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  1. 1. Untitled Rapping Beats Manufacturing (CDs, Digital Downloads) – This Rap Beats article is part of aseries on how to become a successful Rapper or Singer (becoming an Independent MusicArtist). You can view all the articles in this series on the author’s page.So now that you’ve recorded, mixed and mastered your songs on the hot rapping beats andR&B beats you’ve bought, it’s time to get the actual product. A big question on many newindependent musicians’ minds is whether or not to get physical CDs manufactured. Is thereeven a point anymore or can you be successful artist who is strictly digital?Q: Should I get physical CDs of my mixtape/album/single manufactured or is ALL DIGITAL(mp3s) ok?A: We’ve all heard the horror stories about how physical CD sales are at an all time low andjust keep dropping every year. It may seem like a no-brainer that all digital (only making anddistributing mp3’s of your songs) is the only way to go. But before you decide to do that thereare some other things you need to think about. There are still people out there who may beimportant to your music career that DON’T accept digital links to your rapping beats, R&B beatsand full songs. For example, a lot of radio stations prefer you send a physical CD of your singlewith a bio and related material. Some accept digital links, but you want to keep yourself asaccessible as possible. So it’s important to get at least some physical CDs of your masteredvocals and rap beats manufactured.The best idea is to do an on-demand short run of CDs. You don’t need too many, only a few soyou can send out your songs (mastered vocals and rapping beats or r&b beats) to radiostations, music reviewers, and music magazines. You may also want some copies to give out atany performances you have or to people you meet. Even though MP3s are really popular,everyone still has the ability to play CDs and a CD is a physical object they can see and holdand feel – an MP3 of hip hop beats and vocals isn’t. A company called DiskMakersmanufactures short run CDs for pretty cheap. You can get 100 CDs in sleeves with artwork foraround $ 199. It is a good investment that will just add to your credibility as an independentartist. Remember, this is your career. Take it seriously and invest in it.As for MP3’s, your engineer (the person who did your mixing and mastering) should be able togive you high quality MP3s of all your music. It’s a good idea to get two different versions ofyour mastered vocals and rap beats or r&b instrumentals – one at high quality (192 kbps) andone at super-high quality (320 kbps). Whenever possible you want to send out the super-highquality, 320 kbps file, but some sites (also email accounts) may have file size limits. In thesecases you can use the 192 kbps file.With this, you should be all set up with your music to start getting heard and played all around!Next comes distribution and marketing! If you want to learn more about the urban musicbusiness, look out for my other articles in this series. You can also email me anytime! Hope thisway helpful… 1/3
  2. 2. Holla @ ur boyDatPakiProducer/SongwriterPBE MUSICDatPaki is the main producer for PBE MUSIC (http://www.PhatBootyEnt.com) – an urban musicproduction and music marketing company. He regularly contributes tutorial articles and videosfor up and coming rappers, singers and music producers.His latest video series, 10 MUST KNOW TIPS TO BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL URBANMUSIC ARTIST, is available for free at http://www.PhatBootyEnt.com – Sign up today and get 5FREE RAP AND R&B BEATS with your videos!Rap Beats - Get Your Music Heard! - Music Marketing 101 - RapMusic Production TipsRecommended Reading Music Production Software Rapping Beats & Manufacturing – Making Your Full Songs A Product – Rap Music Production Tips Training In Music Production – Best Music Production Software Rap Music Downloads To Your Heart’s Content – Rap Music Production Tips 2/3
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