Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt (Resource World 2011)


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Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt (Resource World 2011)

  2. 2. While there are well over 400 rare earths exploration projectsunderway in many locales around the world, what has been namedthe Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt in British Columbia representsa unique opportunity for both explorers and resource stock investors. China controls about 97% of rare earth production and becausethey have severely cut back on exports, there is tremendous demandfor these very special elements. Rare earths are used in cell phones, televisions, lighting, speakers,computers, lasers, and are also utilized for electricity generation andmilitary applications. According to their various applications, demand forrare earth elements is different for each rare earth. Rare metals such as tantalum and niobium are also in demand.Miniature tantalum capacitors make cell phones possible; tantalumcapacitors are used for many electronic applications. Demand fortantalum is growing as buyers are now shunning sources in Africa thatare tainted by conflict. Niobium is used to make lamp filaments, alloysand superconductive magnets. Stretching for some 2,500 km from just above the Idaho andMontana borders in the south to the Yukon border in the north (seemap), Mother Nature has created the right geological environmentalong the Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt for the emplacement ofboth rare earth elements and rare metals. Some explorers have been active along the belt for several years,while others have recently joined this select group of companies.For example, Taseko Mines Ltd. acquired its Aley Niobium Project, LIGHT RARE EARTHS140 km north of Mackenzie, in 2007; it was actually discovered by Lanthanum........................... LaCominco in 1980. The Aley Project hosts an extensive body of niobium Cerium ..................................Cemineralization as indicated by the 2010 drilling. The deposit is wide Praseodymium .................... Propen to expansion in at least three directions and to depth. Neodymium ........................ Nd Since 2006, Commerce Resources Corp. has been advancing its BlueRiver Tantalum-Niobium Project north of Kamloops where substantial MEDIUM RARE EARTHSresources have been defined. Samarium ............................ Sm More recently, Chris Graf’s private company Spectrum Mining Corp. Europium .............................. Eumade a significant rare earths discovery on its Wicheeda property, Gadolinium...........................Gdnorth of Prince George, in 2009 where 11 drill holes intersected veryencouraging mineralization. The best drill intercepts included 48.64 HEAVY RARE EARTHSmetres grading 3.55% rare earth elements, 72.0 metres of 2.92% REEs Lutetium............................... Luand 144.0 metres of 2.20% REEs. Holmium ............................. Ho This discovery prompted a staking rush in the region and over a Erbium ...................................Erdozen companies are currently conducting exploration programs.There Terbium ................................Tbwas further encouragement when Canadian Industrial Minerals drilled Thulium .............................. Tmits 75%-owned property adjacent to the Wicheeda discovery and Ytterbium ............................Ybintercepted 37.3 metres grading 1.43% total rare earth oxides. Yttrium ................................... Y The Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt is a fast-developing explorationplay that deserves the attention of resource stock investors looking for RARE METALScapital gains through discovery of valuable rare earth and rare metal Tantalum .............................. Tadeposits. Niobium............................... Nb
  3. 3. Known Rare Metal, Rare Earth Element, Carbonatite and Nepheline Syenite Prospects ROCKY MOUNTAIN RARE METAL BELT, BRITISH COLUMBIA Yukon N.W.T. 0 50 Scale: 1:5,250,000 100 150 200 250 ! ZEN Kilometers Atlin RO ! ASH-COT Xeno CK Carbo YM Aley PELL SPECTRUM MINING CORP. Loonie MEL Wicheeda OU NT SE Cap, N Cap, S Seebach, AI MagAnamoly 1 Chuchinka N Mackenzie OLD LIMESTONE RA Carbonatite ! Syndicate Prince Alberta RE George ! Arctic Star Exploration Corp. BEAR RIDGE Ice River ME Cap, Seebach, Javorsky Quesnel ! TA Elkford LB ! Tacheeda TRIDENT ! Blue River KIN British ! PERRY RIVER - ZIRCONIUM MTN Columbia ! ! APOLLO IRC ! ELNAME COMMODITY COMPANY ! HIRENAley Nb Taseko Mines KamloopsCLAIRE !SE Cap, N Cap, ! LINDMARK !S Seebach, MagAnamoly 1 REE Northcore Resources MUNROE ! T !Cap, Seebach, Javorsky REE Arctic Star ExplorationCarbo REE, Nb Canadian Intl Minerals / ! Commerce Resources MerrittCarbonatite Syndicate REE Bolero ResourcesChuchinka REE Electric Metals / Intl Montoro Kelowna SPECTRUMLonnie REE, Nb Rara Terra Minerals / Kin, Trident, Claire, American Manganese Lindmark, IRC, MINING CORP.Tacheeda REE Intl MontoroTrident, Kin, Hiren, Munroe, HirenIRC ,Munroe REE, Ta, Nb Critical Elements Rock CanyonBlue River (Upper Fir) Ta, Nb Commerce ResourcesWicheeda REE Spectrum Mining Vancouver Washington Idaho Montana
