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Colt data book, color, upholstery selector


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Dealership Colt Databook

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Colt data book, color, upholstery selector

  1. 1. (, otrnewmnanty. "THE CU]TCHER!" For the first 12 months of usc any Ghrysler totors Gorporatlon dealcr will ftr, wiUrout chargo for parts or labor, any part of our 1975 / passenggr cars we supply (crcePt tlrest which proyes dcfectivc ln normal use Egardlgs of mileage. The owner is responsible lol normal maintenance serYicesuch as changing filters and wiper blades. Some of the equipment shown in product illustrations are optional, at extra cost. Chrysler Motors Corporation reserves the right to make changes from time to time, without notice or obligation, in prices, colors and materials, and to change or discontinue models. AUroMorvE sALEs Drvrsro,u pr+t*$frqrL^En ti
  2. 2. cD t z -- o k O I o o LI.J a? a a Z o E Lz o a a TJJ e. f LU LL alll Aircleaner. .......28 Packagetray.. ....10 <t) .J Airconditioning.. .......23 Powerbrakes. .....23 II oF Armrests ...1-3 Radiator. . . .28 o Automatictransmission ....21- Radios. . .18,22 Basic dimensions. . . . . . . . . 30 Rallyewheels. .....15 Bucketseats.. .....12 Rear seat in station wagon. .. . . . . .19 Clutch. ....28 Reclining bucket seat-backs. . . . . . . 12 Colors andtrims. . -....55-62 Roofluggagerack. .......22 Competitive comparisons. . . . . . 31,-54 Safetyfeatures. ....29 Consoles ...1-3 Seat-backrelease. ........12 Construction ......L6 Seatbelts. ........L6 Dome and cargo Spare tire. . . . . . . . .196 compartmentlights .....12 Specifications..... ....28-30 Drumbrakes..... .......28 Standard and Electrically heated defroster. . . . . . . 23 optional equipment. . .24-27 Emissioncontrols. ........20 Stationwagonliftgate. ....19 Engines ....20 Steeringwheels ....13 Enginefan... .....28 Suspension. .......17 Flow-throughventilation ...1-4 Tapestripes .......23 Frontdiscbrakes. ........17 Tiltsteeringcolumn. ...... 11 Fuses. .....28 Tintedglass.. .....18 Gauges. ....28 Tires. .....15 Glovebox... .....10 Transmissions Hazardwarningsystem. ...10 Standard,4-speed. ......2L Headlight dimmer switch... . . . . . . 11 Optional,automatic. ....2L Heater. .,.,L4 Optional,S-speed. ......2L Hy&aulic bumper system . . . . . . . .17 Trimdifferences.. ....... 4-9 Ignitionlock.. ....L3 Trunk. .....15 Insidedoorlocks.. ..... -.16 Ventknobs. .......14 Instrumentpanel . .....10, L1 Vinylroof .....-.-22 Insulation. ........18 Vinylsidemolding. .......22 Iack.. .....L4 Warninglights.. ...27 Keys.. .....11 Wheelcovers. .....15 Lap and shoulder belts. . . . .76 Whitewalltires... ........23 Lockingfuelfillerdoor. . . . . . . . . . 18 Windshield wipers and washers. . . . 11 Modellineup .....4-9
  3. 3. a z- o = O E o 1I o_ a a <t) z o o_ oa a II e. l k LU u_ a <n J LU o o Colt GT 2-Door Hardtop Standard features i . 2000 cc overhead-cam 4-cylinder engine with integral head restraints . White stripes . S-speed manual transmission with .86 to 1 with black vinyl seats or black stripes with overdrive 5th gear . Power brakes: disc, front; white vinyl seats-front and rear . Adjustable drum, rear . Black grille . GT nameplate at steering column . Flow-through ventilation center of grille and on rear roof pillars . Tape . Front and rear energy-absorbing bumpers . stripes on rear deck panel . Body-side tape Colt script on front fenders . Front and rear stripes . 5" I argent rallye wheels with chrome wheel opening moldings . Bright windshield v hubs and lug nuts (trim rings are optional) . and rear window moldings. Hood molding . BR70 x 13" radial-ply, white-stripe tires Roof drip rail moldings . Quarter window lrim . 3-spoke, soft-rim steering wheel with horn moldings. Belt moldings . Sill moldings . button . Rallye cluster in tachometer and Bright taillight bezels . Outside left rearview black-ringed instrument panel gauges . mirror . Tinted glass . Locking fuel filler door Simulated woodgrain trim center console with . Air pump for emission control. storage bin . Reclining high-back bucket seats 4
  4. 4. Colt Carousel 2-Door Hardtop ng75 Standard features. Multi-colored stripes-body-side and rear . . White exterior body color . AdiustableLight-blue denim seat insert material with steering column . Flow-through ventilationshaded blue-and-white stripes and red trim . Front and rear energy-absorbing bumpers .welting . Reclining high-back bucket seats Colt script on front fenders . Front and rearwith integral head restraints . Center console wheel opening moldings . Bright windshieldwith storage bin . Light-blue denim trim on and rear window moldings . Quarter windowinstrument panel and console . Blue shag floor trim moldings . Belt moldings . Brightcarpeting . Special door trim panels with taillight bezels . Outside left rearview mirrormulti-colored striped moldings and shag . Tinted glass . Locking fuel filler door . Aircarpeting on lower areas . Color-keyed pump for emission control . 1600 cc 4-cylinderinstrument panel, console and steering-wheel engine . 4-speed manual transmission . Frontpad . AM/FM radio . A78 x 13" white sidewall disc brakes; rear drum brakestires . 5" ] argent rallye wheels with chrome )hubs and lug nuts (trim rings are optional)
