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Strategy of Social media


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At a basic level it's a simple statement of intent, outlining the goals and measurable objectives for using social media, and the target outcomes you want to achieve. It does this in the context of the overall business and comms plan, so that social media isn't in a silo but working in parallel with other channels.

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Strategy of Social media

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy 2017 WEBSOLES NAVEEN KUMAR SHARMA WEBSOLES | New Delhi
  2. 2. As Websoles provides the digital business solution and generally the target group is other businesses i.e. B2B and less often B2C, hence our major focus should be LinkedIn and thereafter other social media channels. LinkedIn: 400+ million members As there is no presence of Websoles on LinkedIn i.e. no company page, therefore, the following has to be done: 1.Create a company page on LinkedIn: It has to be done by official representative (Preferably Subham sir) Reason: Official company page presence on the most relevant professional website will increase the awareness about the products and services offered by of Websoles and inturn will increase the awareness about the business in the market. How to do it: Click on the interests from the top bar below the search option select companies and then create a page. Requirements: ∑ Official representative ∑ Official Email ID ∑ 250-300 words of introduction and specialities, size, website URL, industry, and more. 2. Develop a career page: This has to be done in addition to the company page to attract the best talent and to increase the presence of the company on the website. Facebook: Official facebook page: Websoles has a good presence officially even though there is a positive increase number of like and website engagements over one month but there is no significant increase over last seven days. But there is no significant awareness of the company on this platform. From the below pictures, we can verify the above-mentioned facts. Things which we can do to increase the awareness on Facebook: 1. Create a Websoles group/ intern group: We can suggest the interns like and share the post and Facebook page of the Websoles and suggest them to join various such groups and share the content and increase the awareness about the company. 2. Facebook advertising: This is a paid service where we can advertise our products/service to the targeted audience.
  3. 3. Faccebook official page summary last 28 days
  4. 4. 3.Keeping the track of articles or post which are having higher customer engagement: this type of content can be posted in more frequent manner. 4.Keeping track of the competitors: Looking at them and emulating the best practices also attracting the unsatisfied customers and targeting them. Faccebook official page summary last 7 days Competitor analysis by looking at what is working for them
  5. 5. 5.Organising events/contest online: Maybe we can organise events on content writing, logo creation, viral marketing etc. The approach is to post information and reminders about the events regularly and upload the results of the events to create a buzz. What other things can be done: ∑ Sending out invitations to join with new Facebook friends collected. ∑ Websoles Facebook can include basic information such as address, hours of working, estimation of prices for the different services provided, testimonials and type of service provided and coming events, as well as reviews from local newspapers etc. Giving the followers a chance to book services from there itself if possible. Youtube: 1. Updating YouTube channel: There is the Websoles channel but it has a very few video and the Founder has his own channel. Therefore, targeting the customer both the channels should be merged and videos at regular intervals should be uploaded. Video like “how-to” will help to create the image of an expert in the customer’s mind. 2. Sharing the customer experience or the testimonials: Not only the videos but the customer experience can also be showed to the prospective customers. Customers and their stories/successes can be communicated effectively in video format as well (We are communicating on our website with the help of written and photo content). 3. Using YouTube to host videos that are linked directly to websoles Website or blog Video tell us a complete story, also it captures more of the emotion, passion and excitement of the served customers. The video will help completely communicate how happy our customers are to have done business with us. Slideshare: There is a significant presence of content on the name of the founder but the content should be made in the name of the websoles. Maybe whatever we post on our blogs can be shared in the presentation format on slideshare. Twitter:
  6. 6. Presence on twitter seems to be good as there is a relevant and frequent post and there is a good number of follower also. Blogs: Organic comment on all the possible relevant blogs and hyperlink of Websoles website to redirect customers from different websites. In short, stay active on other related blogs through direct comments. And most blogs ask for (and some require) a website when posting a comment, this is a great chance to drive traffic back to Websoles. Quora: Address various questions related to the field of service provided by Websoles on Quora and sell the services provided by the company.