British Columbia Geological Survey Activities in 2010                        by S.M. Rowins, L. Jones, D.V. Lefebure and J...
2                                     Figure 1. British Columbia Geological Survey 2010 field project areas.              ...
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Figure 3. Mitch Mihalynuk using geological intuition to identify                 M              g                         ...
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PProperty File Database Innovatio and            e,        es,      on                               Delineatiion of Cat  ...
TECHNI     ICAL MAR            RKETINGBCGS In      nternational Workshop on the                 l        pGeology of Rare ...
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Table 1. Recent investments from Asia in BC-based companies.Year        Asian Company                                     ...
British Columbia Geological Survey Activities in 2010
British Columbia Geological Survey Activities in 2010
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British Columbia Geological Survey Activities in 2010


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The British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS)
continued to play a leading role in the creation of a
thriving, safe, and sustainable mining industry in British
Columbia (BC) in 2010. This was accomplished by
providing world-class geoscience expertise and data to government, industry, and the general public.

A new multi-year rare metals project started under the auspices of the renewed Targeted Geoscience
Initiative program (TGI-4). This rare metals project is a
national initiative co-lead by George Simandl of the
BCGS. Its overall objective is to develop new exploration
methodologies and technologies in the search for rare earth and rare metal deposits. Rare metals are important in the manufacturing of automobiles and many high-tech products such as cell phones and computers.

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British Columbia Geological Survey Activities in 2010

  1. 1. British Columbia Geological Survey Activities in 2010 by S.M. Rowins, L. Jones, D.V. Lefebure and J. FredericksINTRODUCTION products such as cell phones and computers. Other important BCGS partners included Geoscience BC The British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS) (GBC). In 2010, the BCGS and GBC collaborated on thecontinued to play a leading role in the creation of a delivery of a surficial mapping and till sampling programthriving, safe, and sustainable mining industry in British southeast of Houston in the Tahtsa Lake district of west-Columbia (BC) in 2010. This was accomplished by central BC. Finally, as in past years, university studentsproviding world-class geoscience expertise and data to were employed as co-op interns and geoscience assistantsgovernment, industry, and the general public. These throughout the year. Their help with the delivery of ourdiverse groups use our expertise and data in different field programs and work on improving our digitalways, but an underlying interest of all groups is to see the geoscience databases is greatly appreciated.province position itself as a favoured destination forinvestment by the mineral exploration and miningindustry. A great attribute of the BCGS in the fast-paced BCGS FIELD ACTIVITIESworld of today is its ability to consistently deliver A main priority of the BCGS is to generate newstandardized high quality geological maps, geoscience geoscience data and products, including bedrock andreports, and online interactive geoscience databases in a surficial geology maps and targeted mineral depositvery short timeframe. All geoscience products are made studies. The locations of the 2010 field projects are shownavailable online via MapPlace, the award-winning in Figure 1. Projects are typically chosen with theinternet portal of the BCGS. objective of helping to diversify local economies by The mineral exploration and mining industry attracting mineral exploration activity that may lead to thecontinued to perform well throughout the 2008-10 opening of new mines. In many parts of the province,recession and helped lead the economic recovery in BC. mineral exploration and mining are essential drivers ofExploration expenditures in 2010 are estimated between local employment and tax revenue, and directly support$220 and $300 million, a significant increase over the the development of regional infrastructure.$154 million spent in 2009. Nevertheless, funding levels Field mapping studies (Figure 1) continued in thefor the BCGS in 2010 were similar to those in 2009. This North Coast (Nelson et al., this volume), Iskut Riverresulted in the BCGS continuing to focus on creating new (Mihalynuk et al., this volume), and Tahtsa Lake (Ferbey,geoscience products from existing data and developing this volume) areas of the province. A new two-year GEMinnovative programs that involved cooperative “Edges” project in northern British Columbia started inpartnerships with universities, industry, and other public 2010 with mapping in the Kutcho Creek area near thegeoscience agencies. The BCGS continued its long Kutcho Creek volcanogenic massive sulphide depositcollaboration with the Geological Survey of Canada (Schiarizza, this volume).