15th 2012- Health check up - Dental, Nutrition, Eye testing, etc will be conducted10 Jan 26th 2013 on every second Sunday
  10. 10. Any Company, College, NGO In case if you wish to become partner, provide donate, please follow instructionsvolunteers or financial support @ slide no. 15 80G will be issued on request What you can do?In case if you want us to pick given Send your own drawing or items from any point of city or if painting collections, scienceyou are interested to do voluntary exhibition eco-friendly services, please send mail to model, your own audio version of or songs, music to us. Selected ones Call: 90101 80599 will be displayed or played in the event on Jan 26th 2013.
  11. 11. Win-Win Situation for both Sponsors & Orphanages* * Final Episode on Jan 26th 2013 • Five Star sponsor – Support 5 orphanages • Two Star sponsor – Support 2 orphanages X 3 • One Star sponsor – Support 1 orphanages x 10 • Direct sponsor *** • Banners – min. 5000/- INR per banner (Depends on size) • Branding name on voting pass – 50,000/- INR • Cricket Kit sponsors – 50,000/- INR (Brand Names will be displayed on bat) • Registration fee • Drawing or painting display = 150/-INR • Audio Songs or music = 200/- INR • Science exhibition model = 300/- INR *** Direct sponsors: Those NGOs/companies who take care of orphanages/school and interested to send cricket team for tournament will get direct sponsorship as token of appreciation. Plz note these orphanages will not get any financial support from this event or any other sponsors but their brand name or logo will be published on our banners.
  12. 12. Target• To reach 5-6 orphanages in each chapter, conduct 5 chapters on total• Visitors – 20k – 40k (floating) on total• Support all orphanages with maximum of 1 lakh INR p.a fund each worth goods or cash based on their requirement**• Display about 100 – 200 drawing or painting collections, 30-50 science exhibition models, play 200-500 songs or music collected from public** ** Final Episode
  13. 13. Comeand Participate
  14. 14. SupportersAs on Jan 31st 2012, total of 8** (companies,colleges, NGOs) shown their interest. Still needsupport from another 23 companies, colleges, orNGOs**Names are kept confidential
  15. 15. Back up slides about IndiaSudar in brief
  16. 16. About IndiaSudar• IndiaSudar is leading Educational and Charitable trust• Started in 2004, Spread across 15 states, so far completed about 771 projects, 77131 students got benefitedWe maintain Zero administrative cost• We don’t have any regular employees. Every member here are helping society during free time through IndiaSudar• We don’t maintain any offices• We don’t waste your money for advertising like pamphlet etc100% Utilization of Ur money to needy people• Whatever amount people contributed will be 100% utilized for benefit of poor children education.• We will encourage to send mails instead of distributing pamphlets. Each penny is important to us
  17. 17. • I feel education is the best • I feel happy when I am • So far, I look for good way to change the society. I serving the needy platform to serve up the came to know about people/students. society myself. With IndiaSudar by seeing article IndiaSudar is a great India Sudar, my quest for in Newspaper. Impressed platform to help needy that platform came to with ‘Zero administrative people/students in a broad cease. I personally cost’ and joined as way. I like the way experience the zeal of volunteer. It is great IndiaSudar works, I like the Founder and other platform to execute most is the way following leading members of AP to educational projects. Now, I while searching for a needy contribute their mite to am Secretary for AP State. student/school. the society.Ravi, Naresh L, Software M.Nageswara Rao,VLSI engg, MicroSemi engg, TCS Indian Railways • It is a nice platform • Only wealth which no • NON IS Member says : to share my views one can steal from you IndiaSudar is doing a and execute is education, but you very good job of educational projects. can share it. I choose encouraging education. I liked the India Sudar to reach out Lot of people are doing transparency in both thousands of kids in good voluntary service different ways in last 3 in this organization. administrative and years. Plz join us to bring accounting. that difference.Girish, Vinay, Business Sudhakar, Directorstudent, CVR Continuity lead, GIES placement, Siva Sivani Institute of Management
  18. 18. Mail the following details to If anyone isinterested to Name, Address, join as email Id, Phone, volunteer Company/Institute Name, Reference Name
  19. 19. If anyone wish to donate?Deposit Cash, Cheque or transfer online to India-Sudar A/C(See also Details: ICICI Bank, Nungampakkam,Chennai, IndiaA/C name : INDIA SUDAR EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUSTA/C number: 000 901 112 899For online transactions, please specify subject asMember – IS/AP/<Member Code>/<Member Name>Non-Member - IS/AP/NOM/<Member Name>All donations are eligible under income tax exemption 80G.(Certificate will be provided on request See next slide for more info)Note: After donation, please drop mail along with donation detailsto,
  20. 20. For any Clarifications or www.indiasudar.orgLike us at ourselves feel that what we are doing is just adrop in the ocean. But the ocean would be lessbecause of that missing drop – Mother Teresa