Health care directive and kent


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Health care directive and kent

  1. 1. Europe and Health collaboration withKentDate 19th Janury 2009
  2. 2. Cross Border Health CareCurrent situationNHS patients are entitled, subject to certain conditions, to receive reimbursements towards the costs of care received in another EU countryThe patient pays upfront - reimbursement is up to the level that the care would have cost at homePatients can only receive reimbursements for treatment that their PCT funds
  3. 3. Clarifying the rules and introducing measures tosupport cross-border provision of healthcareAs well as restating existing rights, the proposals:Confirm that it is the patient’s home health system that decides what care will be covered and that the patient must follow the same conditions for accessing treatment as apply at homePlace strict limits on when prior authorisation systems can be made compulsoryEstablish that the quality and safety standards of the country where care is provided applySome issues still unclear e.g. the circumstances in which patients can be required to seek prior authorisation
  4. 4. Major issues for the NHSDetermining what treatment a patient can receive: eligibility criteria, conditions for access and equityWhat makes up a treatment package, does it include transport and hotel costsHospital and non-hospital care: a false distinctionPrior authorisation: facilitating informed patient choicesQuality and safety standardsInformationFramework for European Cooperation
  5. 5. The Kent experience ofCross Border HealthServicesUsing single patient policy to make decisions on requests form individuals and familiesMore requests form people in East Kent than West KentOpportunities for treatment in Europe not advertisedThinking about potential markets in close proximity to KentProbably less then 1% activity and cost of our health services resources spent in Europe
  6. 6. Single patient requests inNHS West Kent11 requests since Oct 06 Country requested Types of requests Spain Egg Donation2 approved Cyprus Hernia Poland Surgery4 refused treatment could have Germany Dentalbeen provided in the UK reconstruction Milan Opthalmology special contact5 not progressed by patients lenses Holland OrthopaedicsVariety of countries not in close Bordeaux France cardiologyproximity to home Belgium Ablation
  7. 7. Single Patient RequestsNHS Eastern & CoastalKent11 requests since April 08 Range of countries not related to proximity to home3 approved Most orthopaedics1 on going Specialist procedures like bariatric surgery7 refused due to lack of priorauthorisation
  8. 8. Cross Border PublicHealth-lots• Bien Etre – 2 year project on health and well-being of primary school between Northernin North France and Dover-ongoing cross border rugby tournaments between the Kent and French schools completed 2007 funded by European Social Fund (Interreg)• “Lets talk”-2 year research project into sexual health attitudes amongst young people between Northern France and Kent completed 2007 funded by the European Social Fund (Interreg)• Collaboration between Romania and Kent sharing practice in health and social care ongoing• Collaboration with Kent County Council and Kent University in Brussels• Planning to join the EU alcohol Forum• EU funded projects – applications in progress – outcome expected 20091.International Literature Review on Self efficacy of young people – Kent and Northern France2.Establishment of cross border Society of Public Health & Social Medicine to explore common health challenges and seek collaborative solutions to the problems – Kent and Northern France
  9. 9. Contact informationMeradin PeacheyDirector of Public HealthEastern& Coastal Kent PCTKent County CouncilWest Kent