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ecoskin new models 2011


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Innovative and pioneering, the ecoskin™ is the first of its kind; a mobile phone skin that is eco-friendly and antibacterial. The ecoskin™ range is made from recycled high grade plastic and has an 100% environmentally friendly pedigree as both the cover and its packaging are made from recycled materials and can themselves be recycled.

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ecoskin new models 2011

  1. 1. New ecoskin™ – an iPhone 4 cover made in the UK from Recycled MaterialAnokimobi is very pleased to announce the launch of the iPhone 4 ecoskin™ ; a precision made cover produced in the UK fromrecycled high grade plastic and impregnated with silver ions to reduce bacteria levels on your phone.Low carbon footprintBoth the case and its packaging are made in the UK from recycled materials thus reducing thecarbon footprint. The ecoskin™ is precision manufactured in the UK by the same people whomake components for Aston Martin so the fit is superb and allows access to all the usualiPhone functions. The ecoskin™ packaging is also made from recycled materials insuring thatthe ecoskin™ is a planet-friendly product.Why Anti-bacterial?Recent research shows that the mobile phone is a breeding ground for potentially harmfulbacteria. “Bacteria lingers on the surface of a phone which could then be passed on to otherpeople if they held the handset to look at photos or other applications”Telegraph, 28th July 2010“The findings from a sample of phones taken by Which Magazine suggest 14.7 million of the 63million mobiles in the UK today could be potential health hazards due to bacterium levels.”Daily Mail, 30th July 2010Anokimobi has been working with antibacterial materials for a number of applications and nowwith research findings recently highlighted in the press its the perfect time for the ecoskin™to be launched.To guard against germs and bacteria for the lifetime of the cover Biomaster® is added to the ecoskin™ material; the same silver basedadditive used for many medical devices and proven to decrease bacterial levels by up to 99.9%. In short, this high quality, eco-friendly case protectsyou and your iPhone from harm. by TM
  2. 2. Nokia N8 & HTC desire HD ecoskinTMIntroducing the latest additions to the ecoskinTM range - The Nokia N8 ecoskinTM and the HTC DesireHD ecoskinTM. Like all our ecoskins, these two new mobile phone covers are precision moulded inthe UK from 100% recycled material with Biomaster antibacterial silver additive.The products come in a range of colours and are supplied in recycled packaging. HTC Desire HD Nokia N8 Exclusive bespoke ecoskin Exclusive custom design allows access to all ecoskin design with connections and offers easy access to all the extra protection around phones features. The the camera lens, as cover has a perfect fit well as textured and is textured finish grippy finish. for extra grip. Recycled Packaging Our recycled packaging is also made in the UK, further reducing the product’s carbon footprint. by TM
  3. 3. This suggested retail price for this item is £19.95Minimum order: 500 UnitsThe key selling points for the ecoskin: 1. Both the item and all the packaging are manufactured in the UK. 2. The case itself is 100% recycled and recyclable high grade plastic. 3. Ecoskin™ has Biomaster® – Silver Additive additive that kills 99.9% of germs on your phone and is mainly used in medical equipment. 4. Precision moulded for a precise fit using the latest techniques. s tain ® Con ster l ma ia Bio acter b anti silver 5. The card packaging is 95% recycled with a minimum of 85% post consumer waste. The Plastic tray front is 80% recycled plastic. These parts are easily seperated for recycling after use. 6. The ecoskin™ is available in a range of colours. 7. The ecoskin™ allows the iPhone to be charged while still in the case. 8. The bar code and front sticker are recycled and biodegradable. Packaging: Front Packaging: Rear Tel: +44 (0) 1273 606079 by TM