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Marketing Mix wrt CCD & Barista.


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Comparative Analysis wrt CCD. and Barista

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Marketing Mix wrt CCD & Barista.

  2. 2. GROUP MEMBER’S ROLL NO.Sneha Parab 3036Varsha Sadafule 3041Prachi Shigam 3050Prachi Shinde 3052Rashmi Bhanage 3004
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTBarista Vs. Café coffee Day-Comparative Study.
  4. 4. Comparative Analysis- Café Coffee Day and Barista Vs.
  5. 5. Comparative Analysis-Café Coffee Day and BaristaWith the help of CUSTOMERSURVEY
  6. 6. PrimaryQuestionnaire.
  7. 7. ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEY Preference ofCOFFEE SHOPS: 50% 50% CCD Barista Graph – 1
  8. 8. – “I go to Barista when I want to enjoy the rich flavored coffee and the temptingdesserts”Aman Jinwal – “Barista is for older people whereas CCD is for Rockers.”Gargi Keluskar – “CCD is more cozy while Barista has this formal atmosphere”Sushant Gawali– CCD’s sandwiches sucks!!!Nikhil kurle – “Barista is way to expensive to me”Yogiraj kukarni
  9. 9. ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEYFREQUENCY of visit: 20% 2-3 times a week 50% 2-3 times a month not often 30% Graph – 02
  10. 10. ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEYSPENDING Habits: 10% 25-75 50% 75-125[Barista] 40% over 125 Graph – 3
  11. 11. ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEY DECIDING Factor: 20% Ambience/Experienc e 40% Taste of Coffee /Food Value for money 40% Graph – 04
  12. 12. Areas ofEXCELLENCE1. Strong BRAND Image.2. Excellent HUMAN Resource.3. AMBIENCE & Décor.4. Strong BASE for EXPANSION & GROWTH.
  13. 13. Areas ofEXCELLENCE1. Highly RATED Taste & Quality of PRODUCTS.2. Value for MONEY PROPOSITION.3. Strong YOUTH ORIENTATION.
  14. 14. Areas Needing Improvemento Average taste & quality of products.o Perceived as an expensive brand.
  15. 15. Areas Needing Improvemento Weak brand image.o Inefficient human resources.o Ambience & Décor.
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATION & SUGGESTIONSo Customers perception of being and expensive brand.o To carry out a promotion campaign to ensure that their target market is well aware of their current low prices.
  17. 17. RECOMMENDATION & SUGGESTIONSo Certain areas where their brand needs to be much stronger.o Clean up the décor at every outlet, wherever unnecessary advo Café Coffee Day would do better to provide promotional space for its partners with the use of clever collaborations, and not printed advertisements and posterso Customers are not happy with the behavior and service of the staff, and Café Coffee Day is lagging far behind Barista is this aspect.
  18. 18. BIBLIOGRAPHYBooks, Newspapers, Magazines:• Philip Kotler, “Marketing Management”, 11th Edition• Business Line• Business todayWebsites• - Search engines• Search engines• Search engines• engines