SmartStox: International Montoro Resources Update


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SmartStox features International Montoro Resources Inc. including a summary of their rare earth element project within British Columbia's Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt.

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SmartStox: International Montoro Resources Update

  1. 1. SMARTSTOX THE ON-LINE REPORT prepared by DYNAMIC STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS EXCLUSIVE ON-LINE INTERVIEWS AND REPORTS AT WWW.SMARTSTOX.COM Watch the smartstox Interview with Gary musil, President Montoro Resources Inc. IMt:tSX-V | o4t:Frankfurt | IMtFF:pk Exploration Junior Holds Key Ground in Historic and Emerging Mining CampsI nternational Montoro Resourc- montoro’s own drilling at serpent similar results would be expected from the es Inc. has a suite of exploration river found uranium values in the min- serpent river mineralization. properties in historic and emerg- eralized quartz pebble conglomerate con- But the uranium and rare earths at ing camps across Canada. One sistent with the historic results. montoro serpent river may prove to be a sideshow key holding has a historic uranium also intersected mineralized aplite dykes to another deposit type. In a 2009 sum-resource defined that is open for expan- and sills below the conglomerate beds, as mary of Ontario Geological survey fieldsion, and in a case demonstrating that well as highly altered mineralized brec- work, a strong geophysical anomaly on theprovidence can be as significant as good cia along the unconformity between the claims that was previously thought to beresearch to a property’s potential, nickel- archean basement rocks and overlying caused by an iron formation was reexam-copper-PGE mineralization is suspected Proterozoic sediments. ined. The new interpretation of the Pecorsto be present as well. The company also controls keyclaims in an emerging rare earth campin British Columbia. Development ofnew domestic sources for the critical el-ements is essential as China—with wellover 90% of the global rare earth pro-duction—is limiting exports. UranIUm, rarE EarThs (anD PErhaPs mOrE), OnTarIOmontoro’s Serpent River holdings in theElliot Lake camp were acquired for their 3D Inversion Interpretation ofknown uranium resources. Between 1956 the Pecors Anomalyand 1996 rio algom and Denison minesproduced more than 300 million pounds ofU3O8 from the camp. rio algom’s explo- significant rare earth values accom- anomaly concludes it may be the result ofration work at the serpent river property pany the uranium mineralization. Elliot contact style nickel-copper-PGE mineral-focused on the Pecors and Whiskey Chan- Lake was a major producer of yttrium as a ization similar to that found to the east atnels and their quartz-pebble conglomerate by-product of the uranium production. Im- sudbury. sediment sampling from Pecorsbeds—the main host formation for camp’s mediately west of the serpent river proj- Lake has shown high levels of nickel anduranium mineralization. Based on limited ect, neighbour Pele mountain resources chromium, lending further weight to thedrilling, rio algom developed a historic is advancing its Eco ridge uranium–rEE new analysis.resource (predating nI 43-101 standards) project, and in July it announced the posi- montoro commissioned a geophysicalfor the Pecors East deposit of 20 million tive results of a Preliminary Economic specialist to further interpret the airbornetons grading 0.037% U3O8, or 14.8 million assessment. Pele mountain’s testing in- survey data, and the resulting 3D repre-pounds U3O8. dicates good recoverability of rEE’s, and sentation of the anomaly shows a length of “The new interpretation of the Pecors anomaly concludes it may be the result of contact style nickel-copper-PGE mineralization similar to that found to the east at Sudbury. Sediment sampling from Pecors Lake has shown high levels of nickel and chromium, lending further weight to the new analysis.”1 DYNAMIC STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS
