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Ms.diaz Project


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Ms.diaz Project

  1. 1. Fashion never seen before.
  2. 2. Does a brand need a charismatic designer to succeed? important is a charismatic designer to a fashionse? Is it worth the potential risk that sometimesompanies a more flamboyant style of creative us?charisma] works for the designer, then fine . . . f not, it can be counterproductive, and it is bettervoid it. In the end, luxury is judged not byther a designer’s face is on X number of posters,by their work.” edano {Dior} Jewelry Photo-shoot Model: Ariane Burns, mau: Erica Coates and Hair Perry Amati
  3. 3. Jewels A Girls Best Friend  Like the saying goes, everything old is new again.JewelryPhoto-shootModel:ArianeBurns,mau:EricaCoatesandHairPerry
  4. 4. Chanel Review: Are the Expensive Clothes Worth Your Dollar? In 1909, Chanel was created in France by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and has been a fashion powerhouse ever since. Chanel specializes in perfume, apparel, handbags and accessories that are worn by many celebrities
  5. 5. Plastic Surgery Both Sides Of TheStory Surgery!!!!!!!!!! Plastic surgery is no guarantee that you look beautiful. Although plastic surgery claimed to be safe and can give you a perfect look, but not infrequently the operating results is not satisfactory. People like Amanda Lepore , Donatella (top right) Versace, Tara Reid, Hang Mioku
  6. 6. ROCK & ROLL Spring Fashion
  7. 7.  nw7kErQObsU/TXn2wq8lAII/AAAAAAAAAGY/u6gdwd0OrTc/s1600/Re publicOfFashion_HotZeroCover.jpg
  8. 8. • Reviews! Recommends this product? Yes Age:25 – 34 Gender: Femalenot a good summer makeup especially if you have oily skin, but overall, it is a good makeup. it gives good coverage, and yes, it is "super-bendable.“ •Recommends this product? Yes Age:35 - 44 Gender: Female Ownership:2 - 7 weeks Usage: Every day 06/11/2012 Ive been looking for a light weight, perfect color for my skin. this product has certainly exceededmy expectation. It took me a few times to figure out which color is a true match but when I found it, I purchased several bottles.