Defcon1 - Philly Startup Weekend 5.0


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Defcon1 - Philly Startup Weekend 5.0

  1. 1. The alarm clock of last resort.
  2. 2. The Problem• Waking up is hard to do, duh.• If you snooze, you lose.• Same old, same old.• Seriously though, there are times when you NEED towake up on time. For that, you need DEFCON 1.
  3. 3. Our solution• An un-predictable alarmclock with a random seriesof movements andpuzzles• No snoozing option• The only way to de-activate your alarm is toget your mind and bodystarted
  4. 4. Market we are addressing• Anyone who does not have a predictable routine– College students– Shift Workers– Cab Drivers– Medical Residents/Interns– Dave Lint• People who need an alarm to ensure they will wake up for aspecific event (one-time use)– Travelers– Unemployed (don’t miss your interview)– Criminals (gotta make that court date)– Dave Lint
  5. 5. Market Validation• College Student / Young Professional Approval: 40/40• Startup Weekenders Approval: 14/21• Launchrock Signups, Facebook Page Likes: 66
  6. 6. Customer Acquisition• Invite your friends to download the basic app– 3 referral downloads = free premium upgrade• Search engine optimization• Advertising– Targeted ads on travel websites– Facebook ads• Target Groups for Social Interactions– Create an alarm for your friend• Imitate the Wake N’ Shake strategy (big advertising with freedownload and FB Opengraph integration)
  7. 7. Business Model• Basic Version – $0.99– Limited puzzles & actions– Limited alarm options– Great for the one-time, necessity users (travelers)• Premium Version – $2.99– Full access to puzzles and alarms– Perfect for the daily users (students)
  8. 8. Competition 1• Freaky Alarm ($1.99) – Similar function that includes puzzle-solving requirements –iOS– UI/Design not aesthetically pleasing– Very annoying alarm– Released March 2013• Alarm Clock Xtreme (Freemium, $1.99) – Solve math problems – Android– Free version is just a basic alarm– Premium version includes math to be able to snooze– Very simple, nothing extravagant– >10M downloads for the free version / > 100k downloads for premium• Walk Me Up (Freemium, $3.00) – Forces you to get up and walk a certain number ofsteps – Android– Free version includes all features but is ad supported– 10k-50k downloads for the free version / 10-50 for premium
  9. 9. Competition 2• Wake N’ Shake (Freemium, $1.99) – iOS– >600k downloads for the free version / >150k for premium– Released December 2012• I Can’t Wake Up ($2.99) – Android– 100-500k downloads– Ads and look feel cheap• Puzzle Alarm Clock (Freemium, $1.99) – Android– Different modes, from calm to bomb (premium)– Includes a Facebook feature (Wall of Shame)– Free version ad supported and included limited set of features (puzzles)– Released July 2012– 50k-100k downloads for the free version / 1k-5k for premium
  10. 10. Differentiation• Not everyday is a DEFCON day• Focus on a great UI• Military style mixed with humor• Social feature – Interaction with your friends
  11. 11. Features• Random combination of the following activities:– Physical activities (shake, walk, spin, photographbarcodes)– Brain teasers (math equations, quizzes, memory)– Games (pop the bubble, puzzles, crosswords)• Social interaction:– Create new combinations of alarms– Send them to your friends
  12. 12. Design• Modern sleek design with very simple options• Interactive C-shape to change the time• Slide screen to the left for socials• Slide screen to the right for settings• All settings fit in one page
  13. 13. Technology• How far we’ve made it with the app…