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The State of Enterprise Mobility | Infographics by RapidValue Solutions


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This infographic provides research details on enterprise mobility market, trends and statistics.
1. RapidValue Analysis - Factors driving Enterprise mobility
2. RapidValue Analysis - Enterprise are interested in different kind of applications
3. Top 5 Elements to consider for implementing the enterprise app
4. Industry Analyst Prediction
5. Global Mobile Spend by Sector
6. Gartner enterprise mobility predictions
7. Deloitte enterprise mobility predictions
8. Types of enterprise mobile apps
9. Global Mobile growth
10. Benefits of Enterprise Mobility

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The State of Enterprise Mobility | Infographics by RapidValue Solutions

  1. 1. THE STATE OF ENTERPRISE MOBILITY Technology which enables employees to connect with customers and co-workers at any time, from anywhere from any device. FACTORS DRIVING ENTERPRISE MOBILITY ENTERPRISE ARE INTERESTED IN DIFFERENT KIND OF APPLICATIONS Our research shows organizations are adopting mobile applications mainly to improve service efficiency, thus enhance customer satisfaction. As per our analysis based on customer requirements and project implementation, enterprises are mostly interested in Business Intelligence dashboards on the mobile followed by Quote and Sales Order management application. TOP 5 ELEMENTS TO CONSIDER FOR IMPLEMENTING THE ENTERPRISE APP ABOUT RAPIDVALUE As per our experience while implementing enterprise mobile application, the key factors to consider are: Improved Service Efficiency Quick Decision Making Reduced Operational Cost Increased Sales 32% 27% 25% 16% 2020 2017 Customer Satisfaction Staff Productivity Financial Dashboards Communication & Scheduling System Document Management Operational Dashboards Customer Relationship Management Field Data Gathering Business Intelligence Dashboards Inventory and PO Receipt Management Salesforce Automation In-Store Product Catalog INDUSTRY ANALYST PREDICTION GLOBAL MOBILE SPEND BY SECTOR 45% enterprises may spend a minimum of $500,000 on mobility projects over the next 12 to 18 months. APAC – the fastest growing market by geography growing at a CAGR of 21%. North America – to remain the largest enterprise mobility market. 15% CAGR – The rate at which enterprise mobility market is growing. As per Gartner report and as calculated by researchers in Deloitte, the education sector is going to be the highest spender on mobile applications worldwide till 2016. User Centric Design & Aesthetics Optimized for Omni-Channel Access Flawless Performance Highly Secure Data Access Seamless Backend Integration to Corporate Systems Education Utilities Wholesale Trade Transportation Healthcare Insurance Manufacturing Banking and Securities Government Communications, Media Retail 19.30% 17.20% 15.20% 13.10% 12.70% 12.10% 12.00% 11.40% 10.70% 9.20% 8.40% © RapidValue Solutions RapidValue is a leading provider of end-to-end mobility solutions to enterprises worldwide. Armed with a team of 250+ experts in mobility consulting and application development, along with experience delivering over 400 mobility projects, we offer a range of mobility services across industry verticals. RapidValue delivers its services to the world’s top brands and Fortune 1000 companies, and has offices in the United States and India. | | +1- 877.690.4844 $140 Billion global enterprise mobility market opportunity 5 Billion people to use mobile phones 45% 21% 15% Source: eMarketer, NASSCOM, Predudesys Increase in Revenues