  4. 4. Arctic Star Exploration Corp. [ADD-TSXV] has a 100% interest inthe Cap, Seebach and Javorsky projects which make up one of the largestland positions in the Wicheeda-Carbo district of the Rocky Mountain RareMetal Belt.The claims cover distinct, circular, regional aeromagnetic anomaliesand are being explored for carbonatite-hosted rare earths. The Cap, Seebachand Javorsky claims are located approximately 80 km northeast of PrinceGeorge and are all located within the immediate vicinity of Spectrum MiningCorp.’s Wicheeda rare earth discovery. The company will conduct a helicop-ter-borne magnetic and radiometric survey. Follow-up work will include aground program of rock and soil sampling and mapping to define targets fordrilling.The Javorsky claims cover an area of anomalous rare earths in streamsediment samples.Northcore Resources Inc. [NCR-TSXV], formerly Big Red Diamond,is a junior exploration company with several exploration projects acrossCanada. Within the British Columbia Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Beltapproximately 80 km north of Prince George, Northcore has optioned100% interests in the South-East Cap, North Cap, MagAnamoly 1 and SouthSeebach properties for their potential to host rare earth elements and raremetals. This group of 18 claims covers about 8,055 hectares and are in thevicinity of Spectrum Mining’s Wicheeda rare earths discovery. Known rareearth element mineralization in the Wicheeda-Carbo camp is related toregional magnetic highs and lows. The South-East Cap and South Seebachclaims cover or are adjacent to distinct, circular, regional aeromagnetic geo-physical anomalies within the Carbo area.Bolero Resources Corp. [BRU-TSXV] holds 211 mineral claims cov-ering 90,000 hectares contiguous to and completely surrounding severalsignificant rare earth discoveries in the Wicheeda-Carbo district north ofPrince George. Aeroquest is flying airborne geophysical surveys over theCarbonatite Syndicate Project. These surveys will be overlain with Bolero’srecent highly anomalous rare earths sampling and previous survey resultsto define priority drill targets for the 2011 drill program. The 100%-ownedCharge rare earth prospect is about 50 km southeast of Northgate’s KemessMine. The Charge prospect contains significant rare earth sample results thatare the highest lanthanum (1,146 grams/tonne), yttrium (647 grams/tonne)and second highest cerium (1,247 grams/tonne) samples in the BC RegionalGeochemical Survey database. Airborne geophysics is planned for the Chargeproperty. Management is currently planning a 2011 drill program.Canadian International Minerals Inc.. [CIN-TSXV] has taken a lead-ing role in the exploration of the Wicheeda-Carbo district of the RockyMountain Rare Metal Belt. The road-accessible Carbo property, locatedabout 80 km northeast of Prince George, consists of seven claims cover-ing 2,778.63 hectares. The company has a 75% interest in the property withCommerce Resources Corp. holding the remaining 25% interest. CanadianInternational has conducted soil geochemical and ground magnetic grids, anairborne magnetic and radiometric survey, and diamond drilling. Drilling in2010 returned 37.3 metres of 1.43% total rare earth oxides, demonstratingthe exceptional potential of the Carbo Project to host significant rare earthelement mineralization. The company intends to conduct an expanded drillprogram this year.
  5. 5. Commerce Resources Corp. [CCE-TSXV; D7H-FSE; CMRZF-OTCQX] specializes in the exploration and development of rare metalsand rare earth elements. Its most advanced rare metal project in the RockyMountain Rare Metal Belt is the Blue River Tantalum-Niobium Projectnorth of Kamloops in southern British Columbia. The Upper Fir depositat the Blue River Project is host to an Indicated Resource of 36,350,000tonnes grading 195 ppm Ta2O5 (tantalum) and 1,700 ppm Nb2O5 (niobium).Commerce also holds a 25% interest in the Carbo Rare Earth Projectthat is being developed by Canadian International Minerals Inc. In 2011,the company expects to spend $5 million on exploration within the RockyMountain Rare Metal Belt. Commerce recently closed a non-brokered pri-vate placement of 10.38m shares at $0.73 per share for gross proceeds of$7.58 million.Critical Elements Corp. [CRE-TSXV; F12-FSE; CRECF-OTCQX]will be conducting exploration at its Trident, Kin, Hiren, Munroe and IRCproperties in the British Columbia Rare Metal Belt. The program will buildon results stemming from a successful reconnaissance ground explorationprogram in 2010. Work will include 1,829 line-km of airborne, radiometricand magnetic geophysical surveys. This will be followed by ground pros-pecting, geological and geochemical surveys on the above properties nearRevelstoke, and on the Munroe property near Canal Flats. The ground pro-gram will include helicopter-assisted stream sediment sampling, followedby rock sampling and orientation portable XRF-assisted soil sampling inmore promising areas. Prospecting and reconnaissance-scale mapping willbe completed in conjunction with the