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Dell Boomi AtomSphere - A presentation by RapidValue Solutions


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Dell Boomi is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, SaaS-to-SaaS, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration. It saves the customer’s time and reduces errors compared to what occurs in manually mapping integration. Boomi AtomSphere allows you to connect any combination of Cloud, SaaS, or on-premises applications with no appliances or software or coding. The Dell Boomi AtomSphere approach to integration is configuration based rather than code based. As you continue to build and modify your integration processes, they are stored in the platform's multi-tenant repository as XML.
The integration process is divided into three sections:
1. Build
2. Deploy
3. Manage

This presentation explains how to implement integration process in build phase.

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Dell Boomi AtomSphere - A presentation by RapidValue Solutions

  1. 1. © RapidValue Solutions Dell Boomi AtomSphere How to Implement Integration Process in Build Phase? Presentation by: Aneesha K.A .Net Developer, RapidValue
  2. 2. © RapidValue Solutions 2 What is Dell Boomi ? • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas) and multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, SaaS-to-SaaS, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration • Saves customer‟s time • Reduces errors compared to what manually mapping integration can do
  3. 3. © RapidValue Solutions 3 Dell Boomi Integration Process It is categorized into 3 phases : 1. Build Phase 2. Deploy Phase 3. Manage Phase 1. Build Phase • Specifies the integration logic to communicate between source and destination applications • Integration process is specified by Boomi‟s Visual components 2. Deploy Phase • Deploys the integration process, defined in the Build Phase, to run time engine called „Atom’ • Atom allows you to run the integration process on on-premise or atom cloud 3. Manage Phase • Monitors the health and status of the deployed atom • Monitors the integration process, logs
  4. 4. © RapidValue Solutions 4 How to implement integration process in build phase ? • In Build phase, we can integrate data between source and destination using process • A “Process” is the central component of integration • Every Process begins with one input connector and ends with one or more output connectors • A process component contains: o Execution Shape - It manipulates the data through the process o Logic shape - It controls the flow of data through the process Input connector • Specifies the incoming data to be used for integration process from the source • The source may be database, web application, on premise application, disk, FTP, etc. • Action method „GET‟ is used
  5. 5. © RapidValue Solutions 5 How to implement integration process in build phase ? Output connector • It sends data from the integration process to destination • The destination may be database, web application, on premise application, disk, FTP, etc. • Action method „SEND‟ is used Mapping Function • Implement the mapping between incoming and outgoing data • Mapping means how to process the data from input and integrate the data to the destination as output
  6. 6. © RapidValue Solutions 6 Example: Salesforce integration with on-premise MySQL Database Objective • Need to get Account details -Account ID and Account Name from my Salesforce Application • Insert this account information to my on-premise MySQL database
  7. 7. © RapidValue Solutions 7 Pre-Requisites • Dell Boomi account • Salesforce account with username, password and security token • MySQL Database with hostname, port, username, password and database name • Get account information from sales force account, using sales force credentials • Check if the account already exists in database • Insert account information to MySQL database Process Overview
  8. 8. © RapidValue Solutions 8 • Create a process by clicking „Create Component‟ link
  9. 9. © RapidValue Solutions 9 • Define Input Connector - Salesforce
  10. 10. © RapidValue Solutions 10 In Input Connector, we need to specify the following: • Connector (Salesforce) • Action (GET for input connector, SEND for output connector) • Connection - need to specify the Salesforce account details
  11. 11. © RapidValue Solutions 11 In Salesforce account, password = password + security token • Operation : o Specifies what to do o Signifies which data needs to be used for integration
  12. 12. © RapidValue Solutions 12 • Define Output connector -MySQL database
  13. 13. © RapidValue Solutions 13 • For Output Connector, the following needs to be specified: ○ Connector (database) ○ Action - SEND ○ Connection- you need to specify MySQL Database host, port, credentials and database
  14. 14. © RapidValue Solutions 14 • Operation: o Specifies what to do o Signifies in which table you need to insert the account information
  15. 15. © RapidValue Solutions 15 • For output operation, a profile is created, a New Database Profile • Implemented the basic insert function for the employee table
  16. 16. © RapidValue Solutions 16 Mapping • Define Mapping between Salesforce Account and MySQL Database • You need to specify which fields need to be integrated with MySQL database
  17. 17. © RapidValue Solutions 17 • Input fields are on the left side and output fields on the right • Each field is mapped, from input, to the corresponding output field
  18. 18. © RapidValue Solutions 18 Define Decision Logic • You can check whether the account already exists in the database, using decision logic • If the account does not exist, insert it into MySQL DB, else Stop
  19. 19. © RapidValue Solutions 19 Build Phase Overview 1. Define Input connector 2. Define Output connector 3. Define Mapping Logic between input and output 4. Define decision logic. Has the account, already, been inserted? 5. Stop
  20. 20. © RapidValue Solutions 20 Test Mode in Build Phase • You can test the input and output by using „Run a Test’ option on Test Atom cloud • If you run it, it will go through every single node • If it‟s a success, individual node is shown as green color • If it fails, it will be shown as red color
  21. 21. © RapidValue Solutions 21 Test Mode in Build Phase • During test mode, you can view the input data obtained from Salesforce
  22. 22. © RapidValue Solutions 22 • View the output response in the MySQL database
  23. 23. © RapidValue Solutions References • • 23
  24. 24. © RapidValue Solutions 24 About RapidValue RapidValue is a leading provider of end-to-end mobility, omni-channel and cloud solutions to enterprises worldwide. Armed with a large team of experts in consulting, UX design and application engineering, along with experience delivering global projects, we offer a range of services across various industry verticals. RapidValue delivers its services to the world‟s top brands and Fortune 1000 companies, and has offices in the United States and India. This document contains information that is confidential and proprietary to RapidValue Solutions Inc. No part of it may be used, circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside RapidValue. If you are not the intended recipient of this report, you are hereby notified that the use, circulation, quoting, or reproducing of this report is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. Disclaimer: +1 877-643-1850