(GSC) by participating in four joint field projects in 2010. In addition to these 2010 mapping projects, severalThree field mapping projects were delivered as part of the other mineral deposit-related studies were brought toGSC’s Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) completion. These include age determinations ofprogram and a new multi-year rare metals project started mineralization and porphyritic intrusive rocks at theunder the auspices of the renewed Targeted Geoscience Brenda and Woodjam porphyry Cu-Mo (Au) depositsInitiative program (TGI-4). This rare metals project is a (Logan et al., this volume), the creation of a new Mineralnational initiative co-lead by George Simandl of the Deposit Profile for carbonate-hosted, nonsulphide Zn-PbBCGS. Its overall objective is to develop new exploration deposits in BC (Paradis and Simandl, this volume), amethodologies and technologies in the search for rare preliminary study of nickeliferous minerals in the Cassiarmetal deposits. Rare metals are important in the asbestos deposit (Hora et al., this volume), anmanufacturing of automobiles and many high-tech investigation of placer gold nuggets with implications for bedrock sources from the Atlin placer camp (MihalynukThis publication is also available, free of charge, as colour et al., this volume), a study of the mineral potential of thedigital files in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format from the BC western Liard Basin in northeastern BC (Ferri et al., thisMinistry of Forests, Mines and Lands website at volume) and a discussion of the geochemistry of Permo- Triassic volcanic rocks of the southern Nicola Group westalogue/Fieldwork.Geological Fieldwork 2010, Paper 2011-1 1
  2. 2. 2 Figure 1. British Columbia Geological Survey 2010 field project areas. vBritish Columbia Geological Survey
  3. 3. of the Bo oundary fault near Princet ton (Massey, this unti 2013. It is a key proje in the Fed il ect deral GEMvolume). The western Liard shale basin study is a prog gram. Support is being contr ributed by all p participatingwelcome contribution fr c rom the Geosc cience and Na atural agenncies.Gas Devel lopment Branc of the Ministry of Energ A ch gy. The ultimate goal of the in nitiative is to i improve thetechnical report by Cui (this volume) on the validation r ) effe ctiveness of re esource explora ation and discoovery in theand refitti ing of stream sample loca m ations in Regional nortthern Cordilllera by outlining re esource-richGeochemic Surveys (RGS), togethe with a ano cal ( er other enviironments in British Colu umbia, the Y Yukon, andpaper by Cui (this volume) on the best practices fors Alasska. The geo ological target are the ex ts xotic outer ng geologicamaintainin al databases, highlight the , terra anes with thei enclosed pr ir re-accretionary syngeneticimportance of data integrity in public geosci e p ience and epigenetic d deposits and the metal-ric Triassic chreporting. A technical paper com l mparing analy ytical ough Paleoge thro ene magmatic arcs and associated cmethods fo rare earth, ra metal, and high field stre or are ength accrretion zones t that resulted from interact tion of theelements in geological samples (Lett and Paterson, this i s , terra anes with the western m margin of anc cient Northvolume) roounds out the contributions (F c Figure 2). Ame erica. The targ areas inclu parts of n get ude northern and Severa smaller field projects were also complete by al d e ed cent British Col tral lumbia where t geological map base is theSurvey staff over the summmer. The Sch Creek porp haft phyry eithe several deca er ades out of dat or at insuffic te ciently largeCu-Mo-Au deposit in no u orthwest BC was visited by Jim w y scal e to evaluate mmineral potent using modern tectonic tialLogan and Regional Ge d eologist Paul Wojdak out of the W interrpretations.Smithers office (Figure 1). They inves o stigated the various Nor Coast Partnership Pr rth roject (Edges s)styles of mineralization and types of alteration at Schaft m aCreek in an effort to draw comparisons and contrasts with n w s JoAnne Nelso and Larry Diakow retur on rned from aother porpphyry systems in the provin nce. Larry Dia akow succcessful secon field season mapping along the ndvisited the Spences Bridg ge–Merritt area and mapped type nortthern coastal r region of BC. In 2009, the f first year ofsections of the Nicola Group containi conodonts that f G ing s the NNorth Coast prroject, geologic mapping be cal egan on andaccurately define the Tria assic-Jurassic timescale boun t ndary near Porcher Islan at the north r nd, hern end of the Alexander e(Figure 1). terra south of Prince Rupert (Figure 1). M ane t Mapping in 2010 focused on the southern end of the t 0 terrane nearOngoing Projects g Klemmtu. In 2011, sparse ex xposures of p pre-plutonic strat tified rocks in the inter rvening region will beEdges – Modeling the Evolution of the Northe M e o ern docuumented. JoA Anne and Larr ry’s activities were doneCordillera Resource Environment from the a E t with help from Brian Maho h oney (and hi graduate