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Time table


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Time table

  1. 1. JK BUSINESS SCHOOL Time Table MBA - 3rd Semester TIME 09:30-10:20 10:20-11:10 11:20-12:10 12:10-01:00 MON BL RM/PDP/PIB BPSM IBE/MSS TUE BL CB BPSM IFTP/MSS WED BL PIB/RM/MIR BPSM IFTP/SAD THU LSCM PIB/RM/MIR MFI FRI CT/AM/MIR CT/AM/MIGP CT/CB/MIGP OEC SUBJECTS TEACHERS Finance BL-Business Legislation Ms.Ranika Chaudhary CT-Corporate Tax BPSM- Business Policy & Strategic Management Prof. Vikram Tyagi SAIM- Security Analysis & Investment PDP-Personality Development Program Ms. Neeti Bhardwaj MFI- Management of Financial Investm PIB- Principles of Insurance Banking Marketing IB AM- Advertsing & Management Prof. S.K. Nandi IBE- International Business Enviorenm L&SCM-Logistics &Supply Chain Management Prof. S.K. Nandi IFTP- India's Foreign Trade & Policy SM-Sales Management Dr. Sudhir Rajguru IT CB-Consumer Behaviour Prof. Manoranjan MSS- Management Support System RM-Rural Marketing Prof. D. Bandopdhyay SAD-System Analysis & Design Rt.M- Retail Management Dr. Sudhir Rajguru HRM MIR- Management of Industrial Relation Dr. Saba Jafri MIGP- Management of Interpersonal & Group Process Ms. Varuna Tyagi OEC- Organizational Effectiveness & Change Prof. K.K. Dua
  2. 2. HRP&D- Human Resources Planning & Development Prof. K.K. Dua
  3. 3. Date:- 11.10.10 To 15.10.10 01:00-01:30 01:30-02:20 02:20-03:10 03:20-04:10 04:10-05:00 B SAIM OEC MFI HRP&D R SAIM MFI OEC SM E SAIM CB/MIGP Rt. M AM/PDP A HRP&D SAD Rt. M SM/IBE K LSCM SM Rt. M HRP&D e orate Tax Mr.Aman chugh ecurity Analysis & Investment Management Mr.Srinivasan nagement of Financial Investment Ms.Ranika Chaudhary ciples of Insurance Banking Dr. T. Duhan national Business Enviorenment Dr. Renu Verma ia's Foreign Trade & Policy Prof. Vikram Tyagi nagement Support System Prof. Manoranjan tem Analysis & Design Ms. Shweta Sharma