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DC Government’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer was focused on saving taxpayer dollars (finance), streamlining procurement, and staffing effectively (IT Support & Services. Additionally, supporting Mayor Fenty’s goals of: 1) Grow District Tech Economy, 2) Build the 21st Century Classroom 3) Create a Paperless Government. At the same time OCTO had the governing principles of: 1) Build Applications Faster, Cheaper, 2) Enable Participatory Democracy, 3) Shift Technology Investments to the Field, 4) Drive Government Performance, 5) Help Government Work Better, Faster, and 6) Create a Secure Computing Environment. The OCTO Baseball Cards, or project stats demonstrated this success.

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  • Ajay says “Crisp” 60M x 71% = $42.6M 75M x 95% = $71.3M
  • Image: Procure with Accountability and Efficiently Ajay says “Crisp” OCP resources 6 FTE down to .25 FTE (hours shown) Program Managers 32 hrs down to 6 per req.
  • Ajay says “Crisp” Make Procurement Competitive
  • Alt: Equip First Responders as Knowledge Workers Push technology to the field Create knowledge workers Ajay says “Crisp” Make Information Accessible to First Responders Provide Field Technology to First Responders Ruggedized Laptops for Police
  • By Negotiating Reduced Cellular Rates, Reducing Cellular Costs Ajay says “Crisp” Negotiate Intelligently
  • Manage Performance Transparently Create Transparent Government Make Government Transparent Improve Performance Manage with Transparency Manage IT Transparently Saving Taxpayer Dollars Operate Transparently Operate with Transparency Govern Transparently Transform Government Manage Transparently
  • Better word for Updated content: Change to: Curriculum Educational Materials Educational Content
  • Saving Taxpayer Dollars
  • Manage Performance Transparently Create Transparent Government Make Government Transparent Improve Performance Manage with Transparency Manage IT Transparently Saving Taxpayer Dollars Operate Transparently Operate with Transparency Govern Transparently Transform Government Manage Transparently
  • Saving Taxpayer Dollars
  • Alt: Empower Schools Problem: Available bandwidth via prior vendor was not sufficient to support many existing applications nor did it allow for future growth. Impact Statement: Dramatically increased . . .
  • Deploying Aggressive IT Security Measures Before:                 12/day x 365 = 4380 After:                      5/day x 265 = 1825 Simple security framework that watched the door for external access, afterwards – create multi pronged stop gap within and without the system of checkpoints, providing tighter prevention and putting AV right on the desktop standardizing the source of traffic. . Shows that we are being proactive at the gates. Rewrite Solution Statement Placed security devices throughout the District network, proactively decreased incidents by 63%, detecting and resolving issues 67% faster, whileIT Security. Security placed devices throughout District network, detecting and resolving issues 67% faster, and preventing incidents before they occurred, using 60% less resources. District IT security detects and prevents over 50 million cyber attacks each day, Security placed devices throughout District network, resolving issues 67% faster, preventing incidents before they occurred, using 60% less resources
  • Manage with Accountability and Transparency Solving District Needs Innovatively Solving District Needs with Innovation Think Innovatively Create New Solutions Embrace Innovation Embrace the Innovative Path Innovate Performance Work Innovatively Transparent Process
  • 475K for GA license 25K for implementation 44K? Build Applications Faster, Cheaper 2.3M was PIF for Plumtree – GoogleApps & DCpedia Transform, Engage, Implement Leverage Efficient Technologies or Leverage Consumer Technologies or Be Good Stewards of Taxpayer Money, Leverage Cloud Computing, Leverage The Cloud, Implement Cloud Services Savings Highlights: Plumtree Estimated cost per industry average www.intelligententerprise.com http://www.intelligententerprise.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=18200967&pgno=2 initial license of $1.25 million for a global enterprise license. The hardware investment of portal customers ranged from nothing for companies that leveraged existing hardware to support their portal deployment to $1 million for one global deployment. The consulting investment of portal customers ranged from nothing when internal staff performed the deployment to $1.2 million for one SAP customer-s global portal deployment. In some cases, companies did not make a separate consulting investment or their consulting fees were bundled in the license contract. Average/median costs were $272,250/$60,000 for Plumtree The average cost of personnel to deploy the Plumtree portal was $299,211, For Plumtree customers, the average training cost was $38,018 Nucleus also explored the cost per user to deploy and support a portal over a 3-year period and found Plumtree had the highest average cost per user at $2,813 for three years,
