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Javascript Exploitation


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Javascript Exploitation

  1. 1. Exploit Kits – Exploitation via JS Rashid Feroz & Krishnendu Paul
  2. 2. About us! • Information security enthusiasts. • Love to break into things! • A college grad and an Industry veteran.
  3. 3. What Are Exploit Kits? • A toolkit that automates the exploitation of client-side vulnerabilities. • Usually targets browsers and programs that a website can invoke through the browser. • The attacker doesn’t need to know how to create exploits to benefit from infecting systems. • It provides a user-friendly web interface that helps the attacker track the infection campaign.
  4. 4. Famous Exploit Kits • Blackhole • FlashPack • Magnitude • Rig • Nuclear • Angler • Sweet Orange • Neutrino Exploit Kits
  5. 5. Exploit Kit distribution
  6. 6. Most commonly used vulnerable 3rd party software • Oracle Java Runtime environment • Adobe Acrobat Reader • Adobe Flash Player / Plugin • Apple Quicktime
  7. 7. From sale to infection • The buyer would license a copy of a kit from the creator. • The victim opens a spam email link or loads an infected web page. • The page contains JavaScript that determines vulnerabilities of the victim’s computer and notifies the kit user of what files the victim’s computer held. • If the kit found a usable exploit, the malicious payload would be loaded onto the victim's computer.
  8. 8. Phases • Compromised site • Redirector • Landing page • Post-infection traffic Phases
  9. 9. Compromised sites • LFI in RevSlider plugin of Wordpress – http://[]/wp-admin/admin- ajax.php?action=revslider_show_image&img=../wp-config.php • XSS in Simple Security Wordpress plugin – http://[]/wp- admin/users.php?page=access_log&datefilter=%27%22%3E%3C script%3Ealert%28/HACKED/%29;%3C/script%3E • Drupal Sql Injection • CDN reference compromise (Eg. Operation Poisoned Helmand) • Iframe Injectors Compromised sites
  10. 10. Demo time
  11. 11. Demo  Beef framework(JS hook)  Payload delivery via Social Engineering  Antivirus evasion(FUD)  Get a meterpreter shell back
  12. 12. Virus scan results
  13. 13. How to stay safe? • Stay up to date with security patches on your desktop machine. • There are several specialized tools which identify vulnerabilities in systems, install patches, and validate those patches. Use a 3rd party utility or software to constantly update your system. • Make sure that your browser, operating system, and browser’s plugins are all up to date. • Install a good host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) to monitor for suspicious activity on your computer.
  14. 14. References • • computers-vulnerability. • changing-face-cyber-crime/
  15. 15. Thanks 