isEdges of Exotic Terra f anes stud dents) from th University of Wiscons he y sin, George Edges is a highly focused multi-year geolo ogical Gehhrels and Mark Pecha of the U k University of AArizona, andmapping initiative in nvolving form mal collaboration Cee s van Staal fr rom the Geolo ogical Survey of Canada.between th Government of Canada the Provinc of he a, ce The North Coast project achie eved the following in itsBritish Coolumbia, the Yukon Territory Geoscience BC, Y y, seco year of ope ond eration:the United States Geol d logical Survey and the Al y, laska • completio of geologic map covera of a 30 on cal ageDivision of Geological an Geophysica Surveys. It began nd al b by 50 killometre area c covering the ch hannels and ations in 2009 in British Colufield opera i umbia and will last islands b between Retur Channel an northern rn nd Princess Royal Island, in eastern La aredo Sound map areaa. • rock un nits of the Alexander terrane of southeasttern Alaska can be tr raced into northwes stern British C Columbia, inclu uding those that are known to ho volcanogen massive ost nic sulphide (VMS) minera alization. Farth south, in her the 2010 map area, t 0 the Alexander terrane is r representted by young ger, probably Devonian, clastic-ca arbonate strata. . • the Grenv ville Channel fault is a mid-Cretaceous sinistral f fault of regiona extent (>150 km). al 0 Isku River Part ut tnership Proj ject (Edges)Figure 2. Ray Lett collec cting stream sa amples that con ntains Mitch Mihaly ynuk, Jim Log gan, and Alex Zagorevski hfinder elements used by explorvarious path s ration geochemis to sts of th GSC return to the Coa Belt of no he ned ast orthwest BCdiscover min neral deposits. and the area surro ounding the Ro and Roll vo ock olcanogenic masssive sulphide d deposit (Figure 3). This was t second e theGeological Fieldwork 2010, Paper 2011-1 3
  4. 4. Figure 3. Mitch Mihalynuk using geological intuition to identify M g Figure 4. A structurally engaged Jim Logan with H y Hoodooar reas of high mine potential in th Iskut. eral he Mountain s shrouded in cloud in the backgro ds ound.fie season of a partnership between Pacifi North West eld b ic by Ferbe in 2009. Q ey Quaternary til cover prese ll ents aCapital Corp., the University of Victoria, the GSC, and t t challenge to traditional prospecting and makes th area e l heth BCGS. Th short-term goal of the project is to he he ideally su uited for a min neral potential a assessment usi till ingdeetermine the stratigraphic an structural setting of the s nd s geochemi istry. During t 2010 field season, 85 ba till the asalRRock and Roll deposit. The lon d nger term goal is to evaluate samples wwere collected for analysis. A additional 18 till d Anth potential fo similar mine he or eralization witthin the Iskut samples were collected for separati d ion and analy ysis ofan adjacent regions. Follow up work in 2010 revealed nd 2 heavy min neral concentr rates and gold-ggrain the stratigra hat aphic sequence which hosts the Rock and e, Obse ervations mad at field st de tations sugges that stR deposit, is similar to tha which hosts the GranducRoll at s Quaternar sediments w ry within the study area may not be as y tvoolcanogenic massive sulphide deposit to the south. m t thick or areally extennsive as previ iously hypotheesized.MMapping in the Hoodoo Moun ntain area north of Rock and h Therefore sedimentary cover may no be as signifi e, y ot icant aR also led to the discovery of numerous copper-goldRoll o y s hindrance to mineral ex e xploration in th map area. hesh howings in intr rusive rocks tha share simila at arities with theal lkalic porphyry Cu-Au style mineralization at the Galore y m n Souther Nicola Pro rn ojectCreek deposit (F Figure 4). Geocchemical highl lights from Nic Massey on N ck NicolaTaTahtsa Lake Partnership Project P P Group ro ocks (this volu ume) follow up on the coord p dinated mapping projects in 20 and 2009 by Massey an his 008 nd Travis Ferb bey, in partner rship with Ge eoscience BC, colleague The present study utilized samples of N es. t d Nicolare eturned to the Tahtsa Lake district to co omplete a till Group vo olcanic and voolcaniclastic rocks collected d duringge eochemistry su urvey northeas of Huckleb st berry Mine in these yea (Figure 5). The results of the geoche ars emicalth Colleymoun map area (N he nt NTS 093L/1) that hosts the t analyses confirm corre elation of the Nicola Group rockspa producing Equity Silver Mine (Figure 1). This is an ast west of th Boundary f he fault with the “ “Western Belt” This ”.ar that has hig potential to host porphyry Cu+/-Mo+/- rea gh o y correlatio may have i on implications f mineralizat for tion inA and polymAu metallic vein occurrences, and possibly the projec area. Specif ct fically, felsic v volcanic rocks in thevo olcanogenic massive sulph m hide deposits. This is the “Western Belt” are potential host to volcano n ts ogenicse econd and fina year of the program and builds upon al e d massive s sulphide depossits, although f felsic volcanic rocks cpr revious Quaterrnary geology and till geochem a mistry work have not y been identi yet ified in the prooject area.4 British Columbia Geological Survey
