Email Service Providers (ESP’s)                                  Integration with Rapleaf’s APIBackground•   Company ‘Q’, ...
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Rapleaf case study esp


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Rapleaf case study esp

  1. 1. Email Service Providers (ESP’s) Integration with Rapleaf’s APIBackground• Company ‘Q’, an email service provider (ESP) with a strong focus on marketing segmentation tools for small businesses, easily integrated Rapleaf’s API into their software platform to provide real-time segmentation data to its users. Company Q’s users are typically small businesses that use email marketing software to stay in touch with their own email list on an on-going basis.Problem• One of the most frequently posed questions to ESP’s from a potential clients is, “I understand email marketing, but I need more value than just email delivery from my marketing software. Can you help?" Company ‘Q’ looked to add even more value to its product, and turned to Rapleaf to help build email segmentation and insight tools. Reasons for Having Switched Email Service Providers Solution 1. ESP used Rapleaf to provide basic demographic data for free: Company ‘Q’ offered age, gender, and location data for free on its customers’ entire email list via Rapleaf’s API. 2. ESP Offered On-Demand Premium Data: When querying Rapleaf for the free data, Company ‘Q’ was able to provide hit rates for premium data available on the customers’ email list, such as income, interests, etc. 3. ESP customers can access data instantly: After seeing the value of segmentation, Company Q’s customers can instantly upgrade to “Get Premium Data” for further insight on their list, unlocking the Premium values from Rapleaf. 4. ESP’s Customers see success with email segmentation: Customers now have a rich data set including age, gender, location, and household demographics which can be used to segment lists Results and personalize their email messaging. • ESP grew 8.3% in new customer sign ups after one month by offering free segmentation data as an incentive. • ESP Increased revenue per customer by 12% Want more information? with the upsell of premium data. For more information about Rapleaf • ESP added a new, unique product feature that and ESP integration opportunities, continued to service marketers’ needs. please contact Rapleaf wants every person to be able to have a personalized online experience. To achieve this, Rapleaf helps leading brands, companies, and agencies 667 Mission Street th personalize customer interactions through deeper customer insight. For more 4 Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 information, please visit