  5. 5. Colt 2-Door Coupe -Ir, Standard feafures. Adjustable steering column . Flow-through Belt moldings . Roof drip-rail moldings ventilation . Reclining high-back bucket seats White or black interior trim . Bright taillightwith integral head restraints . Carpeting on bezels . Outside left rearview mirror Tintedpassenger-compartment floor . Simulated glass . Locking fuel filler door . Air pump forwoodgrain trim on instrument panel . Wheel emission control . 1600 cc 4-cylinder engine covers . Front and rear energy-absorbing 4-speed manual transmission . Front discbumpers . Colt script on front fenders . brakes; rear drum brakes 6.00 x 13" blackBright windshield and rear window moldings . sidewall tires6
  6. 6. Colt Carousel 2-Door Hardtop Standard features. Multi-colored stripes-body-side and rear . . White exterior body color . AdiustableLight-blue denim seat insert material with steering column . Flow-through ventilationshaded blue-and-white stripes and red trim . Front and rear energy-absorbing bumpers .welting . Reclining high-back bucket seats Colt script on front fenders . Front and rearwith integral head restraints . Center console wheel opening moldings . Bright windshieldwith storage bin . Light-blue denim trim on and rear window moldings . Quarter windowinstrument panel and console . Blue shag floor trim moldings . Belt moldings . Brightcarpeting . Special door trim panels with taillight bezels . Outside left rearview mirrormulti-colored striped moldings and shag . Tinted glass . Locking fuel filler door . Aircarpeting on lower areas . Color-keyed pump for emission control . 1600 cc 4-cylinderinstrument panel, console and steering-wheel engine . 4-speed manual transmission . Frontpad. AM/FM radio . A78 x 13" white sidewall disc brakes; rear drum brakestires . 5" J argent rallye wheels with chrome 5hubs and lug nuts (trim rings are optional)
  7. 7. Hffi.,l Colt 4-Door Sedan Standard features. Adiustable steering column . Flow-through moldings . Upper door trim moldings . Rearventilation . Reclining bucket seats with roof pillar ornament . Front and rear wheel-adjustable head restraints . Carpeting on opening moldings . Sill moldings . Brightpassenger-compartment floor . Simulated taillight bezels . Tinted glass . Locking fuelwoodgrain trim on instrument panel . Wheel filler door . Air pump for emission controlcovers . Front and rear energy-absorbing . 1600 cc 4-cylinder engine . 4-speed manualbumpers . Hood molding . Colt script on transmission . Front disc brakes; rear drumfront fenders . Bright windshield and rear brakes . 6.00 x 13" black sidewall tireswindow moldings . Belt moldings . Roof drip
  8. 8. Colt 4-Door Station Standard features. Adiustable steering column Flow-through moldings . Belt moldings . Front and rearventilation . Reclining bucket seats with wheel-opening moldings . Sill moldings .adjustable head restraints Carpeting on- Bright taillight bezels . Full-width tailgate trimpaisenger-compartment floor Simulated plate . Outside left rearview mirror . Tintedwoodgiain trim on instrument panel Wheel glass . Locking fuel filler door . Air pump for v/coverJ . Front and rear energy-absorbing emission control . 1600 cc -cylinder engine .bumpers . Hood molding Colt scriPt on front 4-speed manual transmission . Front discfenders . Bright windshield and liftgate window brakes; rear drum brakes . 6.00 x 13" blackmoldings . Roof drip-rail moldings Quarter sidewall tireswindow trim moldings Upper door trim8
  9. 9. Colt -Door Station Wagon zoith Estate Package The Estate Package includes the following features:. Simulated woodgrain trim on sides and rear cargo compartment walls and pillars . A78 xof station wagon . Carpeted cargo compartment 13" white sidewall tiresfloor with bright skid strips . Vinyl trim for
  10. 10. *frTJJ tXr:u,=E Instrument Panel Simulated woodgrain trim on the face The louvered outlet to the left and a of the instrument panel cluster is similar outlet at the far right of the standard on all Colt models-except panel (not shown) are for fresh-airII the Colt Carousel, which has light-blue ventilation or cooled air when --l denim trim. The cluster is recessed equipped with optional air conditioner. under a padded hood and gauges are At the far left is a toggle switch for the headlights, and just to the right of thiso deeply ricessed in three large circular dials. The center dial features a switch is a dimmer control for the 100-mile-per-hour speedometer and an panel lights. Turn-signal indicator odometer, plus a reminder light for lights, also used for hazard warning EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) mainte- indicator lights, are located above nance. The right dial has gauges for the speedometer-between the largeu, engine temperature and fuel, and dials. The controls for the heater and warning lights for battery charging, oil optional radio are in the cluster at the pressure, brake system and seat belts right. An ashtray and cigarette lighter ---- The left dial is for the tachometer that are beneath the heater control. The is standard on Colt GT, not available on inside hood release is located under other models. The GT has black frames the panel at the left.6 for gauges, heater and optional r-adio; frames ire bright on other models.zln Glove Box and Package Tray A roomy glove box with a quick- used items can be kept readily release push-button latch is standard accessible. The package tray is not on all Colt models. Just beneath the available in the Colt Coupe, but is glove box is a convenient sports-car- standard on all other models except type open package shelf where often- when equipped with air conditioning.10
