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Global warming


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Global warming

  1. 1. A P o w e r P o in tp r e s e n t a t io n on G lo b a l W a r m in g
  3. 3. GLOBAL WARMING is the increase of the Earth’saverage surface temperature dueto a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. TEMP. INCRESES
  4. 4. Example of the Greenhouse Effect The Sun’s energy passes through the car’s windshield. This energy (heat) is trapped inside the car and cannot pass back through the windshield, causing the inside of the car to warm up.
  5. 5. Earth’s Atmospheric GasesNitrogen (N2) Non-Oxygen (O2) Greenhouse >99% GasesArgon (Ar)Water (H2O) GreenhouseCarbon Dioxide (CO2) <1% GasesMethane (CH4)
  6. 6. What’s the d ifference between “global warm ing” and “clim ate change”? GLOBAL WARMING CLIMATE CHANGE It is the increase of It is a broader term the Earth’s average that refers to long- surface term changes in climate, including temperature due to average a build-up of temperature and greenhouse gases precipitation. in the atmosphere.
  7. 7. Effects of Global Warming Changes in Water SupplyRising Sea Level
  8. 8. P r o o f t h a t g lo b a lw•a r m i n g i s t a River p l a c Arizona Colorado k i n g June 2002 Dec 2003
  9. 9. Why is globalwarming happening?
  10. 10. Burning of fossil fuels Pollution from coal, natural gas, and oil