  5. 5. clien with effici nts iencies in research time, dat costs and ta anallysis. Data thhemes and a applications avvailable on Map pPlace include mineral potenntial, bedrock a surficial and geollogy, publicattions, mineral and petroleum tenure, l MIN NFILE, asses ssment repor rts, geochem mistry and geopphysical survveys. Yao C Cui and Pat Desjardins conttributed geommatic expertise to MapPlace data and e appllication enhanncements and integration of servers. d Map pPlace became active on a new web server in October e r 2009 and steps are being tak 9 ken to upgrad maps to de Map pGuide Enterpr rise. New data and updates on M d MapPlace in 201 include: 10 • update t regional geochemistry catchment to basins an RGS locatio snapped to 1:20 000- nd ons scale rive ers;Figure 5. Nick Massey exa N amining volcanic rocks of the Nicola c NGroup, Princ ceton, southern British Columbia. B • mineral ttenure archive for January 2010 and es y January 2 2011;Major Ne Projects ew s • Natural R Resource Sect Boundaries and First torKutcho Partnership Project (Edge P P es) Nations T Treaty Areas; The Kutcho project is a two-year bedrock map K r pping • new BC CGS Publicati ion Search Applicationprogram in nitiated by the BCGS in 2010 in partner e rship without i imbedded Map pPlace map p plus Googlewith the Geological Surv of Canada (Edges project) and vey ( ) searches for various pa of the web databases arts b,Kutcho Mining Corp. (formerly Capstone Mi M . ining rts; and reporCorporatio The aim of this project is to gain a better on). o b • Mineral Economy ma updates w ap with currentunderstandding of, and provide more detailed geolo p d ogical mines and 2009 explora d ation properties s;maps for, the Permo-Tri iassic Kutcho assemblage, which w • dynamic update of MIN NFILE and AR with the RIShosts the Kutcho Creek volcanogenic massive sulp k c phide GeoBC GGeographic Waarehouse (LRD DW);deposit. • Till Geoc chemistry of th Nadina Rive Map Area he er tals TGI-4 Partnership ProRare Met roject (NTS 0933E/15), BCGS Open File 20110-07; The BCGS and GSC began collab B C borating on a multi- m • Relative Drift Thickn ness Map, No orth-Centralyear province-wide study of rare meta The term “rare y als. BC, Geosscience BC Re eport 2010-14;metals” reefers mainly to uncommon, nonferrous metals o m • QUEST-S South Airbo orne Gravity y Survey,used in sm quantities, typically <15 000 tonnes/ mall 50 /year, Geoscien BC Report 2010-6; nceor derived from geograph hically restrict areas. The Rare tedMetals TG Program will study ore deposits in term of GI-4 w d ms • Regional Drainage Sediment a and Watergeological setting, mineralizing processes, app m p plied Geochemmical Data, Cen ntral BC, Geo oscience BCmineralogy exploration methods, and metallur y, n rgical Report 20 009-11;constraints The results will address some of the major s. s m • re-analys of archived stream and lak sediment sis keknowledge gaps related to these deposi and are expe e t its ected samples covering NT map shee TS ets, Sampleto help th Canadian mining industry tap dom he mestic Reanalys (NTS 082 sis 2E, 082L, 082 2M, 092H,sources of rare metals. This will con f ntribute directl to ly 092I, 092 092O, 092P QUEST-So 2J, P) outh Project,supporting the existing an newly deve g nd eloping segmen of nts Geoscien BC Report 2010-4; ncethe high te echnology indu ustry in North America and helpensure adeequate global supply. Georg Simandl of the ge f • QUEST-S South Regiona Geochemica Data, in- al alBCGS is the national sc t cience leader for the Rare Metals fo M fill samp pling and the reanalysis o archived e ofTGI-4 Prog gram. sediment pulps from NTS map sh heets 092H, 092I, 092 Geoscience BC Report 20 2J, 010-13;MAPPLAACE AND DATABAS SE • Open FFile 2008-4, Rock Prope erties tableACTIVIT TIES download and display; ds ; • additiona infrastructur including airport and al re,MapPlac ce port locat tions, and hydr lines; and ro MapPllace, our inter rnet portal and one of the most d • updated B BCGS CGKN Data Catalog totalling N gueeffective geoscience online map systems glob o bally, 3900 reco ords.continues to improve wit the addition of new data la t th ayersand improoved interface tools. MapPlace has prov videdGeological Fieldwork 2010, Paper 2011-1 5
  6. 6. PProperty File Database Innovatio and e, es, on Delineatiion of Cat tchment Basi ins for Reg egionalMMineral Resoource Evalu uations Geochemmical Survey with High Performance Web Services ( (Figure 6). During 2010 Property File, a collec F ction of over63 000 unique in 3 ndustry documments and maps continued to s, Over the past year Kirk Hancoc Larry Jone and r r ck, esgrrow. Recent Property File donations we made by P ere Sarah M Meredith-Jones provided 16 mineral resource 6AAndre Panteleye Tom Schro ev, oeter and the estate of W.G. e assessmen of differen areas of Briti Columbia f the nts nt ish forHHainsworth. As of December, 2010, over 25 000 property 5 Ministry of Aboriginal Relations an Reconciliat l nd tion tofil documents were availab online, in le ble ncluding 403 assist wit treaty negoti th iations and 3 f other gover for rnmentFaalconbridge, 1649 Cyprus-Anvil, 304 Chevron, 476 1 C business. Staff worke with the M ed Mineral Policy and yPllacer