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RapidiOnline Salesforce-MS Dynamics NAV Presentation

This presentation walks through how easy it is to integrate your MS Dynamics NAV with by using our on demand data integration platform RapidiOnline. www.

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RapidiOnline Salesforce-MS Dynamics NAV Presentation

  1. 1. Agenda › Company Profile & Values › What is RapidiOnline? › Products › Supported Systems and Databases › Demo: Salesforce-MS Dynamics NAV integration › Network Environment › Demo: Configuration Application › Features & Pricing › Customers › Contact information
  2. 2. Company Profile • Derives from Data Backbone Software A/S • Data Backbone Software A/S -> on premise data integration • RapidiOnline -> on demand data integration • More than 15 years of experience in software development, data integration and databases
  3. 3. Values • Data Integration & Migration made easy • Deliver secure data integration and migration at maximum speed • We focus on a short implementation process instead of a lengthy development project, so you can concentrate on your core business.
  4. 4. What is RapidiOnline? • On-Demand Data Integration & Data Migration • Fast & easy hosted data integration and migration solutions • Based on Data Backbone’s powerful technology Benefits • One Data Integration Platform • Even quicker implementation • Configuration, no coding • Pre-configured solutions -> easy and quick to get started -> ready to use immediately after subscribing to our service. • No Software to install & no licensing fee • Our large data integration and MS Dynamics NAV experience
  5. 5. Products On-Premise - Replicator for MS Dynamics NAV – data replication between two or more MS Dynamics NAV systems - Data Backbone Universal Edition - data integration between any of the supported systems, generic configuration - Data Backbone for MS Dynamics NAV data integration between NAV and any of the supported systems, configuration inside NAV - Data Backbone for Lotus Notes - data integration between Lotus Notes and any of the supported systems, configuration inside Lotus Notes On-Demand - Preconfigured Solutions, easy to deploy and getting started: • MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 - MS Dynamics NAV • – MS Dynamics NAV • MS Dynamics RMS – MS Dynamics NAV - RapidiOnline Generic - data integration between any of the supported systems, Web 2.0 based set-up and configuration - Data Migration - data Migration projects (1-3 months)
  6. 6. Supported Systems & Databases • Navision Attain • Oracle • MBS-Navision 3.70 and 4.0 • Microsoft Dynamics NAV • IBM DB/2 • NAS Connector • IBM DB/2 on iSeries • Microsoft Dynamics AX • Microsoft Dynamics XAL • MS-SQL Server • Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Microsoft Dynamics RMS • ODBC • Microsoft Dynamics C5 • • Lotus Notes • NetSuite • Sybase SQL Anywhere • And more • MySQL • PostgreSQL
  7. 7. Demo - NAV
  8. 8. Network Environment (On–Premise)
  9. 9. Network Environment (On-Demand)
  10. 10. Demo Configuration Application
  11. 11. Key-features Light Standard Advanced Pre-configured Integration with    Acccounts/Customers (bidirectional), Products and Pricelist Additionally pre-configured Integration with   Opportunities/Orders and Sales History/Invoices Possibility to integrate all other objects   (Dealer or the RapidiOnline Team does set-up) Access to configuration application  (Customer can do set-up) Event triggered updates  (requires additional set-up) Scheduled updates Once per day Hourly* Every 5 min.* * Requires that transfer is optimized to only transfer changes.
  12. 12. Pricing Light Standard Advanced Monthly fee * - Incl. Maintenance and support Small volume * * * FREE 200 € 400 € Medium volume * * * FREE 300 € 600 € Large volume * * * 300 € 400 € 800 € Unlimited volume * * * 450 € 600 € 1.200 € Start-up package** (recommended) 600 € 1.200 € 1.200 € For a one time fee we configure the integration including mapping of objects/tables as specified by you. * * * *
  13. 13. What do Customers say…? ” We chose RapidiOnline because of their large experience with data integration and MS Dynamics NAV. We looked at other data integration solutions for Salesforce, but these people don’t have nearly the same experience or the same deep support for integration to MS Dynamics NAV as RapidiOnline. Peter Grandt, Online Manager at Milestone Systems A/S
  14. 14. What do Customers say…? ” RapidiOnline is very easy to use. It is a very flexible solution that can easily be extended to our specific integration needs. Working with the configuration interface has made is easier to gain access to the needed data quickly without having to involve an IT consultant. RapidiOnline supports our vision of a fully integrated business. Zulekha Haywood, Revenue Forecast Manager at IMAN Cosmetics
