molecular biology biotechnology antibiotics diphtheria corynebacterium diphtheriae biochemical tests bacterial identification yersiniosis plague yersinia diseases in animals salmonellosis salmonella e. coli infections diseases caused by e. coli escherichia coli streptococcal infections streptococcal diseases streptococcus classification and nomenclature of bacterial toxin foodborne infections and intoxications microorganisms important in livestock products intrinsic and extrinsic factors factors affecting microbial growth in livestock pr cephalosporins antibiotics acting on cell wall safety considerations and guidelines veterinary mi glp biosafety lab construction biosafety levels biosafety cabinets molecular methods rapid detection methods novel non thermal preservation technologies hhp microorganisms causing food spoilage biopreservation staphylococcus and staphylococcal diseases listeria and listeriosis campylobacter and campylobacteriosis pcr recombinant dna technology cholera gas gangrene botulism tetanus anthrax
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