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Student council


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Student council

  1. 1. Erik Rauterkus For President Vote For Me For 2007 President!
  2. 2. Who Am I?  My name is Erik Rauterkus  I like to play sports. My favorite sport is swimming. I got 2second places and one first place at champs last year.  I also play the violin. I am in strings 3.  I participated in many school functions last year including teen forum.  I love Frick ISA and am here to make it better.
  3. 3. What Do You Want in 07-08?
  4. 4. What I will promise you  Free soda  Free pizza  No school  No homework  Nothing but fun  (if you can pay to go to the moon).  We have to be realistic about what we can accomplish this year at Frick. You know that even if I tried really hard I could not get you that stuff because it’s a school and we have to learn. What I can promise you is with the resources that the school has I will make this year as fun as it can and you even can learn at the same time.
  5. 5. What have I accomplished  Last year I ran for president and gained connections with lots of student and teachers.  In the student council I started a program called kiva which benefits people in third world countries. I also supported hat day and many other fun events.  So as you can see in only one year I have accomplished a lot of things that benefit Frick students but other people in the world.
  6. 6. Listening  I should be president because I am a very good listener and I can take your ideas and tell them to the Student Council and there we can work on them and go through the process of doing them.
  7. 7. What Is Right  I will also not do what I think is right for the school I will do what the majority of the school thinks is right and what you think is right. Last year on student council I introduced many things even though all of them did not pass I did try and it shows you that I will try to pass what you want at Frick.
  8. 8. Ideas  I will also listen to the most farfetched ideas because even the weirdest ideas can be turned into the best ideas with a little help from your fellow students.
  9. 9. A 6th Grader?  Why should we elect a 6th grader for Student Council President?  The reason is that I do not know the school that well so I will be really open to all new ideas. Because I do not know the school as well as upper classmen I will listen to more suggestions.  Another reason is that the decisions that I make will affect the next 3 years of school for all of us.
  10. 10. Vote For Erik Rauterkus for President!! I will make this year your best year of school you can imagine. It is up to you elect Erik Rauterkus for President!! This measage is approved by Erik Rauterkus