  11. 11. {ry,. , e{ r it il! t I ril..Wiper-Washer Control andHeadlight Dimmer SwitchWindshield wiper and washer controls -.%,: %; 4.i, wry ; t,rare conveniently located on the end ofthe turn-signal lever. To turn on thewipers, simply rotate the large collar Car Keys: Master,to either "LO" or "HIl Pressing the Ignition and Antennabutton at the end of the lever operates Two keys are provided with everythe washers. Pulling the turn-signal Colt: a master key to operate theIever toward you activates the ignition switch, door locks, trunk lock,headlight dimmer switch. A second and fuel-filler-door lock; and a secondpull on the lever returns the headlights key that works the ignition switch andto bright. A high-beam warning light door locks but not the trunk. Thus,is in the face of the speedometer. you can leave your Colt with a parking lot attendant and not have to worry about items in your trunk. A third key is furnished with station wagons equipped with the optional radio-it locks the antenna in the full down position. Tilt Steering Column Al1 Colt models have a tilt steering column- and its standard equipment. To tilt the column, loosen a knob on the side of the steering column and move the column to the desired position-then tighten the knob again. The combination of adjustable steering wheel positions and standard reclining seat-back positions gives the driver a wide choice of driving postures. 11
  12. 12. Bucket Seats with Reclining Seat-Backs A111975 Colts, including the Colt bucket seats in GT, Carousel and Coupe, have foam-padded front bucket Coupe models have integral head seats with reclining seat-backs. A lever restraints. Bucket seats in Sedan and on the side of the seat adjusts the Wagon models have adjustable head reclining back. The bucket seats can restraints. The rear seat in all models is also be adjusted forward and backward a bench-type seat. Expanded-vinyl trim a total of more than 5 inches. A lever is standard on all models except the on the front of each seat controls the Coupe, which has solid-grained vinyl. fore and aft movement. High-back Dome and Cargo Compartment Lights All Colt models have a dome light just above the windshield header. The light Spring-Loaded has a 3-way switch with off, on and Seat-Back Release automatic positions. In the automatic GT, Carousel and Coupe models have position, the light turns on and off a spring-loaded seat-back release for when the front or rear doors are the bucket seats. Release the lever with opened or closed. Station wagons have one hand and the seat-back folds a second overhead light in the cargo forward automatically for easy compartment. entrance to the rear compartment.72
  13. 13. Console on GT and Carousel This large console with storage compartmeni is standard on the Carousel with the standard 4-speedConsole on all models except manual or optional automaticGT and Carousel transmission, and on the GT with theThis console is standard with the standard S-speed manual or optionaloptional automatic transmission on all automatic transmission. With manualColt models except the GT and transmission, shown here, a bootCarousel. This console is not available surrounds the gear-shift lever and iswith the 4-speed or S-speed manual neatly fitted into the opening in thetransmission. console.Ignition Lock Curved ArmrestsColts ignition switch is located on the Long, curved, sports-car-type armrestssteering column. When the switch is in with bright trim are standard on Coltthe lock position, the steering wheel GT and Carousel models. Coupe,cannot be turned. If the drivers door Sedan and Wagon have shorteris opened while the key is in the armrests. Coupe and Wagon haveignition switch, abuzzer sounds. front-seat armrests only. Steering Wheel for Colts other than GT three-spoke, deep-dish steering wheelthree steel spokes and a padded horn with horn buttons on two spokes andbutton. Other Colt models have a the Colt emblem at the center. 13
  14. 14. aIII Flow-Through Ventilation Fresh air flows through the car with all windows closed, for quiet fresh-air ventilation. Air enters through louvered openings in the instrumentu, panel and at floor level. Air is exhausted through slotted openings and circular outlets in the rear roof pillars on all models except station waSons. There are louvered air outlets just above the taillights on station wagons. To admit air through the instrument panel outlets, pull the vent knobs under the instrument To bring in fresh air at floor level,= move the lower lever on the heater control panel to the VENT position.IIau,6 Heater Colts fresh-air heater system has three The farther it is moved toward HOT, lever controls and a fan switch. The the greater the degree of warmth. Thez upper lever directs air down for heating lower lever selects fresh outside air in when in the ROOM position, and up the VENT position, shuts off outside to the windshield for defrosting when air and recirculates air inside the car in the DEF position. Or it may be set through the heater in the RECIRC in the middle to direct air in both position, and directs outside air directions. The center lever is the through the heater core in the FRESH temperature control. position. The fan switch offers a No heat is added to the system when selection of three blower speeds and this control is in the OFF position. turns the blower off. Car ]ack All Colt models are provided with aan scissors-type jack. The jack is stored in the spare tire well in all models except station wagons, and under the rear- seat cushion in station wagons. To use the jack, make sure the lift platform is squarely under the cars side sill near the flat tire. Then insert the handle in the jack and turn. Loosen the wheel lug nuts before lifting the flat tire completely off the ground.74
