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Raquel Bernal - French Macarons


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Light, airy, meringue-like, beautiful French macarons have been on my baking bucket list for 2 years. Macarons are light-as-a-feather French confections that can be assembled pulling from a mix-and-match palette of sweet fillings and bases. Sharing with you my recipe for this sophisticated French treat.

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  • I like the italian method also! It took me a long time to get the hang of it and I tried both the french and italian method. I find the italian method is the most consistent and produces shiny shells. Do you food process your icing sugar and almond flour together?
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Raquel Bernal - French Macarons

  1. 1. BY Raquel Bernal FRENCH MACARONS
  2. 2. WHAT IS MACARONS? French cookies Served with ganache or chocolate or jam filling Raquel Bernal
  3. 3. • Created in 1791 by  Larousse Gastronomique • Lots of city in France having their own secret recipe. • LORRAINE[Nancy & Boulay], Basque Country, Saint – Emilion, Amiens, MONTMORILLON, Le Dorat, Sault, Chartres, Cormery Joyeuse ORIGIN OF MACARONS
  4. 4. French Italian Swiss Performed meringue by using egg white, water and castor sugar. Performed meringue by using sugar syrup Performed meringue by whisk together egg white and sugar then add in the hot water. Raquel Bernal
  5. 5. M e t h o d F r e n c h It a li a n S w i s s HOW TO MAKE MACARONS? Raquel Bernal
  6. 6. Prepare the ingredients and apparatus PART A • 150g Ground almonds • 150g Icing sugar • 55g egg white • Food coloring PART B • 150g Castor sugar • 55g egg white • 37g water Raquel Bernal
  7. 7. Ground almond and weighing scale Icing sugar Food coloring Raquel Bernal
  8. 8. –Apparatus • Spatula • Piping bag • Weighing scale • Oven • Bowls • Silicon mould Piping bag Silicon mould Raquel Bernal
  9. 9. Make all the ingredients ready–Part A • Mix the ground almond and icing sugar and blend it. Not too fast or slow(time) • Add the white egg slowly n mix it until there’s bubble shown from the mixture • Add the colour Raquel Bernal
  10. 10. –Part B • Boil water and sugar until reach 118°c • Whisk white egg and add the boiled mixture slowly • Whisk it about 5 minutes until become meringue Raquel Bernal
  11. 11. Baking • Add together part A and part B into piping bag • Pipe it at silicon mould • Then it is ready to bake in the oven • Set the temperature at 160°c about 20 minutes Raquel Bernal
  12. 12. The upper and lower layer Raquel Bernal
  13. 13. Best eaten with coffee Raquel Bernal
  14. 14. Raquel BernalRaquel Bernal Thank You