How hotels can use foursquare to drive business


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Over 2.5 billion check-ins every day and with millions more to come, it has now become essential for the hotels to find new customers and form deeper connections with their best ones.

"FOURSQUARE", have you heard of it? It is quickly
becoming the next big thing in the social networking realm. In this webinar you will understand that how the hotels can gain more power than ever before to
communicate with their customers and drive business through this location-based platform.

Key Learnings:
• What is Foursquare and why it is needed?
• Why hoteliers should track check-in of their hotel, restaurants, spa's on Foursquare?
• Benefits to the hoteliers by claiming a venue on Foursquare
• Who is a Foursquare Mayor?
• Essential actions items of the hoteliers on Foursquare

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How hotels can use foursquare to drive business

  1. 1. How hotels can use to drive business? Presenter : Yogeesh Chandra Date : 26 September 2012
  2. 2. What is ? And why you need it ? • One of the largest location based social media networks • Current Subscriptions over 20 Millions • Global footprint • Commercial partnership with Conde Nast and NY times for visitor tips • Seamless business integration provides real time discounts / offers to users. The internet of things
  3. 3. What the world looks like to a user Location Preview offers Visit Business Pages
  4. 4. Why users sign up for it ?KEEP UP WITH FRIENDSMillions of people check in on foursquare every day to meetup with friends nearby, keep up with friends around theworld, and share their experiences through photos andcomments.CHECK INUsers check in at different places and also can broadcast thisvia foursquare to FB and Twitter.BRANDSAllows companies to create special pages with tips thatusers can benefit fromRECOGNITIONYou can earn mayorship, badges, specials and super userstatus that may help you network and reward you withdiscountsEGO BOOSTERTo be the mayor of a famous landmark , acts like an egobooster and users compete on check ins to get to the top.This can be compared through the leaderboard.
  5. 5. check in? But why? By sharing your location with foursquare you are checking in. This can be done to let your friends know your where-about, find friends in the same area, and earn points and badges. Consistent check ins help you get badges and even mayorship . Earn discounts, communicate with management and share experiences, all through the APP on your phone FS user will just flash the offer on the phone to the cashier for the chq to be settled appropriately
  6. 6. Who’s a Mayor ? A mayor in foursquare is the user with the most number of *days* with check-ins at a specific place within the past 60 days. Only one check-in per day counts towards your mayorship tally. If you have a lot of check-ins that seem fake or consistently far away from where you are checking in, these check-ins will not count towards the mayorship total. Lots of businesses are now offering specials for the mayor of venues, so be sure to keep a look out for specials nearby when youre looking at the places tab in the app. Hint: Only users with a photo uploaded to their account.
  7. 7. Venue Owners For merchants and other venue owners, foursquare offers a free set of tools to help you attract new customers and keep your best ones coming back. Action: Claim your venue , Create a specialBrands For brands, foursquare offers a unique way to stay engaged with your followers no matter where they are in the world. Action: Create a page, Create a partner badge
  8. 8. Build a Brand / Business page on 1. Custom branded banner – drive brand awareness 2. Rich description of business – help associate keywords with your brand 3. Links to your brands websites and social channels – build incoming links to your site 4. Tips left on other foursquare business pages – Foursquare users may socially discover your account when they read one of your public tips left about local restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. 5. List of followers – Gain an audience
  9. 9. A hotel brand page on Please take notice
  10. 10. A hotel example Please take notice
  11. 11. Summary of action items• Establish your brand page – BRAND• Claim your venue – Hotels ( You can have multiple venue within the same hotel)• Introduce specials for foursquare users ( incentive for check-in, frequency, wildcard)• Recognize your mayor• Manage your foursquare account with regular updated to keep the followers excited• Track your foursquare reviews• Meet up with the reviewer on their next check in and thank them for the feedback• Check-in to your competition hotels to keep track of their FS strategy
  12. 12. A exampleWe started noticing check ins at the hotels about six months ago and startedto engage with checked-in guests and seed locations inside the hotels with colorful tips,facts and stories that might otherwise go unnoticed.e.g. A Foursquare tip will reveal that the red chandeliers in Encore were inspired by thetwirling of a women’s skirt and are made from Murano glass.A hotel also goes above and beyond to cater to the wishes of guests who express theirneeds publicly via Foursquare but not directly to the hotel. As an example, a hoteliersays that a recent hotel guest was checked-in at one of the hotel’s restaurants, so shereached out to the restaurant manager and passed along the photo of the guest. Therestaurant manager then made it a point to greet and attend to the guest in question.Hotel’s active involvement with guests via Foursquare has been met with positiveresponse from customers and has been encouraged by senior management. Movingforward, she says the hotel plans to use the business dashboard to “refine our approachto service and learn more about our guests.”
  13. 13. For any queries, feedback or suggestions, you can drop us a mail at: