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Multi Cloud Security Technology Requirements.


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It’s a multi-cloud world. The security technology considerations are differs and can't be comparable with on premise data center.

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Multi Cloud Security Technology Requirements.

  1. 1. Future of cyber security Infrastructure security Network Security Physical security Physical security Virtualization Security Virtualization network Security Virtualization Platform Security Virtualization storage Security Physical security Host security Host firewall & IPS Host Security Hardening Physical security Host Antivirus Physical security Middleware Security Physical security Container Security API Security Database Security Resource Management Platform Security Multi Cloud Security Technology Requirements(1/2)
  2. 2. Future of cyber security Data Security Physical security Application System Security Virtualization Security Virtualization network Security Cloud Log Audit Network Behavior Management Network Audit Database Audit IAM Platform Security Management Traffic Control Management Physical security Security O&M Physical security Web Vulnerability Scanning Security Event Monitoring Security operations center Baseline Configuration Check Key and Certificate Host Security Management (Bastion Host) Security Audit System Vulnerability Scanning Multi Cloud Security Technology Requirements (2/2)