Dome, 13 Rimfire, 2969 Mine Plan 9888 Tom 328 2 ns, Regional Geology staff developing e ff economic and socialScchroeter projec files and 9000 Library item These are ct ms. assessmen and explora nts ation activity p etrieved throug a search ap gh pplication or through links BC’s Di igital Bedro Geology Map: ock yfr rom MINFILE http://www E, w.propertyfile.g andhtttp://, respecttively. Kirk Hancock is the H BCGeoology MapPrroperty File contact. Sara Meredith-J ah Jones is the The pprovince’s bed drock geology m for indust and map tryMMINFILE conta and this ye approved update of 171 act ear u governme clients is a critical sourc of informati for ent ce ionocccurrences and additions of 20 new occurre d 2 ences. deciding on areas for e exploration an assessing m nd mineral Users can now access over 30 900 com n mpany mineral potential. Updating is an importan ongoing ta s nt, ask toas ssessment repo using the ARIS database over the web. orts A weave th new data in the digital provincial pr he nto l roduct,AAllan Wilcox an Ted Fuller work with clien to approve nd w nts BCGeolo ogyMap. Yao C and Pat De Cui esjardins are woorkingre eports. The mining industry is encouraged to submit m y with ma apping geologists and ad dvanced geospatialas ssessment repo in digital form to the Mineral Titles orts M technolog to improve the efficiency in the mainte gy y enanceBranch. Benefit include hig ts gher quality, more efficient m of geoloogical maps. A geology o operational da atabase igital reports; quicker apprdi roval; and low costs for wer environmment (GODE) is being developed to redu the ucepr rinting, mailinng, storage, scanning and processing. d redundan in map com ncy mpilation and d integration while data nDDuring the year 930 reports were submitted, of which 911 enhancing the data qu g uality. The artticle, Improvin the ngwwere approved. Of these, 59 or 65% we submitted 92 ere Efficiency in the M y Maintenance of the Prov vincialdi igitally. The total value of the assessmen reports off nt Geologica Database, i this Fieldwo volume des al in ork scribesco onfidential for 2010 was $156.6 millio The total r on. the oper rational enviroonment and some of the best ere eported value of assessment work from Jan o nuary 2008 to practices being promote by the BCG ed GS.DDecember 2010 was $459.6 million and th number of 0 he A dra copy of the digital BCGe aft e eology Map, up pdatedre eports off confi fidential for sam period is 22 me 295. Laura de to include new informa e ation from the Bedrock Geolo of ogyGGroot continues to manage 11 000 web pag and keeps s ges the QUE EST area map, is available for download This , on track wi database ma taff ith anagement plan and needs. ns draft, whi is the start ich ting point to st treamline integ gration Yao Cui continues de evelopment of his high- o of past aand future geo ological mappping results in the ntope erformance alg gorithm for de elineating catc chment basins provincia database, is a al available at:an presenting dynamic spat nd tial data on Google Earth G http://ww drockus sing free and open source tools. A ne d e ewly released Mapping/ /Pages/BCGeooMap.aspx.GGeofile 2010-14 QUEST-South Regional Geochemical 4:Su urvey: catchme basins for 2009 stream samples and a ent spr rovincial catc chment datab base for do ownload andMMapPlace are re esults of this work. Yao also created tools w oto evaluate the positional un o e ncertainty of the RegionalGGeochemical Su urvey (RGS) st tream sample sites, resulting sin a refit of loc n cations from the streams on the original t npa aper-based Nat tional Topograaphic System maps, to their meq quivalent or ma atching 1:20 00 scale TRIM streams. The 00 Mkn nown position uncertainty and refitted locations on nal yTRRIM streams can result in a more meaningful s ede elineation of ca atchment basin enhancing the values and ns, tad dvancing the applications of the RGS geochemicalre esults in more detailed geochemical mode eling, levelingan mineral pro nd ospective mapping. The arti icle, RegionalGGeochemical Su urvey: validati and refitti of stream ion ingsa ample locations in this Fieldw s, work volume provides more pde etails on this project. Yao received the Deputy Y Figure 6. K KML data for QU UEST South RGS catchment basins. SMMinister’s Golden Glo Innovat tion Award for his work in r6 British Columbia Geological Survey
  7. 7. TECHNI ICAL MAR RKETINGBCGS In nternational Workshop on the l pGeology of Rare Me y etals The BCGS hosted almost 200 participants at the B p tInternation Workshop on the Geology of Rare Metals nal Mheld in Vicctoria on Noveember 9th and 10th , 2010 (Fi igure7). It was organized by the British Co olumbia Geolo ogicalSurvey in collaboration with the Geo ological Surve of eyCanada and the Pacif Section of the Geolo fic o ogicalAssociation of Canada. The Workshop focused on various Taspects of rare earth elem ments (lanthani ides, Y and Sc) and )other rare metals (mainl Nb, Ta, Li, Be, Zr, Hf). The lyprogram consisted of 26 oral prese c 2 entations, 6 poster pdisplays an an extended abstracts vol nd d lume that is on nlineon the BC CGS website. The Worksh . hop was the first Figu 7. Internation Workshop on the Geology of Rare Metals