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works 1ºESO


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creative work of art

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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works 1ºESO

  1. 1. S1ºProfesora: Raquel Navarro Lima
  2. 2. Padres y alumnos de 1º ESO desde la asignatura de Families and students in the First grade of Secondary,Educación Plástica y Visual en este primer boletín se from the art department (Visual and Drawingadjunta información de links relativa a contenidos Education) we are sending you this first pamphlet.expuestos en el aula TIC en un intento por adaptar los The pamphlet includes some interesting links on howcontenidos a las nuevas tecnologías y que nuestros to understand the relationship between concepts,alumnos puedan hacer uso de los recursos interactivos and how New Technologies could be used by ourque le doten de nuevas herramientas para un mejor y students as tools for improved comprehension, andcorrecto entendimiento de las clases y cada uno de los also to correct the subjects given in each class duringtemas. this term.También en la red están expuestos los trabajos más The internet allows us to share with families thedestacados dentro del Aula y así podemos disfrutar on- pieces of Art and you can also find the work createdline de nuestros trabajos durante este curso 2011-2012 by students. In this way we can enjoy our work on- line during the whole academic year 2011-2012. Flash aplicaciones en el aula TIC: dibuja - tu taller color diseña tu camiseta , crea tu portada
  3. 3. Food &texturesMATERIALS :Rice and PastaFood are theelements toorganized thespace and we areallowed to playwith shapesIn that case,Antonio told usthat hiscomposition is inrelation with thesunflowers thatare in a field buthere the is noreason to thinkabout reality.
  4. 4. Food &texturesMATERIALS :Rice and Pastawe aredistributing in afree way theshapes and thecolors with aidea.That right weightbring us to guessand the paperwill be balanced.Black color istoo heavy to usebut here itworks, due toAlvaro has got agreat idea onhow to producesan image inbalance
  5. 5. Food &texturesMATERIALS :Rice and PastaA symetriccompositionoften works.
  6. 6. Food &texturesMATERIALS :Rice anddifferent typeof PastaIt seems to be sofunny and with alot movementwhen we don´tgo on a roll whenwe are free andthey know that acircle in a centreis the attentionof our play
  7. 7. Food &texturesIn that one, is established a centered composition an is the centre of our attention, too.Finally Elena decided to create a atmosphere using a Jackson Pollock tecnique called as Dripping
  8. 8. Food &textures
  9. 9. Food &textures
  10. 10. Food &textures
  11. 11. Food &textures
  12. 12. Food &textures
  13. 13. Food &textures
  14. 14. Food &textures
  15. 15. Food &textures
  16. 16. Food &textures
  17. 17. Food &textures
  18. 18. Food &textures
  19. 19. Food &textures
  20. 20. Food &textures
  21. 21. Food &textures
  22. 22. Food &textures
  23. 23. Food &textures
  24. 24. Food &textures
  25. 25. Food &textures
  26. 26. Food &textures
  27. 27. Food &textures
  28. 28. Food &textures
  29. 29. Food &textures
  30. 30. Food &textures
  31. 31. Food &textures
  32. 32. Food &textures
  33. 33. Food &textures
  34. 34. Food &textures
  35. 35. Food &textures
  36. 36. Food &textures
  37. 37. Food &textures
  38. 38. Food &textures
  39. 39. Food &textures
  40. 40. Food &textures
  41. 41. Food &textures
  42. 42. Food &textures
  43. 43. Food &textures
  44. 44. Food &textures
  45. 45. Food &textures
  46. 46. Food &textures
  47. 47. Food &textures