How to use mould as a car parts


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Auto molding is used in car parts. Let’s introduce auto molding in car parts, analysis it how to satisfy the car. Visit for full details.

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How to use mould as a car parts

  1. 1. By Sino Automotive Mould Co. Ltd How to use mould as a car parts
  2. 2. Auto molding is used in car parts. Let’s introduce auto molding in car parts, analysis it how to satisfy the car. 1. Auto molding from plastic most advantage, it is very light compared with other material, like Steel, aluminum, zinc or others. Used by molding, it saved a lot of materials, and it is cheaper than other materials.
  3. 3. Auto molding continue… 2. Auto molding saved material, more light, but how is the safety? Of course, it is very important for human. So, when use molding, should pay attention to its safety function.
  4. 4. a.) As outside auto molding, including exterior trimming parts, like wheelhouse, rear & front light cover, fender-guard and so on. In design step, the main elements we should think about are the weather. Auto molding should bear the temperature from high to low, avoiding the problem caused by the expand of the plastic auto moldings, at the same time, should bear the rain and other liquid erode, prevent moldings ageing.
  5. 5. b.) As inner trimming parts, means the functional parts. Different parts have different requirements for the moldings. When designing for the plastic bearing, should pay attention to the plastic material has a wear resistant and low friction factor. When designing plastic gears, have high requirement of plastic molding precision and stable function.
  6. 6. 3. As more and more people have high needed to car, Auto molding should fit the environment protecting rule.
  7. 7. As the plastic material used in molding should pay attention to the material is no harm for produce and human use. And the plastic used could be recycling. By this way, saving the plastic material.
  8. 8. Auto moldings mould from our company with high quality.
  9. 9.  We could be based on customer’s sample design products design, after customer confirming, then we start mould design. If customer has its own machines, then we will design the mould as customer machine’s paramet ers, and then could allow our mould size is suitable for customer’s machine.  If the customer not has injection molding machines, then we could supply customer our injection molding machines for produce auto moldings.
  10. 10. Price  Our injection molding machines have high reputation during customers due to its high performance and reasonable price.
  11. 11. Quality  As the mould quality, we have our quality department to test it before shipped, so customer could take it easy for it.
  12. 12.  We will provide customer detection date for reference when shipped the mould.  Of course, if the customer not has the injection molding machines, just want us provide auto molding products, then we also will provide this service for customers.
  13. 13.  Thanks   Sino Auto 