  • Make District government data available online in universally accessible formats, by building a new model for government-private sector collaboration. Created transparency and making government more accessible and more transparent to enabled digital public square and apps for democracy putting government in the hands of the people Need Problem and Solution Statement and Benefit statement Alt: Provide Public Access to District Information Received 105,821 phone calls & emails annually for data “ My administration is committed to making government more accessible and more transparent, and through this contest we’ve gotten help from the most talented developers,” said Mayor Fenty. “I’m delighted with the responses. With these innovative applications, we can put government literally in the hands of the people.” making government data easy for everyone to access and use, the District hopes to foster citizen participation in government, drive private-sector technology innovation and growth, and build a new model for government-private sector collaboration that can help all governments address the technology challenges of today and tomorrow.” Obama: Making government data available online in universally accessible formats to allow citizens to make use of that data to comment, derive value, and take action in their own communities. Greater access to environmental data, for example, will help citizens learn about pollution in their communities, provide information about local conditions back to government and empower people to protect themselves. “ The Apps for Democracy contest is part of our drive toward digital democracy in the nation’s capital,” said District CTO Vivek Kundra. “Especially in these difficult economic times, it’s crucial to the government’s mission to find more efficient and impactful methods for delivering an even higher level of service for a fraction of the cost. We are ushering in a new age of participatory democracy, one in which technology is developed by the people for the people.” Citizen Superheroes and other tales of Government 2.0 on slideshare.net/missrogue How to encourage collaboration: 1-be a platform (provide APIs make data available) 2-Publish everything openly 3-be available 4-embrace the chaos 5-reward contributors 6-show progress 7-take simple, small steps 8-reach out to people from different backgrounds and industries 9-View the public as a partner not a recipient 10-run real, open betas
  • OCTO "Baseball Cards" or project statistics

    1. 1. Grow District’s Tech Economy by Transforming Staffing Procurement Problem Solution Few vendors had access to much of the Transform the procurement process by including District’s technology spend, time between all qualified businesses, increase local solicitation to hire was taking too long. participation and provide full transparency.  FY07 FY09 District IT Spend $42.6M $71.3M District 71% 95% Businesses District Limited Open Business Access Solicitation 8 weeks 2 weeks ProcessBenefits$28.7M More CBE Spend Projected increase in IT spend among District businesses by $28.7M to growFull Vendor Access District business participation by 24%, keeping dollars in the local economy75% Faster
    2. 2. Streamline Procurement by Innovating IT Staff Augmentation Problem Solution Procuring contractors was taking too long and Streamline and automate the procurement costing too much. process, thus increasing efficiency in government operations. FY07 FY09 IT Staff Costs $56M $46M OCP Resources 15,000 hrs 500 hrs OCTO Resources 20,000 hrs 4,000 hrs Time to Hire 10 weeks 2 weeksBenefits$10M Savings New IT Staff Augmentation contract fosters competitive rates, efficiency,16,000 Hr Savings reduces internal resources and time to hire, while potentially saving $10M80% Faster
