News: International Montoro Resources Inc. Conduct Further Sampling at Orbit-Crackingstone (September 2011)


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International Montoro Resources Inc. and its 50% joint venture partner Belmont Resources Inc. have returned to the Orbit-Crackingstone property to conduct a further sampling program.

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News: International Montoro Resources Inc. Conduct Further Sampling at Orbit-Crackingstone (September 2011)

  1. 1. #600-625 Howe Street TSX.V: IMTVancouver, B.C. V6C 2T6 FRANKFURT : O4TPh. (604) 683-6648 OTC: IMTFF.PKFax: (604) 683-1350 MONTORO REVISITS “ORBIT-CRACKINGSTONE, URANIUM CITY, SASK.Vancouver, B.C. Canada, September 22, 2011 – International Montoro Resources Inc.(“Montoro”, the “Company” or “IMT”) and its 50% j.v. partner, Belmont Resources Inc. (TSX.V –BEA)have returned to the Orbit-Crackingstone property (12,091 ha) to conduct a further sampling program.Objective of the Sampling ProgramThe objective of the sampling program is to collect representative channel samples from theradiometric anomalies identified as Targets “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”. These samples will be analyzed foruranium, thorium, light and heavy rare earth elements, multi-elements and for whole rock analysis.Airborne radiometric, electromagnetic and magnetic surveys were conducted on the Orbit Lake andCrackingstone properties in 2007-2008 by Aeroquest International Limited and MPX Geophysics Ltd.The airborne radiometric survey outlined several significant NE linear radiometric (U) anomalies.Three of the radiometric anomalies transect the property from the southwest corner at Orbit Bay tothe northeast corner of the claim group at Orbit Lake.Orbit Lake PropertyOrbit Lake Radiometric Anomaly –Target A:This anomaly trends northeast for over 3 km along the northwest shores of Orbit Lake on the NEportion of the Orbit property and is located 1.5 km up-strike from a uranium bearing showing locatedat the northeast end of Augier Lake. Both the Augier Lake showing and the Orbit west shoreradiometric anomaly is located on the west side of the prominent NE trending Orbit Fault.Orbit Uranium Developments Limited (“OUDL”) investigated a radioactive pegmatite north of AugierLake, near the southwest end of Orbit Lake. Colin S. Johnson reported for OUDL in 1952 apegmatite ranging in width from 20 to 50 feet wide with plentiful uranium staining everywhere “withgood Geiger kicks”. He also reports on an Augier Lake showing a 300 pound sample assaying 0.69%U3O8. The Augier Lake showing was drill tested for 300 feet and averaged 0.336% U3O8 over 2.6feet. The Augier Lake showing forms part of the south-westerly extension of the strong radiometricanomaly located along the northwest shores of Orbit Lake.
  2. 2. Orbit Bay Radiometric Anomaly – Targets “B”A prominent radiometric anomaly is located in the southwest portion of the property 200 to 300meters northwest of Orbit Bay. The northwest anomaly has a strike length of approximately 2 km andis located between Orbit Bay to the south and Triangle Lake to the north. OUDL sampled a showingin the same vicinity of the anomaly detected in the recent survey. OUDL reported in 1952 in a reportby Colin S. Johnson representative samples over a width of 75 feet assaying 0.2% to 0.5% U3O8.This showing was described by Johnson (1951) as being contained in a pegmatite similar to thatreported on the northwest shores of Orbit Lake. Johnson also reported samples taken from shearzones to the east assaying from 2.42% to 26.24% U3O8.Orbit Bay East Radiometric Anomaly – Target “C”A third strong radiometric anomaly was located in the airborne survey on the east shores of OrbitBay, which will also be followed up. The east, northeast radiometric anomaly has a projected strikelength of over 3 km trending northeast from the north shores of Lake Athabasca.Crackingstone PropertySpot Lake Radiometric Anomaly – Target “D”A fourth target “D” was selected for sampling located southeast of Spot Lake on the Crackingstoneproperty on claim #S-108022. The airborne survey also identified a strong NE trending radiometricanomaly between the Spot Lake and Chance Lake fault. Historical exploration and more recent workby the above mentioned JV partners has confirmed uranium mineralization in NE and NW trendinglineaments. The northeast end of this anomaly trend is host to the former Rix-Smitty Uranium Minewhich was hosted in a NW striking structure. The proposed sampling site at this target is in a NW andNE structure.This press release has been reviewed and approved by Raymond A. Bernatchez, P.Eng. ConsultingGeologist and a qualified person as defined in Ni 43-101.About International Montoro Resources Inc.Montoro recently acquired a 100% interest in 12 mineral claims prospective for Rare Earth Elements, in 2 separate claimblocks covering 11,500 acres (4,654 ha), in the new Tacheeda Lake camp and Carbo area. Montoro holds a 100% interestin 5,604 acres (2,268 ha , 5 claims – the Chuchinka property) contiguous to and adjoining the Wicheeda, a recentlyreported Rare Earth discovery, northeast of Prince George, B.C. Montoro is also focused on advancing its 100% optionedElliot Lake uranium/REE project in northern Ontario. In addition the Company will continue the development withBelmont Resources Inc. (50/50) of its Crackingstone – 2,.427 acres (982 ha) and Orbit –27,450 acres (11,109 ha) uraniumproperties in the Uranium City District – Northern Saskatchewan. The Company also holds two claim blocks (50/50 withBelmont) in the Central Mineral Belt in Labrador. The Companies have recently optioned one claim block to Rare EarthMetals Inc. (TSX.V: RA) in the historical Letitia Lake-Red Wine rare earth metals camp of west-central Labrador.For further information contact Ethos Consulting Ltd. (Investor Relations) at 1-888-818-1365 or phone theCompany at 604-683-6648. Also visit the Company website at and watch theSmartstox interview with President Gary Musil ( BEHALF OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS,“Gary Musil”Gary Musil, PresidentCEO/Director
  3. 3. Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSXVenture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. The statements used in this PressRelease may contain forward-looking statements that may involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual events orresults could differ materially from the Companies forward-looking statements and expectations.