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Secure your workloads with microsegmentation


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Micro segmentation are vital for securing workloads,

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Secure your workloads with microsegmentation

  1. 1. Future of cyber security Secure workloads with MicroSegmentation
  2. 2. Future of cyber security Workload security challenges in Hybrid datacenter & Multi-Cloud environments Evolving Threats Security Operations Compliance • Manual process • Short on resources • Long provisioning times • Costly • Complex validation process • Detect, understand, and block
  3. 3. Future of cyber security Priorities for business executives in security workloads • Provide transparency to usage • Apply business context to network activity • Simplify operations and compliance reporting Segmentation Threat Control Visibility • Establish boundaries: network, compute, virtual • Enforce policy by functions, devices, organizations • Control access to networks, resources, applications • Stop internal and external attacks • Patrol zone and edge boundaries • Control information access and usage
  4. 4. Future of cyber security Segmentation Firewall Segmentation Context Aware Segmentation Fabric Segmentation Network Segmentation
  5. 5. Future of cyber security Start your journey with #Application Visibility