  15. 15. Roomy TrunkColts trunk is roomy and uncluttered. space is usable for luggage. A trunkAnd with the spare tire concealed in a floor mat is standard.well beneath the trunk floor, all trunk Tires, Wheel Covers and Rallye Wheels Standard tires for Colt Sedan, Coupe and Station Wagon are 6.00 x 13" blackwalls. A78 x 13" whitewall tires are standard on Colt Carousel and are W included with the wagon Estate Package, They are optional on Coupe and Sedan. BR70 x 13" radial-ply, white-stripe tires are standard on Colt GT. Wheel covers are standard on Colt Sedan, Coupe and Station Wagon models. Rallye wheels with chrome hubs, acorn lug nuts and 5" wheel rims are standard on Colt GT and Carousel. Trim rings for rallye wheels are optional. 15
  16. 16. ffiffiWEffiffifu*cW Construction Dodge Colt employs a unitized body- steel braces-all welded together into and-frame construction. This means a single sturdy unit.ffiffiffi that the entire structure is welded into a single, reinforced unit so that all the elements contribute to the overall strength of the body. Body sheet metal is reinforced with a web of strong, box-section steel girders and other Body Safety AII Colt doors have steel side impact beams and the roof has been strengthened to meet Federal safety standards. Lap-and-Shoulderffizu Safety Seat Belts Each Colts front bucket seat is equipped with a combined lap-shoulder belt that fastens with a single buckle. The shoulder belts are on inertia reels. This allows the driver and frontffiM passenger to bend forward freely to adjust instrument-panel controls or reach the glove box. However, should the car decelerate suddenly, a special device locks the shoulder-belt reels .rt*ffi!Y" S, instantly, restraining the driver and front-seat passenger. Lap belts are also provided for two rear-seat,fu#ffiffiF passenSers. .<*^!#, *#-WeiffiffirffiWffi Inside Door Locks Doors on hardtop and coupe models have a lock lever recessed in the door panel. Sedan and station wagons have push-pull buttons. To lock either front door from outside without the key, move the lever or push-button to lock position, then hold the outside door handle in the raised position while closing the door.16
  17. 17. SuspensionColt uses independent front suspensionwith coil springs to cushion the ride. semi-elliptic leaf springs with twoShock absorbers are mounted in the leaves in each spring (five on thecenter of the coil springs. Caster and wagon). The rear springs have long,camber are fixed and do not have to be flexible rear sections to cushion theadjusted- so front-end alignment ride and short, relatively stiff frontservice is reduced to just toe-in sections to control axle windup. Bothadjustments. A front anti-sway bar is front and rear shock absorbers arestandard. The rear suspension employs double-acting type. Front Disc Brakes Colts front disc brakes provide excellent braking with high resistance to brake fade. Disc brakes in front and drum brakes in the rear are standard on all Colt models. An extra- cost power booster is a required option with the 2000 cc engine, but is not available with the 1600 cc engine. Energy-Absorbing Hydraulic Bumpers All Colt models have hydraulic shock- absorber-mounted front and rear bumpers. The shock absorbers compress on impact and permit the bumper to move back. Return springs move the bumper to its original position when the impact force is removed. These bumpers are designed to meet Federal standards for low- speed impacts. Horizontal rubber bumper guards are standard on all models. 7
  18. 18. Carousel AM-FM Radio This fully transistorized AM-FM radio, reception. It features push-button standard on Colt Carousel and not station selection, illuminated dial, knob available on other Colt models, gives controls for volume and tuning, and passengers the opportunity to listen to adjustable tone control. FM programming with static-free Locking Fuel Filler Door A locking fuel filler door is standard on all 1975 Colt models. The door can be locked and unlocked with Colts master key. Tinted Glass Quiet Ride with The windshield and all other windows Improved Sound Insulation in all Colt models have tinted glass as A11Colt models have a quieter ride standard equipment. Tinted glass because of the addition of the filters out many of the heat-producing following standard sound-insulating rays of the sun to keep the cars features for 1975: interior cooler and help make the . Dash panel pad optional air-conditioning system more . Rear seat mastic effective, The tinted windshield also . Shelf panel pad reduces glare so that the drivers ability to see is improved.18
  19. 19. Folding Rear Seatin Colt WagonsTust pull the special straps attached to from shifting cargo. A seat-back latchthe cushion of the rear seat in a Colt must first be released before the seat-wagon and the seat pivots forward to a back can be folded forward. Avertical position, extending the cargo scissors jack is mounted under the compartment floor. The bottom of the rear seat cushion. seat is finished in metal to protect it Station Wagon Spare Tire Colt puts the station wagon spare tireLiftgate Rear Door underneath the rear cargo compart-on Station Wagons ment, where it doesnt take up valuableColt station wagons have a liftgate space and is easily accessible withoutwhich lifts up and out of the way for unloading cargo. When the spare tireeasy loading and unloading of the is needed, simply use the lug wrenchcargo compartment. Press a to loosen the rack bolt located in thepush-button to unlatch the liftgate. sill for the liftgate, This lets the spareThe rear window is fixed in the drop down where it is easy to pickliftgate. up and install. 19
