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  1. 1. Presenting Chulbul Pande of the Batch..our dear PuPu …Priyanka Pande …
  2. 2. Before coming While Leaving to IIMB … IIMB … Rang hi badal gaye ……
  3. 3. The Facebook Queen to getmax likes & comments…
  4. 4. Secret of Priyanka’s glowing face… Has never missed a sunrise in IIMB.. And starts her day by 100 rounds of Surya Namaskar ..after she heard that surya namaskar is the secret of Kareena’s beauty
  5. 5. First in everything ….• First one to get up in the morning ….• First one to eat in the mess in the morning …• First one to leave the class after it gets over …• First one to attend the tracker Identification session …• First one to sleep at night …
  6. 6. If u call her for at 11 for a project meeting…. 11:00 Pm- Where is Priyanka Ghrrrrrrrr
  7. 7. An avid desire to go for gym ….. When others are worried about exams or placements, Priyanka’s only worry is – “Yaar aaj sirf 2 ghante hi gym kar paaye exam ke kaaran ”If she eats a sweet on any day then she runs for an extra hour..
  8. 8. Is fitness the only reason ??? ;-)
  9. 9. She tried had to break their dostana ….But …
  10. 10. Finally found her true partner in ….
  11. 11. Wish u a great life ahead Dear .. With lots of LOVE..