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Information overload


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Information overload

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Information overload is a common phenomenon seen in the modern world. Too much of information presented before a person make it difficult for him to find out which is relevant and which is irrelevant. The stress and burden caused by too many data is called Information Overload. The term was first coined by American Social Scientist B M Gross in 1964, but popularized by famous Futurologist Alvin Toffler through his book Future Shock.
  3. 3. Shortly Information overload is a situation in which a person gets more information than he can deal with at one time and become tired and confused. It occures when individuals are aware of relevant information but do not have the time to locate and use that information.
  4. 4. EFFECT OF INFORMATION OVERLOADING  Experience adverse mental and social health issues  Experience behavioural, learning and attention problems  Adverse effect on mental health and management problems  Could be an underlying cause of adolescent suicides, retarded reading skills or the inability to complete tasks Symptoms of dysfunction,unease,frustration and reduced tolerance
  5. 5.  Confuse the individual, affect his or her ability to set priorities or makes prior information harder to recall  Adversely affect quick decision making. When information are too many, the individual needs more time to reach a decision  Affect the ability of creative problem solving of individuals
  6. 6. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TOPIC Through out history there have been complaints about information overload particularly during the Renaissance and the Industrial revolution periods. However, in the second half of the 20th century, advances in computer and information technology led to the creation of Internet. It made unprecedented changes in the field of information that we had never seen before. Availability of abundance of information started to confuse individuals.
  7. 7. Although there is no simple solution to the problem of information overloading, there are some things that can be done to reduce the problem to some an extent. These include:  Spending less time on gaining information that is nice to know and more time on things that we need to know now  Focusing on quality of information, rather than quantity  Single tasking and keeping the mind focussed on one issue at a time  Concentrate on things that we do at a time  Learn how to create better information.
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES  make aware people about the impact of information overloading on our mental and health well being  to give helpful information on how to effectively tackle this problem in one’s life  to convince everybody that this is a phenomenon affecting all human beings without any descrimination  to provide the causes and reasons of information overload in one’s life  to help people to identify their focus area and set their goals
  9. 9. CONCLUSION Information overload is a creature that has been growing on the internet’s back since its beginning. The bigger the internet gets, the more information there is. The more quality information we see, the more we want to consume it. The more we want to consume it, the more overloaded we feel. So there let’s combat this problem by following a clear perspective on handling information we happened to get or see.
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