  15. 15. Some Customers • Milestone Systems A/S • NetOp A/S • Qlicktech AB • Saf-T-Box • IMAN Cosmetics inc. • US Calvary inc. • PDR Systems
  16. 16. Contacts at RapidiOnline Sales & Marketing Pre-sales technical Beate Thomsen Michael Bock +45 73 84 85 59 +45 73 84 85 56 +33 468 20 62 00 +33 468 20 62 00 Helle Johansen Demo & Support Thomas Borring +45 73 84 85 50 +45 73 84 85 54
  17. 17. Configuration Application Dashboard • The Service Dashboard gives you an overview of the different ser-vices. • It shows e.g. the status of the service - whether it is running or not. Furthermore you can see if any schedules are overdue.
  18. 18. Configuration Application Configure • Here you find parameters to configure the setup in order to connect to the different systems.
  19. 19. Configuration Application Configure • The RapidiConnector must be configured wih the given parameters specific to your service. The RapidiConnector will connect to RapidiOnline’s central service and keep that connection open. • The connection will then be used to transfer data between your local database and control the RapidiOnline Service.
  20. 20. Configuration Application Configure • Under “Configure Salesforce” , you need to put in the parameters in order to connect to salesforce. com
  21. 21. Configuration Application Run Transfer • The “Run Transfer” tab shows a the complete list of transfers you can specifically run, edit and delete by clicking the specific icons. • When running a specific transfer the message window below the list will give you the need feedback.
  22. 22. Configuration Application Edit Transfer • You can run, edit and delete transfers.
  23. 23. Configuration Application Show Transfer • Clicking on each single transfer you can see all the details, such as the general information , source control, table links
  24. 24. Configuration Application Show Transfer • Clicking on each single transfer you can see or edit field mappings
  25. 25. Configuration Application Show Transfer • You can see all the details, such as the general information, source control, table links (key fields), fieldlist (mapping) etc.
  26. 26. Configuration Application Run Group • The “Run Group” tab shows a the complete list of groups of transfers which you can run, edit and delete by clicking the specific icons. • When running a specific group the message window below the list will give you the need feedback.
  27. 27. Configuration Application Schedule • The “Schedule” tab shows a complete list of schedules.
  28. 28. Configuration Application Log • The “Log” tab shows the Activity Register. • You can click on each log to get into details.
  29. 29. The RapidiConnector Why the RapidiConnector? • The RapidiConnector that ensures compressed and secure data transfer between RapidiOnline and the different On-Premise systems. For best efficiency and security the data is compressed and encrypted. • Makes it easier and faster for you to get started. • Our unique technology ensures that the On-Demand solution is working just as efficient as the On-Premise version. • Reduced time and bandwidth • The RapidiConnector resides in your On-Premise network connecting outbound to the central RapidiOnline Service and enables two-way communication between RapidiOnline and your On-Premise systems. Advantage: • you don’t have to change anything in your network or firewalls in order to deploy RapidiOnline integration. The connections from the RapidiConnector are all outbound to RapidiOnline. No inbound connections are made and no inbound ports have to be opened in your firewall. Your internal systems stay secured and protected. This makes it very easy to get started. • The communication between RapidiOnline and the RapidiConnector is using a proprietary protocol which is highly efficient in terms of reducing the total amount of data and the number of packages sent and received to an absolute minimum. The protocol first joins e.g. 50 records in 1 package thereby stripping off all Meta information, so that only the relevant data is sent. Furthermore the package is compressed before sending. This results in the most efficient data transfer. This method can reduce the amount of data needed to be sent by a factor up to 50. This means e.g. instead of sending 1000 bytes for each customer record the RapidiConnector only needs to send 20 bytes. This reduces both the time and the bandwidth needed dramatically. • Because of the proprietary protocol and the compression it is practically impossible to decipher the data transmitted. This increases the security. If extra security is needed the data can also be encrypted.