  20. 20. arrtz9llr Standard Engine Engine type. . . Overhead cam, 4-cylinder Piston displacement. . . . . . . . . 1600 cc GT Engine Engine. . . . . Overhead cam, 4-cylinder Piston displacement. . . . . . . . . 2000 cc (122 cubic inches) (97.5 cubic inches) Bore and stroke. . 3.31" x 3.54" stroke. Bore and .3.03" x3.39" Compression ratio. . . . 8.5 to 1 . Compression ratio. . . 8.5 to 1 Carburetor. . . .Z-barrel Carburetor. . . .2-barrel Colts 2000 cc engine is standard on The standard Colt engine is a very Colt GT, and is optional at extra cost efficient hemi-head, overhead-cam on 4-door sedan and station wagon engine that will cruise all day at models-not available on Carousel and turnpike speeds while delivering coupe models. This engine is available excellent gasoline mileage. It is with either the S-speed manual standard on all Colt models, except standard, or the optional automatic GT. This engine is rugged and durable transmission and only with optional and requires a minimum of service. power brakes. The 2000 cc GT engine has 13 percent more horsepower than the Colt Engine Features standard 1600 cc engine, making itrlt Colts 1600 cc engine and the 2000 cc ideal for service where extra power is engine both have a 2-barrel carburetor, single exhaust, five-bearing crankshaft, required-for cars equipped with ano aluminum rylinder head, hemi- automatic transmission and air spherical combustion chambers, conditioner, for example. overhead cam and automatic choke. Federal Standards Ca Iiforniai l5{D cc Engine Standards Manual Transmission Emission Controls Net Horsepower 79 @ 5300 r.p.m. 79 @ 5300 r.p.m. Colt engines are equipped with an air Net Torque 86 @ 3000 r.p.m. 85 @ 3000 r.p.m. pump that induces extra burning in Automatic Transmission the exhaust manifold. This burns Net Horsepower 79 @ 5300 r.p.m. 77 @ 5300 r.p.m. harmful exhaust gas emissions so Net Torque 86 @ 3000 r.p.m. 81 @ 3000 r.p.m. effectively that these engines can use Fuel recommended : Regula r, low-lead, no-lead or leaded. regular gas-leaded, low-lead or 91 Octane minimum-Research Method: Anti-knock index with minimum value of 2. no-lead-and still meet Federal emission-control standards. Cars Federal Standards California equipped with the California emissions 2000 cc Engine Standards package also have a double wall, Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission insulated stainless-steel manif old Net Horsepower 89 @ 5200 r.p-m. 89 @ 5200 r.p.m. reactor which allows even more Net Torque 105 @ 3000 r.p.m. i02 @ 3000 r.p.m. complete burning. All engines also Fuel recommended : Regular, Iow-lead, no-lead or leaded. have exhaust gas recirculation and 91 0ctane minimum-Research lVlethod : Anti-knock a dual-diaphragm distributor. index with minimum value of 2.20
  21. 21. { 9 z cn4-Speed Manual Transmission TorqueFlite Automatic aColts 4-speed manual transmission Transmissionwith floor-mounted shift lever is Chrysler Corporations TorqueFlitesynchronized in all forward gears. automatic transmission- proved by aGear ratios are: first, 3.53 to L, second, 40 billion miles of satisfactory service2.19 to 1, third, L.44 to 1, and fourth, in bigger and heavier cars- is available1 to 1. Reverse gear ratio is 3.87 to 1. at extra cost on all Colt models. ThreeThe shift pattern is shown on top ofthe shift-lever knob. The 4-speed forward gears, a torque converter and - a precision automatic shifting assemblymanual transmission is standard on provide smooth and efficient perfor-all Colt models except Colt GT- mance. The T:handle selector leveq,is not available on GT. mounted in the console, selects "1" (LOW), "2" (SECOND), "D" (DRIVE), "N" (NEUTRAL), "R" (REVERSE) or 9 "P" (PARK). To select Reverse, Park, Second or Low, the selector lever must be held in the depressed position. a No band adjustments are recommended with TorqueFlite- and there are no recommendations for changing the transmission oil or oil filter in normal operating service. In fact, there is no oil-drain plug on any TorqueFlite, except when the transmission is modified in larger cars for taxicab and police service.S-Speed Manual Tiansmission is synchronized in all forward gears.Colts S-speed manual transmission Gear ratios are: first, 3.37 to 1, second,has a fifth gear with a ratio equivalent 2.03 to 1, third, 1.36 to 1, fourth,to overdrive. This overdrive gear can 1 to 1, fifth, 0.86 to 1. Reverse gearincrease gasoline mileage considerably ratio is 3.64 to 1. The shift pattern isduring sustained highway driving. The shown on top of the shiftJever knob.fifth gear, overdrive, is designed for The S-speed manual transmission ishighway speeds. It feduces engine standard on Colt GT and is optionalspeed for any given highway speed, at extra cost on sedan and wagonresulting in less engine wear, less models with the optional 2000 ccengine noise and better highway fuel engine and optional power brakeseconomy. The first four gears are for only. It is not available on Carouselcity driving. The S-speed transmission or coupe models. 21
