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Student exchange programs


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Student exchange programs, Students from university or secondary school study abroad at one of their institution's partner institutions.

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Student exchange programs

  1. 1. Student Exchange Programs Dream global Consultants
  2. 2. Student Exchange Programs • In this Program, Students from university or secondary school study abroad at one of their institution's partner institutions. • It does not necessarily require the student to study outside of his or her home country. • A student exchange program may involve international travel.
  3. 3. Type of exchange programs 1. Short-term exchange program It is alse known as Cultural exchange program or summer/intensive exchange program. Short-term exchange program focus on homestays, language skills, community service, or cultural activities. 2. Long-term exchange program It includes lasts six to ten months or up to one full year. It is a not-for- profit organization committed to quality international educational travel and exchange for youth at the high school level.
  4. 4. Student Accommodation: 1. Housing : Student can live on campus and off campus. Most of student prefer off campus living, because students are more independent and learn more about the new culture. 2. Host family In This type of accommodation , students are responsible for their own spending, including school fees, uniform, text books, internet, and phone calls.
  5. 5. SHARING CULTURES, CHANGING LIVES o Foreign exchange programs increase mutual understanding between the people of the nation and the people of other countries o Program chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential o The opportunity to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns.
  6. 6. Benefits of Student Exchange 1. Education benefits. Problem solving skills. Interest in global issues. Multi-faceted approaches to learning. 2. Personal Benefits. Self awareness. Development of life-long friendships Make informed decisions and strive to attain fresh goals. 3. Long Term Benefits. Students feel more comfortable in ‘foreign’ environments. More knowledge obtained of another language and culture.