ure nal n f orga anized by the BC GS in Victoria at ttracted a sell-ou audience. utdeliverable of the Rare Metals Project that is part of phase e M t pfour of the Targeted Geoscience Initiati (TGI-4). iveConferen nces, Work kshops and Field Trips Staff participated in numerous conferences andworkshops during 2010 as organiz s 0, zers, speakers andattendees. Highlights from conferen fr nces and mee etingsincluded: • pr resentations by George Si b imandl and Larry L Diakow at the Mineral Exp D ploration Roun ndup 20 in Vancou 010 uver; • pa articipation in the Prospector and Develop rs per’s Association of Canada (PDA A AC) conventio in on Toronto by host ting a Ministry booth on the trade y t how floor and helping host an Asian inv sh d vestor lu uncheon (Figur 8); re Figu 8. Jay Frede ricks, Larry Jone and Karina B ure es, Brino ready to • pr resentations by Larry Dia b akow and JoA Anne prom mote British Col umbia’s mineral resources at t l the PDAC in Toro onto, March 2010 0. Nelson at the 2010 KEG annual meetin in N a ng Kamloops; K “Econom Geology for Geophysicist in May; mic r ts” • Sm mithers Expl loration Grou up “Rock Talk” T • Kirk Han ncock presentted Innovation with the ns pr resentations by Paul Schia b arizza and Travis T BCGS an Publishing Technical Do nd ocument on Fe erbey in Februuary. Travis al gave a sem lso minar the Intern at the Association of Ea Science net arth on regional till geochemistry at a Geosci n l y ience Editors in September; n BC-sponsored workshop at Ro Talk; w ock • presentati ion by Steve Rowins on m mid-Tertiary • a workshop on the Life Cyc of a BC Mine n cle M porphyry Cu-Au-Mo de y eposits in the C Cordillera at pr resented at Mi inerals North by Dave Lefeb b bure, a Vancou uver Island E Exploration Gr roup (VIX) an a presentat nd tion on region till survey by nal ys meeting i Nanaimo in April; in Tr ravis Ferbey; • Sarah MMeredith-Jones presented N New BCGS • a presentation by Steve Row b wins at the annnual Data on MapPlace at Minerals South in n GACMAC conference in Ca G algary (GeoCaanada Novembe 2010. At th same confer er he rence Larry 20 010) on the linkages betw l ween porphyry and Diakow ppresented an uupdate on the g geology and ep pithermal depoosits in the To oodoggone dis strict. gold pote ential of the N Nicola and Spen nces Bridge St teve also co-ch haired a specia technical ses al ssion groups ne Merritt. ear on “Hydrotherm Processes in Ore Genesis and n mal i s Mineral Deposit Discovery” at the conferenc M t t ce; Staff also sha ared expertise b leading thre field trips by ee in 2 010. Graham N Nixon kicked o the field se off eason with a • workshop presen w ntation by Stev Rowins on iron- ve two--day field trip for industry an governmen geologists nd nt ox xide copper- -gold deposi its at the BC to N Northern Vanco ouver Island (F Figure 9). The participants Geophysical So G ociety’s one-da workshop ay were treated to a detailed explan e nation of the e evolution of the volcanic sequ uence and rela ated intrusions and sGeological Fieldwork 2010, Paper 2011-1 7
  8. 8. • M March 26, 201 Bob Ander 10: rson, GSC: Soome of T TGI-3 Cordillleran Project’s ‘Greatest Hi s its:’ A y year five summ mary of progresss. • M March 19, 201 Steve Rowi BCGS: Th role 10: ins, he o Neoproteroz granitoids in the genesis of the of zoic s s g giant Telfer G Gold deposit in Western Au n ustralia a implication for regional exploration. and ns l • M March 5, 2010 Bruce Arch 0: hibald, Simon Fraser U University: M McAbee - Clim mate change an the nd a assembly of th modern worl he ld. Publica ations Over the past year the BCGS p r r, published Geol logical Fieldwork 2009, 12 O k Open File mmaps and repo orts, 3Figure 9. Graham Nixon expound m ding on the geolo and mineral ogy Geoscien Maps, 10 GeoFile map reports and data nce ps, dde eposits on northe Vancouver Is ern sland to field trip participants. files, and 5 Informat d tion Circulars. Various tec . chnical papers wwere also publ lished by staf in external peer- ffmmineralization. In June, Larr Diakow led a group of ry d reviewed ndustry geologi into the Ne ists echako Plateau region south uof Vanderhoof to visit the Blackwater-D f Davidson and With the Regional Geologists a principal au h l as uthors,Capoose precious metal prop perties and see the regional e the Surve published E ey Exploration an Mining in B nd Britishgeeological settin In October, Larry led ano ng. other two-day Columbia 2009 and Bri a itish Columbia Mines and M a Mineralfie trip for BCGS and in eld B ndustry particiipants to the Explorati Overview 2009 and coo ion ordinated articles onMMerritt area where Nicol and Spences Bridge la provincia industry a al activities in the other ex xternalst tratigraphy with related exhalative and epithermal e d publicatio ons.mmineralization were examined. w All g geoscience pub blications are available on l line at the BCGS website: SEEarthbound Lectures http://ww The BCGS hosts geoscie ence lectures th hroughout theye under the banner “Earthb ear b bound”. Invite speakers in ed New BC CGS Adviso Subcom ory mmittee20 included: 010 The BCGS has alw ways apprecia ated feedback on its • Dec. 17, 2010: Ch hris Adams, Ministry of program