geochemical program. The best tar-gets in outcrop will be channel sampled for more representative analysis.Electric Metals Inc. [EMI-TSXV] has an active exploration programunderway on its joint-ventured Chuchinka Rare Earth Project in centralBritish Columbia to define drill targets within several anomalies discoveredby an airborne geophysical survey completed by the company in 2010. Theproject is contiguous with Spectrum Mining’s recently reported Wicheedarare earth discovery. Electric Metals is awaiting results from geochemicalsampling of soils and bedrock together with ground-based geophysics in theform of precision magnetometer and scintillometer surveying in prepara-tion for drilling. The company is also exploring for rare earth elements atits Abitibi properties in the Montviel area of Québec, within close proxim-ity of Geomega Resources’ Montviel complex. The area recently returnedresults of 485 metres of 1.44% total rare earth oxides (TREO) including 111metres of 2.09% TREO.International Montoro Resources Inc. [IMT-TSX.V; O4T-FSE] isexploring its 100%-owned Tacheeda Lake Property (4,654 ha) as well asthe Chuchinka Property (2,268 ha) property. Both projects are north-east of Prince George, central British Columbia, within the emergingWicheeda-Carbo carbonatite camp where two new rare earth discover-ies were found. The Chuchinka property is contiguous to both of thesediscoveries made by Spectrum Mining and Canadian International Minerals.Phase I exploration at the Chuchinka property will help to define prioritydrill targets within several anomalies discovered by joint venture partner,Electric Metals (option to earn 75%), through an airborne geophysical sur-vey in 2010. The largest target measures over 4 by 1 km. Exploration atthe Chuchinka property and the recently acquired Tacheeda property willinclude sampling and an airborne survey in preparation for drilling.
  6. 6. TSXV:RTX RARA TERRA MINERALS CORP Rara Terra is a Canadian mineral exploration and development company focussed on Rare Earth Elements (REEs). Rara Terra is seeking to identify and develop REE deposits characterized by less common mineralization. These unique deposits will bear those specific REEs that are widely agreed to have the strongest mid to long term technological / TSXV: ZC / FSE: ZCT1 relevance and sustainable economic value. www.raraterra.comZimtu Capital Corp. [ZC-TSXV; ZCT1-FSE] is a publicly- Rara Terra Minerals Corp. [RTX-TSXV] is focusing onheld investment company that invests in and assists in the growth the exploration and development of Rare Earth Element (REE)of natural resource companies, in particular, private, micro- and deposits that have above-average weightings of any or all of thesmall-cap companies. Along with its prospecting partners, Zimtu most critical REEs; namely, dysprosium, neodymium, terbium,locates and acquires mineral properties of merit and connects yttrium and europium. This has lead Rara Terra to seek REEthem with exploration companies.The company has been a partic- deposits characterized by less common mineralization. Raraipant in several property transactions within the British Columbia Terra has two properties in Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt.Rocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt. Projects are normally acquired Rara Terra can earn a 60% interest in the 2,479-hectare Lonnieon a 50:50 basis with geological and prospecting partners. Zimtu niobium and rare earths property located in the Omenicahas funded or launched several companies including: Commerce Mining District of central British Columbia and has a 100%Resources Corp., Evolving Gold Corp., and Western Potash Corp. interest in the 7,966-hectare Xeno property in the KechikaThrough its mineral property advisory services Zimtu helps to River-Terminus Mountain area of the Cassiar Mountains, Liardconnect companies to properties of interest in a number of com- Mining Division of northern BC. Both properties are consid-modities beyond rare earth elements and rare metals. ered to be excellent REE and rare metal prospects.
  7. 7. Exploring for Rare Earth Elements in the Rocky Mountain Rare Metal BeltTSXv:AD D TSXV : CIN Canadian International Minerals is a junior resource company focused on the exploration, discovery and development of deposits of exotic metals and minerals in demand for technologies related to re- newable energy, hybrid vehicles, clean air and carbon emission reduction.
  8. 8. Exploringfor Rare Metals in theRocky Mountain Rare Metal Belt TSXV:CCE / FSE:D7H TSXV: EMIElectric Metals is focused on the exploration ofrare earth elements with properties in two leadingCanadian REE exploration districtsCurrent projects include the Chuchinka property incentral British Columbia and the Abitibi propertiesin the Montviel area of Quebec2011 exploration program has already commencedEMI has an option to earn a 75% interest inChuchinka & 100% interest in the Abitibi propertiesA global supply deficit of rare earth elements hasdriven up prices more than tenfold since 2009Increasing dependence on technology has also ledto increased demand for RW 9/9