Sharing Joy with beautiful minds


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Visit Orphanages on Nov 20th at Hyderabad

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Sharing Joy with beautiful minds

  1. 1. Sharing Joy withBeautiful minds Children’s day event week celebration Nov 20th 2011 IndiaSudar AP Team
  2. 2. How to share a joy? With whom we need to share joy?How does it help the society? Who can participate in this program?When are we running this program? Where are we running this program?
  3. 3. Share one Sweet Smile with Beautiful Minds
  4. 4. Make them happy bydonating one sweet smile to mentally retarded children/orphans
  5. 5. Project details • Introduction with kids andIntroduction vice versa Conducting games & • Like drawing, quiz etcCompetitions Cake • For those orphans, who are celebrating Bday on that Cutting*** month (Max Budget Rs.500)
  6. 6. Greeting • Teach them how to prepare greeting card card Talent • Kids to display their talent like Music and dance etc HuntSharing • Distributing sweets/chocolates/gifts gifts • Finally give them a moral adviceSign off and wrap up with sign off from Orphanage authority
  7. 7. You can bringcake, chocolate/sweets, food, n Most importantly ew/used clothes, toys/gifts, any it is ours pleasure stationary items, sports if you can come items, drawing material, etc which are useful for those with your family and friends orphans. You can also send through friends or anyone What you can do? In case if you want us to In case if you wish to pick given items from any donate, please follow point of city or if you are instructions interested to do voluntary @ slide no. 13. services, please send mail to or Call: 90101 80599
  8. 8. Timings: 10am Form a team with your U can sponsor any item specified in Budget for each onsite (orphanage) is Target to reach 10 orphanages on tofriends, colleagues, relatives, mates, previous slide 3000/- to 4000/- single day 4pm
  9. 9. Comeand Participate
  10. 10. About IndiaSudar• IndiaSudar is No. 1 Educational and Charitable trust• Started in 2004, Spread across 15 states, so far completed about 771 projects, 77131 students got benefitedWe maintain Zero administrative cost• We don’t have any regular employees. Every member here are helping society during free time through IndiaSudar• We don’t maintain any offices• We don’t waste your money for advertising like pamphlet etc100% Utilization of Ur money• Whatever amount people contributed will be 100% utilized for benefit of poor children education.• We will encourage to send mails instead of distributing pamphlets. Each penny is important to us
  11. 11. • I feel education is the best • I feel happy when I am • So far, I look for good way to change the society. I serving the needy platform to serve up the came to know about people/students. society myself. With IndiaSudar by seeing article IndiaSudar is a great India Sudar, my quest for in Newspaper. Impressed platform to help needy that platform came to with ‘Zero administrative people/students in a broad cease. I personally cost’ and joined as way. I like the way experience the zeal of volunteer. It is great IndiaSudar works, I like the Founder and other platform to execute most is the way following leading members of AP to educational projects. Now, I while searching for a needy contribute their mite to am Secretary for AP State. student/school. the society.Ravi, Naresh L, Software M.Nageswara Rao,VLSI engg, MicroSemi engg, TCS Indian Railways • It is a nice platform • Only wealth which no • NON IS Member says : to share my views one can steal from you IndiaSudar is doing a and execute is education, but you very good job of educational projects. can share it. I choose encouraging education. I liked the India Sudar to reach out Lot of people are doing transparency in both thousands of kids in good voluntary service different ways in last 3 in this organization. administrative and years. Plz join us to bring accounting. that difference.Girish, Vinay, Business Sudhakar, Directorstudent, CVR Continuity lead, GIES placement, Siva Sivani Institute of Management
  12. 12. Mail the following details to How to join Name, Address, this email Id, Phone,organization? Company/Institute Name, Reference Name
  13. 13. If anyone wish to donate?Deposit Cash, Cheque or transfer online to India-Sudar A/C(See also Details: ICICI Bank, Nungampakkam,Chennai, IndiaA/C name : INDIA SUDAR EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUSTA/C number: 000 901 112 899For online transactions, please specify subject asMember – IS/AP/<Member Code>/<Member Name>Non-Member - IS/AP/NOM/<Member Name>All donations are eligible under income tax exemption 80G.(Certificate will be provided on request See next slide for more info)Note: After donation, please drop mail along with donation detailsto,
  14. 14. Procedure to get 80G Step 1: certificate for Non-IS Plz send following detailsto & members Step 2: to India Sudar trust will Donor name & postal confirm the donation address, email and send you the tax Id, amount, Depostied exception digitialdate, Donation cheque/dd certificate (80G) to Information or donor through email. Donation online transfer description Step 3: India Sudar Trust will also publish the donation details through monthly account sheet (Send only to IS Members)
  15. 15. Procedure to get 80G certificate for Step 1: IS members Plz send following details Step 2:to & to India Sudar trust will confirm the donation IS Reg. and send you the tax No, Amount, Depostied exception digitialdate, Donation cheque/dd certificate (80G) to Information or donor through email. Donation online transfer description Step 3: India Sudar Trust will also publish the donation details through monthly account sheet
  16. 16. Donate education to poor children Donate plants to householdUPCOMING PROJECTS Donate food to animals Donate clothes/medicine to old ages people Donate food/medicine to patients
  17. 17. For any Clarifications or www.indiasudar.orgLike us at ourselves feel that what we are doing is just adrop in the ocean. But the ocean would be lessbecause of that missing drop – Mother Teresa
  18. 18. Educational Model Education Through LiveArts Creavitiy + Talent + Confidence = Smart ChildOur ultimate goal is we need to bring out Creativity, Talent in each and every child and to increase confidence level in them. Please vote us @ For more details please visit
  19. 19. Don’tforgotto vote(See details inprevious slide)