  2. 2. U3O8. Onsite property reviews have con- firmed the previously discovered showings, as well as the presence of uranium miner- alization within fractures enclosed by three northeast striking shear zones. The adjoining 11,109 ha orbit proper- ty further covers the main Crackingstone Fault and some northeast trending exten- sions. Twelve uranium showings have been documented on the Orbit claims, including two with inclined shafts driven to a depth of some 50 feet, along with some drifting along the veins. saskatchewan Geological society records show the uranium assay values on that work ranged from 0.1% to 3.43% U3O8. Drilling on the Crackingstone property in 2008 showed uranium mineralization along the Boom Lake Fault extended over a strike distance of 1.8 km. hole C-14-08 returned the highest assay results with 3.0 m of 0.36% U3O8 (7.19 lbs/ton). DynamIC COnCLUsIOn Global demand for both uranium and rare earths is forecast to grow in coming years. International Montoro’s Holdings in the Wicheeda Discovery Area Despite the failure at the flawed Fukushi- ma plant, nuclear power will gain impor-seven km and width of three km, with an the targets, to be followed by a trenching tance as countries around the world moveestimated depth of almost two km. and drill program. to diminish their reliance on carbon-based montoro acquired the 12 claim, 4654 fuels for reliable base load power. rarE EarTh CLaIms, BC ha, tacheeda Lake holdings later in meanwhile, rare earths are increasing-Early in 2010 montoro secured prospec- 2010. One block of claims is on trend to ly important in high-tech equipment andtive claims immediately adjoining the new the northwest of the Chuchinka holding. specialty steels, and there are few viableWicheeda rare earth discovery northeast The second block is a few km further to sources lying outside China. It is excitingof Prince George, B.C., soon after it had the northwest, and it holds an open pit to see the rocky mountain rare met-been revealed by private explorer spec- limestone quarry and appears to have the als Belt emerge as a potential economictrum mining Corp. montoro’s 2,268 ha same rEE-prospective lithology as the source of rare metals, and montoro holdsChuchinka property is contiguous to Wicheeda and Chuchinka properties. key ground in the camp.spectrum’s ground and on-strike with the metallurgy is the key requirement— The potential for nickel-copper-PGEmain Discovery Zone. and the key challenge—for rare earth de- mineralization on the serpent river spectrum’s 2009 drilling at the posits. Preliminary testing of the Wicheeda property, complementing its known ura-Wicheeda carbonatite-syenite breccia in- carbonatite mineralization indicates that nium and rare earth mineralization, addstrusive complex intersected a 48.64 m in- it will readily produce a marketable con- further depth to the strength of monto-terval of 3.55% rare earth elements, a 72.0 centrate. With an easily accessed location ro’s properties.m interval averaging 2.92% rEE, and a in north-central British Columbia and all144 m interval averaging 2.20% rEE in required infrastructure nearby, the rocky Shares Outstanding: 54.9 millionthree separate drill holes. mountain rare metal Belt could develop 6 Month Hi: $0.13; Low $0.05 The Chuchinka claims were optioned into an important supplier of rare earthsby a fellow junior in June 2010 for a com- in a time when the dominant deposits in FOr FUrThEr InFOrmaTIOnbination of cash, shares, and committed China are both in production decline andexploration expenditures. an airborne increasingly restricted to domestic buyers.geophysical survey was flown over theproperty that fall and several anomalies UranIUm CITy CamP,were identified. The largest of these tar- saskaTChEWan T: 604-683-6648gets, measuring over four km by one km, Over 70 million pounds of U3O8 were F: 604-683-1350is located near the centre of the property produced from the Uranium City miningand is defined by a broad magnetic low as- District between 1953 and 1982. Uranium E: montoro@telus.netsociated with coincident conductive anom- occurrences were discovered on montoro’s Ethos Consulting Ltd. (Investor Relations)alies. Geochemical sampling and ground- 982 ha Crackingstone property in the early 1-888-818-1365based geophysics are being applied to 1950s and historical data (not nI 43-101identify the most prospective portions of compliant) reported assays of up to 12.57% www.montororesources.comDIsCLaImEr: This interview or report is for information purposes only and Dynamic stock market analysis has gathered this information from sources believed to beaccurate, but does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness. any opinion or any forward-looking statement expressed herein shall not be considered a recommendationto purchase or sell the specific security. The company referred to may or may not be charged a consulting fee or a production fee. From time to time Dynamics principalsmay or may not take an equity position in the said company. The information disclosed has not been approved or disapproved by any security regulatory authority. allinvestors should seek their own investment advice. For more information: or info@smartstox.comDYNAMIC STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS UPDATED AUgUST 2011 2