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Cloud computing Dill


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Its about cloud computing.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Cloud computing Dill

  1. 1. Cloud Computing and Data Security Presented By: Prem regmi Rahul Panjiyar Ram Bahadur Gharti
  2. 2. Cloud Computing • Storing and accessing data and programs over Internet. • Practice of using remote servers on the internet to manage, store and process data instead of using a personal computer.
  3. 3. Cloud computing is a general term that is better divided into three categories: • Infrastructure-as-a-Service providing servers and storage on demand with the consumer paying accordingly. • Platform-as-a-Service allows for the construction of applications within a provider’s framework, like Google’s App Engine. • Software-as-a-Service enables customers to use an application on demand via a browser. Dropbox
  4. 4. Why Cloud Computing? • can allow a user to access applications and data from any computer at any time • reduces the need for companies to purchase top-of-the-line servers and hardware or hire people to run them since it is all maintained by a third party • Software licenses do not have to be purchased for every user as the cloud stores and runs the software remotely. • Data can also be stored with cloud computing so companies do not have to house servers and databases themselves • By centralizing memory, bandwidth, storage & processing in an off-site environment for a fee, cloud computing can significantly reduce costs • Goggle Docs, YouTube, Online file storage,facebook,gmail etc are the examples of cloud computing where you can access your stored data from any computer with internet access and they are widely used by many people worldwide
  5. 5. Data Security Questions As data is save in cloud not in user hard drive there are many questions • Who is Managing My Data? • Is the Data Secured? • Where is the Data Actually Located? • If we choose to put sensitive or protected data in the cloud, how well does the cloud provider’s security policies and procedures align with our organizations? • Who will have access to my data? • What will happen to my data if I decide to close my account?
  6. 6. Data Security in Cloud Computing There are 3 types of different layers of data security in cloud computing. 1. Physical layer security it serve as an data center, which includes biometric scanning, finger prints and voice recognition. For eg. Building itself is a physical data security. It is design to stand against hurricane, rain, earthquake etc. 2. Logical layer security integrated design of networks. firewalls. 3. Methodological layer security This includes passwords, controlled environment and encrypted form.
  7. 7. Cloud Computing Ontology(cocoon)
  8. 8. Thank You!