  22. 22. ffiffiffiffi#W,ffie" l:.E:iffi- -i- AM Transistor Radio In all Colt models except the station Colts AM radio is optional on all wagon, the radio antenna is built into.i:-rii:il -.:i:4:i:il models except Carousel (AM/FM is the trunk lid-in fact, the trunk lid tt - .,", " standard on Carousel), features seven itself is the antenna. Station wagons*ri*=1. transistors, push-button station have the antenna in the front fender selection, a tone control and a push- where it can be locked in the down _..,_..,]:,,ltl push on-off switch which also serves position for protection against as the volume control when rotated. vandalism.tu Vinyl Roof Vinyl Body-Side Moldings An attractive vinyl roof is optional on A black vinyl protective body-side Colt GT, Carousel, coupe and sedan molding is optional on the Colt coupe, models. It is available in black or sedan and station wagon. An optional white on coupe models; black on GT; brown vinyl body-side molding is simulated light-blue denim on the available with the Estate Package Carousel; and in black only on the on the station wagon. 4-door sedan. Wagon Roof Luggage Rack A roof luggage rack is a separate is ideal for hauling extra luggage station wagon option. The roof rack on vacations. 22
  23. 23. i&Air Conditioning ControlsColts air conditioner has built-in The air-conditioning system iscontrols and air ducts, The controls controlled by two rotary switches: oneare mounted just below the center of for the fan and one for temperaturethe instrument panel within easy control. The fan switch has three speedreach of the driver and front passenger. positions: L for low, M for medium,There are two adjustable louvers and H for high. This switch also has anmounted adjacent to the controls, plus OFF position for turning off the air-one at either end of the instrument conditioning system completely. Thepanel. The compressor and condenser temperature control switch may beare under the hood. Air conditioning is rotatei clockwise for cooler air-available at extra cost on all the further it is rotated, the coolerColt models. the incoming air. Electrically Heated Rear Window Defroster Colts electrically heated rear window defroster is optional on all models. The electric heat provides quick defrosting, defogging and de-icing. Accent Tape Stripes Black or white body-side accent tape stripes are an extra-cost option on the Colt coupe.White Sidewall Tires 478 x 13" white sidewall tires areoptional on Colt sedan, station wagonand coupe models- and are included Power Brakesin the optional Estate Package for the Power brakes- disc front, drum rear-station wagon. A78 x 13" white are standard on the Colt GTand are asidewall tires are standard on the required option on Colt sedan andCarousel, not available on Colt GT. wagon models with the optionalBR70 x 13" radial-ply white-stripe 2000 cc engine. They are not availabletires are standard on Colt GT. on the Carousel and coupe models. 23
  24. 24. s Eg Td cr() L lrl o3 oo Yru (r() (, o o Pl- srCI f,o YO, sf U, .95 €Et Cl(E 6=# Air conditioner (Sales Code H51) Alternator, 40 amp Aluminum head, engine. Antenna (With optional radio) lntegral with trunk Fender mounted rests-f rnnt .. lid .. ...... .. . . . E S S S NA E S S S NA E S S S NA E S S S NA E S S NA Sffi Arm S S S S S . NA S S S NA -leat .z Ashtrays-front..... S S S s S . NA S S S S -tea( . Automatic transmission (Sales Code D34) E E E E Eg Battery, 12 volt, 60 ampere-hour. . . . . Brakes-front, disc. .. -real, 9" drum . . . . S S S S S S S S S S S S S s Sw Bucket seats, front, with reclining backs S S S S S Bumper guards, front and rear.. .... .. S S S S S Carpet in passenger compartment. S Shag S S S Choke, automatic.. .. S S S S S Cigar lighter NA S S S s Clutch, single, dry plate, mechanical actuator S S S S S Console, floor .. NA S S NA NA Defroster, rear window- electric (Sales Code G01) E E E T E Deluxe sound insulation. . . S S S S S Door pull handle, rear.. .. NA NA NA NA S Dual brake system. . . . ... S S S S S Engine, 1600 cc (Sales 0ode EK2) s S NA S S Engine, 2000 cc (Sales Code EU2) NA NA S E E24
  25. 25. Flow-through ventilation including dash- mounted ventilators and rear exhausters.Fuel-leaded or unleaded capability... ... EE NC "d N(J S S "il o5 oo (, Lul S S o o 9p tlrC, S S i* tu, S S .e6 +. Eti #s S S ! 9Gauges Fuel. . . S S S S S Engine temperature. . ., S S S S SGlass, tinted, all windows. S S S S SHead lestraints-integral. . S S S NA NA NA NA NA S S -aojtitanle. l- S s S S S S S S S Slgnition switch warning buzzer,I and steering column lock. ..... mpact-absorbing steering columnlnside hood release.lnside rearview mirror. . s S s S S S S S S S S S S S S s S S S S rn 2I nstrument-panel trim- Blue/ simulated woodgrain S Denim S S SJack, scissors-type. s S s S SLap belts, 2 frontand 2 rear. . . . .... S S S S SLever-type parking brake. . S S S S SLights Backup. S S S S S - Cargo. . NA NA NA NA S Courtesy. S S S S S Dome.. S S S S s z rt1Locking fuel filler door. . . S s S S SLuggage rack, roof (Sales Code M91) NA NA NA NA EMoldings, bright Backlight surround s S S s S Belt. . . . s S S s S Door upper....... NA NA NA S S = Drip rail. S S S S S {
  26. 26. d, lol r14 (,a Eg o:l oo o o io o= #Et Yo sr(J Yo ct (J ?r f(, 6= Nc, PB G(Eu, Moldings, bright (contd) Hood . . S S S S S Quarter window S S S NA S sill. NA NA S S s Vinyl body side, black (Sales Code K5X). E NA NA E E{. Vinyt body side, brown (Sales Code K5T). E**fi NA NA NA NA Wheel opening, front and rear. .. ...... . NA S S S S Windshield surround. S S S S Sz 0il filter, replaceable. S S S S S Padded instrument panel. . S S S S Sg Power disc brakes (hequired with opiional 2000 cc engine, not available with standard engine), (Sales Code B41). . . . . NA NA S E E Radio, AM (Sales Code Rll). . E NA E E E Radio, AM-FM NA S NA NA NA Rallye cluster with tachometer.w NA NA S NA NA Reclining bucket seat-backs S S S S S Shoulder belts, 2 in front S S S S S Side marker lights.. . . . S S S S S Spare tire location I n trunk . S S S S I lndpr rper floor S Spring-loaded seat-back release. S S S NA NA Station wagon estate package NA NA NA NA E (Code A17) lncludes: . Simulated woodgrain trim on exterior body sides and rear. NA NA NA NA E . Carpeted cargo area floor with bright skid strips. NA NA NA NA E . Vinyl-trimmed cargo-compartment pillars and quarter-windows. . . . . . NA NA NA NA E . A78 x 13" white sidewall tires. . ... .. NA NA NA NA E Steerlng, manual, recirculating ball, variable ratio-15.58-18.18. ... .. . S S S S S Steering wheel, soft rim, 3-spoke with center horn button NA NA S NA NA Steering wheel, deep dish 3-spoke with horn tabs in two spokes. S S NA S S Sun visors, padded. S S S S S Suspension.. Front, coil springs S S S S S Rear, leaf springi. S S S S S *NA with Estate Package. **With Estate Package 0nly.26
