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Rautomead Continuous Casting Technology for Strip Production


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For over 30 years Rautomead Limited has specialised in the design and manufacture of continuous casting equipment for non-ferrous metals and alloys. There are now more than 300 Rautomead machines in operation in over 45 different countries worldwide.

Rautomead plants are being successfully applied to production of oxygen-free copper, a wide range of copper-based alloys, precious metals and zinc. Forms include wire rod, straight length bars, flats and hollow sections. According to material and section, the casting process selected may be vertical upwards, vertical downwards or horizontal. The machines may be used either as integrated melting, holding and casting machines, or may be arranged to be fed with pre-alloyed molten metal.

The Rautomead Continuous Casting System is based on electric resistance heating of its furnaces, with graphite containment crucibles, graphite heating elements and casting dies. This technology is particularly suited for production of high purity, high quality oxygen-free copper and copper alloy wire rods (copper silver, copper magnesium, copper tin).

The upward casting equipment may be used to manufacture rods of all diameters between 8.0mm and 30mm diameter and is suitable feedstock for wire drawing and continuous rotary extrusion processes. End use applications include: superfine wire, automotive wires, contact wire and trolley wires for high speed trains, data communication cables, CTC and transformer strips as well as enamelled wires.

Rautomead’s R&D facility at the factory in Dundee (casting equipment, technicians, design and operational experience) is available to companies who wish to commission experimental and research work to develop technology and tooling for the manufacture and processing of new alloys and materials. Rautomead’s partnership with the University of Dundee provides access to sophisticated laboratory equipment as well as support with analytical evaluation and academic contributions to the R&D effort

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Rautomead Continuous Casting Technology for Strip Production

  1. 1. Technology for Copper Strip Production Applications include Continuous casting 1. Continuous Casting: cathode to round rod 2. Continuous Rotary Extrusion: round rod to strip or shaped wire 3. Roll/Draw straighten cut to length: hard and half hard lengths of strip Copper busbar Continuous casting Rotary extrusion Draw/straighten Transformer Copper profilesCopper strips Paper wrapped stripTransformer strip Rod coils up to 5,000 kg Cathodes n Busbar Strip n Transformer Strip n Commutator Sections n Shaped Wires n Lightening Conductors n Copper Profiles n Cathode to round rod: 12.5mm, 16mm 25mm diameter n CuOF CuAg n Clean, bright rod surface without wax or protective coating n Up to 5,000 kg coil weight n Recycling “extrusion process flash”
  2. 2. Continuous Rotary Extrusion Draw/Roll straighten and cut to length Turnkey Project Management n Round rod to shaped section n Machine model extrusion wheel diameter determined by product dimensions n Production: 500 – 3,000 kg/hr depending on model and product dimensions n Recommended feedstock: oxygen free copper rod n Continuous production of strip section shape up to 5,000 kg n For Busbar manufacture n Automated production. Equipment specification influenced by the level of desired automation n Strip lengths up to 6.0m long Available on request from Rautomead n Project definition consultancy n Specification of equipment scope of supply n Coordination of equipment purchase, delivery, installation, start up and commissioning n Co ordination of Technical service support Cut to length Continuous extrusion line Continuous rotary extrusion machine Project Finance Financing of Turnkey Project investment over 3 – 5 years is available (conditions apply) Photographs courtesy: BWE Ltd, Hanaka, HMP, Meltech Confex, Metelec (Gindre Duchavany), Tusco Trafo Rautomead Limited, Nobel Road, Wester Gourdie Industrial Estate, Dundee DD2 4UH, Scotland, UK Tel: +44 (0)1382 622341 Fax: +44 (0)1382 622941 email: June2011