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  1. 1. Untitled Hip hop is known as a genre of music that has been around for many years. As a consequenceof very high cost producing rap, we have seen a number of people with great talent who’ve giveup. Now, with the solutions of a rap beat maker, creating rap beats is not only affordable butreally easy to do.Now, with the development of online rap beatmaker technology, anybody can obtain a piece ofthis application for next to nothing and can be making their own rap beats within the day. Youdont need to be a maker, or even know a great deal about rap beats to be able to produce themwith a rap beat maker. What you may do need is ambition, passion, and a love of the music.You can begin producing wonderful instrumentals and beats with a simple piece of affordablesoftware. If you’re new to the industry, there are particular things you should really look out forwhen attempting to choose which rap beat maker software to buy. The software requires tohave a wide-ranging sound bank, which will ensure that you get royalty free samples, soundsand loops that can be used in any respect suits you.Due to the fact generating it by yourself over completely from scratch can be a little daunting atfirst, using the software is a great alternative. Ensure that you make sure that this sound bankcontains beats from many different musical instruments, not merely the drums.My suggestion is to look at, which offers a reasonable and efficient, easy touse system. There are plenty of great sounds available to choose from, but to create an originalsound, you should employ a variety of different instruments in new and challenging ways. Youwish to be original or no one is going to plan to buy it.The rap beat maker should also offer an easy to use interface which you can understand and agreatly added extra is a few online tutorials and video lessons that provide you another methodof learning the tricks of the software. As a final point, you want to make sure that it has simple tofind and simple to use settings for playback, pause, rewind, etc. The last thing you want to do iswaste a long time seeking out the basic buttons to listen and edit your newly produced music.You can find great rap beat maker software that has everything that I’ve mentioned for lessthan $ 30.00 USD. So dont go paying hundreds. The only thing you need to get going is $ 30and a laptop or computer. You wont need mixers or controls or anything more. This softwareshould do it all for you. Making your own rap beats is only a few clicks away!Make your first rap or hip hop tune in under 10 minutes using this awesome software with ease!To get started making rap and hip hop beats with ease! – Check out the free beat makersoftware. 1/4
  2. 2. (PRWEB) January 10, 2013 Singer-songwriter, Andrew Neil, did not always have his heart set on writing and performingmusic. Before April 2009, Andrew focused all his attention on athletics and was recruited by theUS Military Academy (West Point) to play Division 1 Lacrosse. Andrew soon decided to join theUS Marine Corps and was set to go to Paris Island for basic training in May 2009. However,Andrews plans changed when he was involved in a serious car accident due to an illegallystopped car in the fast lane of a highway in Virginia. Andrew smashed his head on thewindscreen after hitting the stationary car at approx. 50mph. He was soon after air lifted fromthe scene via helicopter and transported to Fairfax Country Emergency Room. After receivingseveral stitches on his skull and arm, he was sent home. Although the hospital at first appearedoblivious to the head injuries Andrew had suffered from the collision, they soon discovered hehad sustained a mild brain injury and was incredibly lucky to survive under such severecircumstances. The only positive outcome from the accident appeared to be Andrews newfoundpassion for songwriting.Now, after years of writing, Andrews repertoire and skills have increased rapidly. Andrewuploaded one of his original songs, Forever Ever Evergreen Tree to BEAT100 music chartsafter voting for fellow user Josh Taylor. I never in a million years thought one of my entrieswould win, says Andrew. However, thousands of fans on BEAT100 made that happen, resultingin Andrews video receiving over 10,000 views, 3,167 votes and a BEAT100 Silver Song Award.BEAT100 is a wonderful network, says Andrew. It allows people to develop their artistic dream,express themselves, be heard and, most of all, make a difference to the lives of others throughtheir music and words. 2/4
  3. 3. Kid Pistol (real name Josh Calderon) developed a passion for music at the age of 16 when hisolder brother bought him music production software at a local shop. Soon after, Kid spent all hisspare time creating new sounds or songs that would meet peoples demands, whilst alsobringing something unique and unheard to his music. Kid uploaded his original song, MayDay toBEAT100, featuring long-term collaboration Noraa Ish and pianist Alan Logston. The entryreceived a BEAT100 Gold Song Award, Gold Favourite Award and Silver Video Award, alongwith 2,472 votes from BEAT100 fans and over 9,000 views. I was looking for anyway to get myname in others mouths, online in forums or websites, says Kid. Anything would help.Despite Kids current up-and-coming career, things were much harder when he was growing up.Although Kid lived in a world without electricity or hot water, the distance between him and hisfather was the biggest struggle. In the year of 1996, Kid awoke to sudden screaming and violentshaking coming from his father, which was later diagnosed as epilepsy caused from an earliersurgery to remove a brain tumor. His father was later diagnosed with prostate cancer, in whichthe battle was won. However he suffered from a stroke years later, which paralyzed him and lefthim unable to speak, followed by another stroke, which was sadly fatal. Kid made a promise tohis father and to himself that he would continue to work on his music in dedication to him, andhas kept that promise ever since.QDS Records is a small company made up of Rodney Maragarita (A&R), Ragna Magarita(A&R) and Wendell Kilano (Artists/Producer), who put their energy together to create a platformfor professional and amateur artists. Their BEAT100 entry featured Wendell Kilano, Chy-kyriaand Fleur, and received two BEAT100 Gold Awards for their original song and high qualityvideo. Their video was in a close battle with Kid Pistol for the second position, but was justtopped over the last few days. However, QDS Records still managed to receive a whopping2,542 votes and over 8,000 views from BEAT100 users and fans over the course of the chart.Our goal is to get QDS Records recognized and seen, which we couldnt have done without ourBEAT100 friends, say the QDS team. We found BEAT100 because we were looking for placesto drop our videos and this is the spot. Its a really healthy and honest environment for musiciansall around the world! The BEAT100 entry, One Of Those Nights is the first song to be released by QDS Records andis the first of the many uplifting yet edgy songs to be released in the future. Wendell Kilanostarted out as a dancer in the early 80s, but soon discovered his passion for producing andperforming good music in the 90s. The track also features Dutch X Factor winner, Chy-Kyria,who is known as one of the greatest singers in Holland. Last to be heard on the track is femalesinger, Fleur, who is heard rapping for the first time in the catchy tune and video. 3/4
  4. 4. By Kelly Donovan BE SEEN BE HEARD BE REWARDED Rap and hip hop beat software. Learn what you need and how to create rap beats in this free video on music, instrumentation, and sampling. Expert: Jose Caban Bio: Jose Caban is the President of LightFace Media. He has a BS from West Liberty State in Music/Business/Communications. Filmmaker: Jose Caban Video Rating: 3 / 5 Dub Turbo Music Production Software Review - The Best Beat Maker Software - Best Music Production Software Recommended Reading Music Production Software Make Rap Beats Hip Hop Beat Maker Software – Making Rap Beats Software Rapping Beats & Manufacturing – Making Your Full Songs A Product – Rap Music Production Tips Training In Music Production – Best Music Production Software 4/4Powered by TCPDF (