  27. 27. Tape stripes (White-Code K7W) (Black-K7X). ... EE YO N() E 5Ul o5 oo Yo (J GI S 6 o o ct tI S i* t NA U, .96 #g NA gTilt steering column . S s S S sTires- 9 6.00 x 13" blackwall S NA NA S S A78 x 13" whitewall (Code W36). . . .. .. E S NA E E*. BR70 x 13" radial-ply, white stripe. . . . . NA NA s NA NATransmission, automatic (Sales Code B34) E E E E ETransmission, -speed manual /Sales Codc D2l S S NA s STransmission, S-speed manual (Sales Code D4l). .. NA NA S E** f**Trunk compartment (And wagon cargo compartment) rubber mat. S S S S SVinyl roofs: l- rn Black (CodeVlX)..... .... E NA E E NA White (CodeVlW)... ....... E NA NA NA NA Blue denim (Code VIB). . . . NA E NA NA NA g .Vinyl seat material (See color availability chart) Grainpd vinvl S NA NA NA NA Expanded vinyl....... NA NA S S S Denim-cloth and vinyl. . NA S NA NA NAWarning lights Alternator. Dualbrakesystem..... S S S S S S S S S S E Fasten seat belts. ..... S S S S S Hazard warning system. S S S S S High beam S S S S S Oil pressure. S S S S S Perkino hrakp S S S S S Turn signal. . . S S S S S rnWheels,Wheel 4.5J...Whcclq rnad 5r/lWheel covers. trim rings (Code W2l). . . . .Windshield washer, electric. . . . .Windshield Wiper, 2-speed electric *lncluded with Estate Package. .**Requires 2000 cc engine and power brakes. S NA S NA S ! NA NA s E S S NA NA S E S S NA NA S S S S S NA S NA S S z = -l
  28. 28. Air Cleaner, Engine. Dry-type replaceable. FuelCapacity- 13.5 gallons, except wagons;CN Axle, Front. Requires no camber or caster adiustments. Axle, Rear. Semi-floating type. Hypoid gears. Ratio-3.89 to 1; 3.55 to l with wagons-11 gallons. Fuses. Located under the dash, the fuse block contains 14 fused circuits plus 4 spare fuses. optional 2000 cc engine and automatic Intake Manifold. Aluminum-alloy casting, transmission. independerrt branch type. ___-,6 Bearings, Camshaft. Five solid aluminum Intake Valves. Made of heat-resisting steel. bearings are used on the crankshaft. Oil Capacity, Engine (including filter): Brakes, Disc, Front. Caliper-type 9.0" 16OO cc- 4,2 quarts front disc brakes with drum-type rear 2000 cc- 44 quarts brakes standard on all models. Pistons. Aluminum alloy. Brakes, Drum. Nine-inch drums are Piston Pins. Cold forged chromed standard on the rear of all models. molybdenum steel. Brakes, Parking. Hand-operated, Pump, Fuel. Electrical. -/ mechanical expansion-type. Pump, Oil. Rotary pump, driven by the Camshaft. Overhead type, cast iron, pawl located at the top of the distributor supported at five journals. Timing gears shaft that is rotated by the camshaft gear. driven by a chain. Radiator. Pressurized, corrugated fin-type. Carburetor. Two-barrel, downdraft type. Models with the automatic transmission Clutch. Manual transmission. Outside have an oil cooler built into the lower partE diameter 7.87" {4-sp*d); outside diameter of the radiator. -/ 8.46" (S-speed). Dry, single disc type, Shock Absorbers. Hydraulic, double-acting Connecting Rods. Drop-forged steel. cylinder type. Connecting-Rod Bearings. Trimetal. Steering, Manual. Recirculating ball, with Cooling System, Engine. Forced circulation variable ratio. 15.58 to 1 on the straight-lJ- type with high-performance water pump. Capacity of system: 1600 cc-6.6 quarts away, 18.18 to l when maneuvering. Steering Wheel. 15.35" in diameter (15" for GT). Number of steering wheel turns,o 2000 cc-8.3 quarts fullleft to full-right-3.5. Cylinder Head. Aluminum alloy casting. Suspension. Hemispherical combustion chambers. Front-Coil springs Electrical. Alternator: l2-volt, 45 ampere. Rear-Leaf springs --l Battery: l2-volt, 60 ampere-hour. 2leaves each spring-coupe, sedan, Engine Blo&. Special alloy cast iron. hardtop 5leaves each spring-station waSon Exhaust Manifold. Cast iron, header type Timing Chain. Double-row roller chain.H (double wall, insulated stainless-steel manifold reactor on cars equipped for sale Transmission, Automatic. 3-speeds f orward. in California). Accelerator pedal kickdown control. Fan, Engine. Polypropylene blades for Water cooled. quiet operation. Seven blades. Fan shroud Gear Ratios. included with 2OO0 cc engine. TorqueFliteC) Filter, Fuel. A high-performance, cartridge- type strainer which is easily replaced. Filter, Engine Oil. Full-flow, cartridge-type. 1st-2.45 to 1 2nd-1-.45 to High-1.00 to 1 1 Reverse-2.21- to 1 -,ul.-IJ28