    3. 3. Enable Participatory Democracy by Launching Apps for Democracy Contest Problem Solution Development of software applications took too Hold Apps for Democracy contest inviting long and cost too much and the final product developers to compete for the best new might not be useful to the public. applications using 216 government data feeds. Traditional Development Apps for Democracy Investment $2.35M $50K Procurement & 1-2 years 35 days Development Team Composition Government Individuals, non-profit and private sectorBenefits$2.3M Savings Built a new model for government, non-profit, and private sector collaboration47x Cheaper and delivered 47 applications in 30 days with a cost avoidance of $2.3M20x Faster
    4. 4. Shift Technology Investments to the Field by Providing Mobile Technology to Police Officers Problem Solution Police Officers lacked access to real-time crime Deployed 812 ruggedized laptops in police information while in the field, and spent too vehicles, providing real time access to critical much time writing paper reports. data such as maps and inquiries into crimes. Pre-Deployment 2008 Administrative Reporting 40,000 hrs 12,000 hrs time per year Administrative Reporting 2.5 hrs 45 min time per report Silent dispatch with maps, addresses, Access Radio - voice only and crime inquiriesBenefits70% Faster Reporting Provided real-time visibility to critical data, increased routine administrativeReal-Time Access and job task efficiencies, allowing officers to spend more time in the fieldSilent Dispatch
    5. 5. Save Taxpayer Dollars by Negotiating Reduced Cellular Rates Problem Solution Cellular service for employees was too Negotiated a cellular contract that reduced expensive device costs and “pooled” usage plan Old Plan New Plan Device Cost $99 $0.01 Monthly Charge $76 $55 Device 2 weeks 24 hr turnaround ProcurementBenefits$3.5M Savings Acquired devices at a 99.9% reduced rate, decreased plan overages,99.9% Device Cost increased support at no additional charge, and realized a cost savings of $3.5M Decrease
    6. 6. Build the 21st Century Classroom by Streamlining eRate Federal Reimbursement Problem Solution Lost the opportunity to utilize federal funds to Accelerate the rollout of telecommunications to put technology in the classroom since eRate schools and classrooms by utilizing federal funds. funding to DCPS was denied for 3 years. 2005-2007 2008 Federal Funding $0 $30.7M Infrastructure Aging, in disrepair Modern fiber technology Network stability Frequently unavailable 99.9% availability Access to Few schools had internet access All schools have broadband access Digital WorldBenefits$30.7M DCPS Investment Streamlining processes resulted in reimbursements and awards of $30.7M,65X Faster Network providing funding to transform the school system’s technology infrastructure Access
    7. 7. Build the 21st Century Classroom by Introducing Online Textbooks in High Tech Campuses Problem Solution Published textbooks can’t keep up with the Deploy FlexBooks to high tech campuses to enable pace of knowledge creation and sharing in teachers and students access to the most current science and technology. science and technology information. Printed Textbooks FlexBooks Current Content Dated textbooks, 1-10 years Real time updates to textbooks Customizable No Tailored to individual students’ needs Content Delivery Static, print only Engaged, interactive learningBenefitsHigh Quality Content Providing access to instructional technology tools to empower teachers toQuick & Easy Generation make learning more exciting and help students prepare for the global economyOpen Source Access
    8. 8. Create a Paperless Government by Digitizing 25 Million Documents Problem Solution Paper-based process resulted in inefficient Digitized 25 million government records and government operations. Inability to find uploaded information into an online database. District records put District’s AAA bond rating at risk. Paper Records Digitization 5-Year Cost $13.3M $3.15M District Bond Risked AAA rating Preserved AAA rating Rating Access to Unreliable – can take months Minutes InformationBenefits$4.4M YR Cost Avoidance Preserved the District AAA bond rating, time to access information reduced toOver 25 Million minutes, and realized a cost avoidance of $10.15M over five years Documents Scanned
