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Interactive Video, What you need to know to get started



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Interactive Video, What you need to know to get started

  1. 1. INTERACTIVE VIDEO What you need to know to get started Rapt Media | The Future of Video: Make it Mobile, Social & Interactive
  2. 2. Definition Interactive video merges storytelling with the interactivity of the web to create a personalized, immersive, user-driven experience. WHAT IS INTERACTIVE VIDEO?
  3. 3. Most interactive videos fall into one of the following five categories WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES? Storytelling iInformational Educational Gamification Combination of the above i
  4. 4. Most interactive videos try to solve for one of the following five use categories WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT USE CATEGORIES? Brand Experience Lead Generation Training & Learning Recruitment Entertainment
  5. 5. OVERLAYS WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT SOLUTIONS? Interactive overlays sit on top of linear video, using hot spots, link-outs to websites, quizzes, or other content BRANCHING Interactive video turns viewers into participants as they explore interconnected content. Choices within the video combine a web-like experience.
  6. 6. Personalized Choice Points WHAT ARE “BRANCHING” BENEFITS? With “branching, each choice point gives the opportunity to learn something about your viewer and present personalized content based on that knowledge Analytics Interactive Video allows you to capture deeper analytics to demonstrate ROI, such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions.
  7. 7. Insights WHAT ARE “BRANCHING” BENEFITS? Every interaction is an opportunity to learn about your audience. Use insights to optimize your message, improve conversions, and refine overall strategy. API Through an API, the video can talk with the web page and back-end systems. This opens up endless possibilities to build next- level customer experiences while capturing rich analytics.
  8. 8. Creative/Production Costs WHAT ARE THE COSTS TO CONSIDER? Just like with linear video, creative/ production costs will vary depending on the concept and execution. Technology Costs This is the cost to license the technology, overlay or branching interactive video solution.
  9. 9. Interactive video offers a great deal more than its linear cousin. Just like the Web itself: WHY MAKE THE SHIFT? VS. • Passive viewing • No choices • Single call to action • limited content segmentation • limited viewer data insights Linear • Maximizes discovery • Choice • Multiple calls to action • Content segmentation • Data exhaust* (insights) Interactive *Data generated as a byproduct of people’s online actions & choices
  10. 10. Ready to learn more about Rapt Media’s solution? Check out or contact us at Rapt Media | The Future of Video: Make it Mobile, Social & Interactive