  29. 29. Transmission, Manual. Synchronized in all forward gears. 4-Speed Gear Ratios: 1st-3.53 to 2rd-2.19 to 1. 3rd-1.44 to 1 1 5-Speed Gear Ratios: 1st-3.37 to 1 2nd-2.04 to 1 3rd-1.36 to 1 9P 9 High-1.00 to 1 4th-1.00 to 1 Reverse-3.87 to 1 5th-0.86 to 1 Reverse-3.64 to 1 Turning Diameter. (Curb to curb) 32.8 feet. Water Pump. Centrifugal impeller-type. Body made of aluminum alloy: Tl Safety Features . Collapsible items mirror -Reirview(breakaway) -Steering wheel - Ashtray - Steering column rt.I . Column-mounted ignition switch and { steering wheel lock . Dual brake system . Separate fuses for headlights . Fasten-seat-belts warning light and brzzer . Flush inner and outer door handles . Padding -Front pillar -Door lining -Sun visors -Front rail -Dash -Roof seat-ba Tl . Parking brake warning light . Side-guard beams in the doors for-- E protection against side impact . Tire tread wear indicators . Two-stage door checks . Unitized body construction C . Energy-absorbing bumper systems with rubber bumper guards. F rt1 v, I 29
  30. 30. 4n Basic Dimensions6 Wheelbase. . . flrrorall I onath Overall Width . 6. l,lF =CI o LE, (sE (Jo 95.3" t71.1 63.6, o CL o (, 95.3, t7t.t 63.0, i{ sf u, 95.3, 17t.t 63.6 oo= ;EP sf U,= 95.3, 172.o, 62.8, flrrarell lloiohl 53.5, 53.5, 54.t, 54.s, Track-front. . . 51.8, 51.8, 51.8, 51.8,E .. 51.z, 51.2u 51.2, 51.2, -rear .IIo lnterior Dimensions o.H .,lF q, =(I o CL P.9 6 e +, El Ltt l!E C)ts o J c, E* st(/) !Cl.E +(r=ct) Headroom-front..... -re4r..... Legroom-front. . . 36.9" 35.5" 12.7, 36.9, 35.5, 42.1, 3t _8, 37.o, 42.7, 38^Z, 31.3, 42.7, 30.5, 30.5" 30.5, 30.s -rea{....... Shoulder-Room-f ronl 50,0" 50.0 50.0 50.0 50.0" 50.0" 50.0 50.0 -real . Hiproom-front...... 51.Z, 51.2, 5t.Z, 51.? -tear..._... 5t.? 51.2, 51.?, 51.Z, Trunk Capacity (sedan, hardtops, coupe) ...12.O cubic feel Wagon Cargo-Compartment Capacity . . . 58.3 cubic feet
  31. 31. IIIIFl--H ! N E </) Z o <J) e. s o8 O LU 9 F F LU o_ Ol OihJ CN I8 31
  32. 32. SOME FACTSABOUTDODGE COLTCOMPETITIVECOMPARISONSPerhaps, you may want to compare More equipment as standardDodge Colt with one of its major com- It is here that the Dodge Colt standspetitors in the sub-compact car class- out. Virtually everything in the DodgeVolkswagen, Vega, Pinto, Toyota or Colt is standard. In fact, so many thingsDatsun. If so, you will find a four-page are standard that there are only a fewcomparison folder for each of these com- options. And these are the most-wantedpetitors in the following pages. Note options-air conditioning, automaticthat the folders show illustrations of transmission, S-speed manual transmis-interior trims for comparison and ex- sion, larger engine, radio, white side-terior views of the models being com- wall tires, electric-heated backlight,pared. The facts are arranged in easy- station wagon roof rack, power brakes,to-use tabular form. You may want to vinyl roof, vinyl body-side molding andcircle those facts you want to emphasize tape a prospect-and inter-related facts, The standard equipment in Dodgesuch as shorter overall length but more Colt reads like an expensive list of op-people room, as is true when Colt is tional equipment in some other cars.compared with Vega or Datsun. Here is a partial list as an example: Sub-compact car buyers are people . Tilt steering columnwho are looking for a lot more than low . Bucket seatsprices. They want economy of operation . Carpeting . Reclining seat-backs-particularly gasoline economy. They . Tinted glass for all windowswant ease of handling and parking. But . Flow-through ventilationthey want comfort and high-level trim. . Wheel coversMany are stepping down from larger . Front disc brakescars and they want the features and . 4-speed manual transmissionoptions they have become used to in (S-speed manual on GT)the past. And thats where Colt comes . Inside hood releaseon strong. . Bumper guards, front and rear . Package tray plus a glove box (package tray not available on coupe) . Concealed antenna in coupe, hardtop and sedan . Lockable antenna on station wagon . Dual key system And there are other desirable items of standard equipment. Check the standard equipment list on pages 24 through 27 of this book or the Colt showroom display poster. 33
  33. 33. Wider choice of models Dodge Colt also offers a bigger selection of models than any of the competitors-a Z-door coupe, Carousel 2-door hardtop, a GT 2-door hardtop,4-door sedan, 4-door station wagon, and an Estate package for the station wagon. Compare the models offered by the competitors. Datsun 2door cou Carousel 2door hardtop GT 2door x(7) x(8) 4{oor sedan x(1) x(8) 4door station wagon x(7 x(8) 2door sedan 5) x(7) x(8) 2-door station x(4) x(6) 1. VW Rabbit. 2. Super Beetles are 24oor sedans. 3. Notchback coupe and Hatchback coupe. 4. Stationwagon and EstateWbgon. S. Also a 3door Runabout.6. Also a Squire option. 7. Corolla. 8.710 models. NOTE: Competitive lines selected on the basis of comparable size and price. More roomforpeople Dodge Colt also has more room for people on the inside than most of the major competitive cars. People room is arrived at by adding front and rear figures for headroom, legroom, hiproom and shoulder-room. Check the interior dimension chart on the back page of each competi- tive folder. More moneuveroble Colt has a small turning diameter and has a short overall length- which makes it very maneuverable and easy to park. r/w Toyota Datsun Super Voga Pinto Corolla 710 Boetlo @upe Sedan Sedan Sedan diameter (ft.) 36.1 33.0 30.7 30.8 36.8 Overall lenqth 163.4 175.4 t69.0 165.2 171.1 Dodge Colt-the most corforthe money With these kinds of comparisons, you are prepared to help prospects determine the facts on which to make the best possible buying decision and that means the most car for the money. Examining the facts in this competitive comparison section will quickly show that the most car for the money has to be the Dodge Colt.34
  34. 34. hI J III88 Dodge Colt 2-door coupe Volkswagen Super Beetle37