from clients In order t generate advice s. to Energy Oil and Gas Division: Ex y, s xploration and regarding the Survey’s complete g g geoscience pro ogram, develop pment activity in northeast BC’s shale gas B committe of client re ees epresentatives h have been used over areas. the yearrs. These rep presentatives are charged with speaking on behalf of t their sector wh incorporat hile ting an • Nov. 26, 2010: Kirk Hancock, BC 2 k CGS: Climate nding of the B understan BCGS govern nment mandate For e. change A critical rev e: view of the data a. example, a Technic cal Liaison Committee (TLC) • Nov. 12, 2010: Andr rew Kerr, Newwfoundland & composed of mine d eral industry and univ y versity Labraddor Geologic cal Survey: Rare-metal representa atives operated from 1984 un 2004. d ntil renaissance in the Ca anadian Shield of Labrador: d In 20010, the BCGS was able to s S start a new Addvisory Geologgical context of active exploration Subcomm mittee (AS) by working with Geoscience BC to y h programms. tap four members f r from their TTechnical Ad dvisory • Oct. 29, 2010: Ala Galley, GS 2 an SC: Targeted Committe (TAC) of mineral indu ee ustry and univ versity Geoscience Initiative 4: Increasing exploration e representaatives. These f four members have been join by ned veness. effectiv another fo independen mineral indu four nt ustry represent tatives to create a balanced A that repor to the As e AS rts ssistant • Oct. 15, 2010: Ra Lett, BCG Emeritus 1 ay GS Deputy M Minister of th Mines and Mineral Reso he ources Scientist: Rare earth element analy – options ysis Division of the Minist of Forests Mines and Lands try s, & oppoortunities. (MFML). The AS me . eets twice a y year and consi ists of • April 30, 2010: Joan Nelson, BC 3 nne CGS: Trolling Andrew D Davies (Chair) Mike Cathro Steve Cook, Craig ), o, the No orth Coast fo salmon, sh or howings, and Hart, War Kilby, Pat M ard McAndless, Da McClellan and ave nd, schists from Scandina avia. Jason Weeber. • April 16, 2010: Dunc McLeish, University of 1 can Victori Geology of the Aley Creek area, ia: northea astern BC: A record of Mississippian orogenesis in the Cor rdilleran Forela Belt? and8 British Columbia Geological Survey
  9. 9. BC MINERAL DEV VELOPMEN OFFICE NT E Reg gional Geol logists The role of the BC Mineral De r evelopment Office O Regional Geo ologists are a vital compon nent of the(MDO) in Vancouver is to promote investment in the n n MFM ML’s ability to provide detai geological knowledge o iled lprovince’s mineral explooration and min ning industry, both of t region in which they liv and work, and gather the vedomestical and interna lly ationally. This includes delive ering info ormation on in ndustry exploraation and mini activity. inga multifac ceted technical campaign to highlight the In la 2010, the regional geolog ate gists changed m ministries toprovince’s superior coal and mineral potential, renow p wned Natu ural Resourc ces Operatio ons as part of the tgeoscience database and expertise, and attractive business e d reorrganization o the natur of ral resource sector ofclimate. The MDO int T teracts with decision-maker in d rs gove ernment.industry, in ncluding execuutive managemment, geologists and s Reg gional Geologis st Office gion Regprospectors, and forms part of the wide marketing ef er ffortsof the MF FML. The MD also hosts incoming national DO Paul Wojdak l Smitherrs Norrthwestand inte ernational companies c and a government Vac cant Prince G George Norrth-Centralrepresentattives, and prov vides leadersh for government hip and Northeasttrade missiions. Bruc Madu ce Kamlooops Sou uth-Central Dav Grieve ve Cranbro ook Sou utheast Examp of MDO activities in th past year inc ples a he clude Bruc Northcote ce Vancouuver Sou uthwestacting as a key player to profile infformation on BC’s Bmineral reesources, inve estment proceddures and spe ecific The MDO wo orks closely wi the regiona geologists ith almineral coommodities to Asian invest o tors, including the g in a attracting inves stment to BC and in preparring variousAsia Invesstment Mission to Hong Kong and China, and n , publlications.the Pacifi Gateway initiative Mission to Japan in ic i nNovember; preparing art ticles on BC’s mineral resou s urces STA AFF UPDA ATEand explo oration and mining activi ity for nume erous Numerous sta changes o aff occurred in 20 010 (Figureministry and industry publications to promote the a 10). Katharine Ben nning started a the new Adm as ministrativeprovince; profiling BC mineral in C ndustry investment Assiistant in July filling the po osition vacated by Arlene dopportunitiies at numerous conferenc ces, including the g Veeenhof who left in the same m t month. Anothe welcome erMineral Exploration Roundup, the Prospectors and E R addiition was Ted Fuller. Ted joined the B d BCGS as aDevelopers Association of Canada (P s PDAC) conven ntion, Minneral Assessm ment Geoscien ntist in July 2010. Ted,the China Mining Con a nference and the KEG an nnual form merly with the Health and Safety Branch, works withmeeting; responding on a daily basis to requests for r n s Alla Wilcox in a an assessment rep review and providing portassistance from prospecctors, geologis companies and