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Report on design engineering

Design Engineering

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Report on design engineering

  1. 1. Enrollment No: Design Engineering-I A (2130005) B.E. SEM. III (ELECTRICAL), Year 2014-15 (Even Sem.) PREPARED BY: - Guided By:- (1) Rai Narendra (131040109049) Prof.Manish Prajapati (2) Patel Ravi (131040109051) (3) Shah Viraj (131040109055) (4) Sumra Anish (131040109057) DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GUJARAT POWER ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE, MEHSANA (APPROVED BY AICTE) (Affiliated to Gujarat Technological University) Near Toll Booth, Ahmedabad-Mehsana Express way, Village-Mewad District Mehsana-Gujarat Contact No. 02762- 292262/63
  2. 2. GUJARAT POWER ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE MEVAD, MEHSANA (APPROVED BY AICTE) (Affiliated to Gujarat Technological University) DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr./Ms._______________________________________ Enrollment No. ___________________ of semester _____________________has satisfactorily completed the laboratory work in the course DESIGN ENGINEERIN-1A within the four walls of the Institute. Date of submission: ____________________ Faculty In-Charge Internal Examiner External Examiner
  4. 4. Step-1: Empathizing Canvas: - 1 Deciding Users · For our Topic road safety the likely users are drivers, passengers, students, senior citizens, highway engineers, traffic management, villagers, etc which is part of this activity.
  5. 5. Stakeholders · Third Party Inspection is the part of the road safety to check randomly about roads. · Maintenance team is responsible the regular repairing of roads and other safety terms. · Contractors are required to construct proper roads, dividers, etc. · Drivers should know all rules and regulations about driving and safety. · Sweepers should regularly clean the road. · Traffic police should require at every junction to manage traffic. · Tunnels heights should be constructed according to Indian standards. · Sign Boards are the accentual part of navigating the root. · Street Lights Should be properly maintain by an electrician. · Dividers should be required and properly highlighted with radium strips. · A civil engineer, required for repairing and maintenance, inspection, checking of the property. · Electricians are required to maintaining lighting and other electrical facilities within the premises · Municipality fixes norms and standards to protect and preserve as well as taxation structure of such properties.
  6. 6. Activity This are the activity which responsible for accidents on roads and also identify which things get involves in this activity. · Driving is the most essential activity in road safety because only bad or good driving responsible for accidents · Due to long travelling the driver body get exhausted and accidents occur. · Some time uneven parking also cause problems on road. · Natural problems like landslides occur on the sloppy regions · Bus stops are used for passengers for waiting for their vehicle. · Overloading in vehicle led to unbalance and road disaster occurs. · While driving or using some of new highways pay toll tax is an activity. · Fuel refill is also done for cars and other vehicle. · Road repairing teams are involved for road maintenance. · Special roads for heavy vehicles to reduce the traffic on road. · Chatting while driving also a major problem for road accidents. · Hotels should b there for resting after certain hours of driving. · One ways roads are constructed for better. · Railways crossing should be well watched. · Driver should follow the speed limits on roads.
  7. 7. · Seatbelts are used while driving for safety purpose. · Some of the accidents caused due to brake fail · Sudden Arrival of animal also cause accidents · Some of the activity like crossing check post · Other activity like loading trucks also an important activity for roads. Story Boarding · The story boarding is an activity where it is needed to incorporate emotions related with the activities and users, stakeholders identified. The story made up here tells about emotional attachments with the road safety that was decisive for life saving or life taking moments.
  8. 8. Next Day Precise Work is Done
  9. 9. Canvas: - 2: - Ideation People · Looking forward to two words Safety and accidents a set of different people involved was peeped into. We came out with following idea on involvement of people. Activity · With the thought on people involved in different activities, an attempt was made to think up on possibilities of various activates. Elaboration at maximization is essential here at the stage while identifying activities, these
  10. 10. results in COMPREHENSIVENESS. And precise the current scenario. Context/ Location/ Situation · With number of people identified doing many activities, we attempted to identify different locations that are involved in performing such activities, situations that are applied to perform certain activities and context of importance that was relevant to activities. Some of the situations are
  11. 11. inventory for road accidents and road damage after these different types of ideas we came up with the following. Props/ Possible Solutions
  12. 12. · This section of the Ideation Canvas help in carving out different requirement in-line with attempting/ looking forward to have an idea about addressing a problem Some of the solutions regarding to the problems (for this canvas problems in road safety is mentioned) me
  13. 13. Next And Final Step, Product Developing Canvas Canvas: - 3 Purpose · In the last sheet we will be precise about the purpose of our topic (Road safety and current scenario). In our canvas we are fully concern about the safety of people and safety of vehicles.
  14. 14. People · Then we will choose the peoples which are precisely link to this our purpose, for our topic we concerned about the person who drive the car and the passengers who are victim of the scenarios. Product Functions · As we are doing work for road safety we were trying to give the new functions regarding to safety some of them are Body Sensor, Reduce the speed of vehicle when driver become unconscious, Ignition starts only using seatbelts, when any obstacle come close to vehicle then it will act accordingly.
  15. 15. Product Feature and Components · According to the function of our products we will design some of the features that can be added to the vehicle for safety purpose. Some of the features are Body sensor module, G.P.S speed limit notification, A.B.S technology, Advance vehicle suspension, Prevent car from roll back on slops and Automatic alert to emergency services, etc. Now the components use to design this features are Sound notification, body language reader, G.P.S speed radar, slop detector, Engine problem indicator, etc.
  16. 16. Customer Revalidation, Product Experience and Reject, Redesign, Retain · In this sections review will be taken from other customers for our products then we will collect the feedback from them and then their suggestions regarding to the product and what new things they wanted excluding this.