    9. 9. Drive Government Performance by Creating the “Stock Market Model” Problem Solution Managed $1B in IT investments with little ability Create Stock Market Model to manage IT to track investment dollars or projects. investment portfolio to foster government transparency and accountability. Traditional Project Model Stock Market Model Savings — $25M in five months Project Reporting Infrequent, inconsistent Real-time, consistent Issue Slow, late Streamlined, Real-time Identification Accountability Difficult EnabledBenefits Track District IT project performance, reallocating dollars to successful$25M SavingsReal-time reporting initiatives, and realized a savings of $25M in the first five months
    10. 10. Build Applications Faster, Cheaper by Leveraging Cloud Computing Problem Solution Traditional application development is costly, Utilize cloud computing solutions that can be slow and difficult to adapt to evolving business tailored by business users to fit needs with needs. minimal or no developer support. Traditional Development QuickBase Cost $4.2M $100K Team Size 30 people 1 person Development Time 6 months 5 days (per application)Benefits$4.1M Savings Co-created 85 custom web applications in 8 months,95% Cheaper achieving $4.1M in cost savings.36x Faster
    11. 11. Build the 21st Century Classroom by Building a Modern Network Infrastructure Problem Solution Legacy network infrastructure led to daily Connected 140 schools on DC-Net’s Unified outages, paper-based processes and lack of Communications Platform, rebuilding school technology in the classroom. network with modern fiber technology. Prior Service Provider Current Service Provider Investment $4.6M annually $2.28M annually Reliability Daily Outages 99.9% availability Speed 1.5 MBPS 100 MBPSBenefits Built a modern, scalable network that is 65x faster, and connects DC$2.32M Annual Savings65x Faster classrooms to schools across the world, while saving $2.32M
    12. 12. Create Secure Computing Environment by Shifting to an Offensive IT Security Posture Problem Solution Aging underpowered security systems Deploy multipronged external and internal provided a simplistic reactive response to IT solutions to detect and prevent cyber attacks Security threats. before they occur. Defensive Only Defensive & Offensive Annual Incidents 4,380 1,825 Requiring Response Average Time from 6 Hours 2 HoursDetection to Mitigation Dedicated Response 14 People 6 People Personnel Benefits 63% Incident Decrease District IT security detects and prevents over 50M cyber attacks a day. 67% Faster Mitigation Offensive solutions decreased incidents by 63% with 60% less resources. 60% Fewer Resources
    13. 13. Streamline Procurement by Leveraging New Media Problem Solution District lacked an effective platform to provide Built interactive wiki, leveraging new media to interactive information to vendors, to ensure allow government to richly describe problems creative solutions that work best for residents. and for commercial sector experts to offer solutions. Traditional “Paper” System Wiki Site Information 9 to 5 Mon-Fri, delayed 24/7, real-time Access YouTube, images, and Communications Email and paper correspondence interactive feedback Transparency Limited Full view for vendors & residentsBenefits24/7 Access Rich, interactive information access using new media allows creative solutionsFully Interactive & and transparent procurement process, keeping residents informed Transparent Process
    14. 14. Help Government Work Better, Faster by Switching to Cloud Services Problem Solution Traditional software costs too much and takes Switch to consumer technologies enterprise-wide too long to procure and implement, requiring removing technology silos and reducing costly maintenance for hardware and software. operation expenditures, using Google Apps. Traditional Software Cloud Computing Implementation $4.0M $544K Access Restricted Anywhere Procurement & 2 years 6 weeks DevelopmentBenefits$3.46M Savings Switched to Google Apps cloud services, creating collaborative90% Faster community for 38,000 users in 6 weeks, while saving $3.46MFull Collaboration
    15. 15. Enable Participatory Democracy by Providing 250+ Data Feeds to the Public Problem Solution Access to Government data is limited to few Publish data openly in multiple data formats, and government officials. providing entrance to everyone via a single point of access, facilitating mash-up ready content. Limited Access to Data Public Data Feeds Feeds 0 250+ Machine Readable No, PDF reports Yes, Mash-up ready Number of Public 0 54 Apps Using Data Citizen No Yes, Powers Digital Public Square ParticipationBenefits Build a new model for government by publishing District data openly, viewingOpen GovernmentLower Cost Applications the public as a partner, encouraging collaboration and digital democracy