sts, suppport for data analysis in th Resource I he Informationthe public; working on various land-us issues, inclu ; v se uding Secttion. Ted’s e earlier career was as an explorationthose assoociated with referrals from Mineral Titles; m T geollogist in BC, Yukon, and o other parts of CCanada. Hedelivering presentations to mining associations in g s also worked with the Geological Survey of C o Canada andsoutheast BC and the Community Coal Forum in e m the Canada/Yuko Geoscienc Office. O on ce Other staffChetwynd; and updating publications such as Gold in BC, ; n memmbers either mmoved on or ret tired. Tania De emchuk, theCopper in BC, and Opportunities to Explore – Br ritish Man nager of Geosc cience Market ting and Partneerships, leftColumbia Mining and Minerals. M the Survey in Ju to start wo as an Env uly ork vironmental Geooscientist in th Health an Safety Bra he nd anch of theMarketin Coal and Minerals to Asia-Paci ng d o ific Minnistry of Natura Resources O al Operations. Jay Fredericks,Region The MFML cont tinued an ac ctive Asia-Pa acificmarketing strategy to atttract direct inv vestment from Asiain BC exp ploration and mining project Asian coun m ts. ntriesare leading consumers of the province’s coal and metal g o mores, and have a record of investment in BC’s min h t neralsindustry (Table 1). Key selling poin are BC’s rich ntsgeology, exxpert geoscien information interactive on nce n, nlinedatabases, continuing de emand for com mmodities suc as chcopper an coal, a Pacific Rim gateway, mo nd P oderninfrastructu ure and a skilled workfo s force. The BCGSprovides th MFML with most of the technical expe he h ertiseand professsional delegat for internat tes tional presenta ationsand meetin with Asia companies. It is the poin of ngs an ntcontact for incoming int r ternational invvestors through the hBC Minera Developmen Office in Van al nt ncouver. Figu ure 10. Staff of the British Col lumbia Geologic Survey in cal 2010 0.Geological Fieldwork 2010, Paper 2011-1 9
  10. 10. Table 1. Recent investments from Asia in BC-based companies.Year Asian Company Country BC Company Dollar Amount2000 Korea Zinc Company Korea Teck Cominco US$6.1 million2005 POSCO Korea Elk Valley Corp. US$25 million2005 Zijin Mining Group China Pinnacle Mines $1.95 million2007 Northwest Non-Ferrous Intl Investment China Yukon Nevada Gold Corp. $3 million2007 Sojitz Japan Thompson Creek Mining $100 million2007 Chinalco China Peru Copper US$792 million2008 Mitsubishi Materials Japan Copper Mountain $28.7 million2008 Daewon Chemical Co. Korea Nanika Resources $5 million2008 Jingduicheng Molybdenum Group/NWF China Yukon Zinc $100 million2008 Itochu Corp and LG Intl Investment Japan Compliance Clean Energy US$11 million Korea2008 Kauilan Clean Coal Ltd. China Canadian Dehua US$5.5 million2008 Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co. - China China Goldbrook Ventures Inc. $45 million2009 Toshiba Corp, Tokyo Electric, Japan Bank Japan Uranium One Inc. US$221.4 million2009 Daewon Chemical Co. Ltd. Korea Nanika Resources Inc. $5 million2009 China Gas Holdings Ltd. (HK) China IMW Industries Ltd. $20 million2009 Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Holdings Co. Ltd. China Canada Zinc Metals Corp. $4.9 million2009 China Investment Corporation China Teck Resources Limited $1.74 billion Minco Gold Corporation China Accel China Growth Fund $4.44 million2009 Korea Zinc Company Korea Selwyn Resources Ltd. $3 million2009 Zijin Mining Group China Continental Minerals Corporation $25 million2009 Yunnan Chihong Zinc & Germanium Co. Ltd. of China Selwyn Resources Ltd. $100 million China2009 Tianjin Huakan Group Co. Ltd. China Merit Mining $15.5 million2010 JOGMEC Japan Lomiko Resources US$2.5 million2010 State Grid International Development Ltd. China Quadra Mining Ltd. $1 billion2010 Jiangxi Copper Company (JCC) China BioteQ Envirommental $2 million Technologies Inc.2010 Japanese Consortium (Sojitz Corporation 50%, Japan Taseko Mines Ltd. $187 million Dowa Metals & Mining Co., Ltd. 25%, Furukawa Co., Ltd. 25%)2010 Anthill China Yellowhead Mining $5.4 million2010 Investment in Bingay property China Centermount Coal Ltd. $6 million2010 Huiyong and Kailun companies China Canadian Dehua International $20 million Miningthe Director of the Mineral Development Office in geochemical data, completed numerous topical studies,Vancouver also left the Survey at the end of the year to and provided laboratory support for the BCGS staff andwork as Vice President for Hathor Exploration Limited. students. On a positive note, Nick and Ray became the Andrew Legun, Nick Massey, and Ray Lett all retired first two Emeritus Scientists with the BCGS. The newin 2010 after long and distinguished careers with the Emeritus Scientist program recognizes their tremendousBCGS. Andrew had worked as both a coal geologist and contribution to the Survey and people of British Columbiaregional mapper, while Nick focused on mapping parts of over the years, and allows for their continuedsouthern British Columbia, particularly on Vancouver collaboration with Survey personnel on various projects.Island. Ray made major contributions to the regional10 British Columbia Geological Survey