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Tier 1 Training - Fairbanks, Feb. 9, 2012


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A copy of the presentation given by Jeff Baird about changes and the outlook to Rasmuson Foundation's Tier 1 program.

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Tier 1 Training - Fairbanks, Feb. 9, 2012

  1. 1. Rasmuson FoundationWorking as a catalystto promote a better lifefor Alaskans.
  2. 2. Tier 1 Training WorkshopJeff
  3. 3. Grant TypesTier 1Tier 2Program Related InvestmentsPre-Development ProgramArt Acquisition FundHarper Arts Touring FundArts in EducationSabbaticalIndividual Artist Awards
  4. 4. Tier 1 GrantsUp to $25,000Awards mademonthlyCapital, technology,capacity building,program expansionand creative works
  5. 5. Last Year• 90 Tier 1 grants awarded• $1.6 million total ($17,777 average)• 60% outside of Anchorage
  6. 6. Goals for2012Increase numberof awards madeby 25%Increase totalamount awardedto $2.23 million
  7. 7. Who wefundAlaska-based501(c)(3)sGovernmentagenciesYear-plus offinancials
  8. 8. What we don’t fund Who we don’t fundGovernment functions Schools and churches (generally)Operating expenses Individuals (except for artists)Deficits or debt reduction Organizations planning to redistribute fundsEndowments, scholarships, events or sponsorships Politically-affiliated or discriminatory organizationsReimbursements for itemsalready purchased;Emerging technologies.
  9. 9. EvaluationCriteriaOrganizational track record and capacityAn active board;Community support and benefit;Sources of financial support;Project feasibility.
  10. 10. How itworks90 day turnaroundOnly one openTier 1 at a timeEasy reportingprocessRepeat
  11. 11. Think about:100% board givingCommunity benefitFunding diversityRight request?Operating expensevs. capital projectReadinessQ? Call first
  12. 12. Types of Grants: Capital Grants Great way to start a relationship with the Foundation; 80% (65) of the 90 grants were for capital/renovations.
  13. 13. Open Arms Child Development CenterProject description: Funding for new carpetingApplication Strength:• Strong support – 65% of funds generated locally;• Well articulated need – Kids + Nasty Carpet = BAD!Tip: Have you asked business for a nonprofit discount? Project Budget: Rasmuson Foundation: $13,320 Zion Lutheran Church $21,000 Plambeck’s Flooring $4,160 Total Project $38,480
  14. 14. Girdwood Nordic Ski Club Trail construction • Secured funding: $351,929 • Rasmuson Contribution: $18,000 Application Strength • Work done prior to Rasmuson – Project was ready to go; • Ferocious fundraiser – wasn’t afraid of being told “no” Tip: Explain how you will maintain/sustain project. Funding Sources ContactedGirdwood 20/20 Anchorage Trail CareAnchorage HLB American Hiking SocietyIndividuals Conoco PhillipsState of Alaska Parks & Rec GCIAnchorage Parks & Rec REINational Park Service Atwood FoundationMoose’s Tooth Wells FargoAlpine Air Alaska U.S. Forest Service RAC
  15. 15. Calypso Farm & Ecology CenterPatio construction and building renovationApplication Strengths:•Reputation of organization – “doing amazing work”•Volunteer labor•Partnership with school;Tip: Is there any way to partner on a project withanother community organization? Project Budget: Rasmuson Foundation: $13,912 Calypso (in-kind): $9,375 Calypso (cash): $1,024 School District: $100 Total Project $24,511
  16. 16. Kenai Peninsula Food BankRenovation of Fireweed Diner’s kitchenApplication Strength:• Organization provides obvious benefits to Alaskans;• Long history with the Foundation. First grant made in1997 for $3,300.Tip: $25,000 awards are the exception. Project Budget: Rasmuson Foundation: $25,000 Total Project $112,000
  17. 17. Technology Requests1. Start by calling staff;2. The Foundation will pay for technology consultant3. Applicant can submit a request after technology strategy/plan adopted.
  18. 18. Fairbanks Rescue MissionTechnology upgradesApplication Strength:• Vetted technology list• Designated technology replacement fund• 3-year technology plan in placeTip: Technology consulting takes time andresources. Do you have enough of both takeadvantage of it? Project Budget: Rasmuson Foundation $18,819 Rescue Mission $20,315 Total Project $39,134
  19. 19. Capacity building Funding to help organizations address critical internal issues. Examples include: Strategic/business planning, board development, feasibility studies, audience development.
  20. 20. Alaska SeaLife CenterSupport to attend out-state conferenceApplication Strengths: Request contributed to ASC’s pursuit of fieldaccreditation. Had significant dollars designated for travel and personnel development.Tip: Request should be part of a development strategy. We do not like “stand alone” requests. Project Budget: Rasmuson Foundation $5,000 SeaLife Center $3,339 Total Project $8,339
  21. 21. Creative Works Funding to support the creation and publication of films, documentaries, books, exhibits and other cultural works. Strong Alaska-specific context
  22. 22. University of Alaska Foundation University of Alaska PressExpenses to publish book titled "My Wrangell Mountains”.Application Strength: Unique subject matterTip: Requests commonly have an educational component Project Budget: Rasmuson Foundation: $25,000 UA Press: $10,050 Total Project $35,050
  23. 23. Program Expansion Funds to support growth into areas related to expertise; Broad impact.
  24. 24. Anchorage MuseumFunding to support True North Art ExhibitApplication Strengths:• Natural fit with what museum is already doing• Sector leaderTip: These should be initiated by establishedorganization Project Budget: Rasmuson Foundation: $19,000 Alaska Air $4,000 BP $10,000 Alaska Design Forum $5,000 Total Project $38,000
  25. 25. Connect with us
  26. 26. Summary• SHOW ME THE APPLICATIONS!
  27. 27. Copies of this presentation: Questions? Call us: Jeff Baird, 297-2831 JEFF BAIRD: