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Service technicians in any organization are typically on the field and need to attend to Service/Repair operations across a wide geographical area. Field service is relevant to most sectors (telecom, retail, manufacturing, construction, logistics, medical equipment etc.) which provide after-sale service. Over the last few years, the process around customer interaction side of service requests have largely been modernized. Service requests are logged in by the tele-service executives and assigned to internal technicians for action.
The operational side of Service is a key area which requires process and technology advancements. Technicians do not generally get online responses when they get stuck in the field. There are cases where a customer is lost due to a missed service schedule. There is no way to track Real-time service and task updates. Smart dispatch of requests, tracking of these requests at real time, tracking technicians and providing customers with immediate invoices is the need of the hour.

RapidValue’s Mobile Field Service Suite addresses all of these issues by providing a real-time reporting of charges, scheduling customer visits on the go, improving productivity through route optimization and resource allocation, and many more.

RapidValue’s Mobile Field Service Suite is an ENTERPRISE SCALE solution built on multiple device platforms (iOS, Android) and can be integrated with various enterprise back-end systems such as Oracle, SAP and legacy systems. This comprehensive mobile workforce solution from RapidValue can provide you with daily field service tasks list, schedule customer appointments, view customer/ product & service details, real-time reporting of charges, optimize customer visits based on location while on the move. Above all, it eases the redundancy of manual job.

Field service solutions available in the market do not have the capability to integrate with existing ERP systems (like Oracle, SAP & legacy systems). In most cases, there would be a totally different system to manage Field Service with very little integration. This might work in cases where an organization is setting up Field Service operations, but in cases where there is already a huge investment in ERP systems, RapidValue’s Solutions would be a differentiator.

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Mobile Field Service Suite Presentation by RapidValue Solutions

  1. 1. Connects field service technicians and customers in real-time from any mobile device!
  2. 2. Are your ‘Field Service Executives’ Mobile Enabled?... A Comprehensive Mobile Field Service Suite Copyright © 2013 RapidValue Solutions 2
  3. 3. Enhances Your Employee Efficiency… Find, View and Update Daily Tasks Copyright © 2013 RapidValue Solutions 3
  4. 4. Streamlines Workflow… Maintain Service Requests, Schedule Customer Appointments & Create Customer Invoices Copyright © 2013 RapidValue Solutions 4
  5. 5. Improves Your Employee Productivity… Generate Real-Time Reports, Capture Notes & Attach Files Copyright © 2013 RapidValue Solutions 5
  6. 6. Delights Your Customers… Manage Labour, Material & Expenses Copyright © 2013 RapidValue Solutions 6
  7. 7. Increases Your ROI… Better Route Optimization & Resource Allocation Copyright © 2013 RapidValue Solutions 7
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