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Are You A Victim ?


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Are You A Victim ?

  1. 1. Are You A Victim ?
  2. 2. WARNING:
  3. 3. If you are using PayPal , Clickbank or a number of otherpayment processors for your digital downloads YOU ARE LOSING MONEY !!!
  4. 4. Using a simple two step operation those in the know canread your website, download your product for free (Steal it) and be gone without you even knowing a thing.
  5. 5. Depending on your traffic and product price, this could becosting you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month.
  6. 6. Did you know that your emails can go through more thanfour different severs before they arrive at the in box of the person you sent them to. Again with only a little knowledge it is possible to read your emails at any stage of their journey from your computer to the recipients in box.
  7. 7. NO ?
  8. 8. Then why are you letting them steal money from your website ?
  9. 9. NO ?
  10. 10. Then why do you let them steal whatever content they want from your website ?
  11. 11. NO ?
  12. 12. Then why do you let someone read your emails before you even receive them ?
  13. 13. Just being aware that these things go on every day putsyou ahead of the majority, who are totally oblivious to this outright theft and invasion of their privacy.
  14. 14. Now you know, You could be losing money, you could bedonating anything on your website to anyone who wants it and that your email could be read by many different people before you see them
  15. 15. What are you going to do about it.?
  16. 16. If you are going to broadcast that you have free products available and invite people to take whatever they want from your website. What do you expect ?
  17. 17. As with any crime, the perpetrator chooses his victim carefully. He searches for someone who looks like a victim.
  18. 18. It the same on the net. The criminals look for vulnerablewebsites ie Websites allowing digital downloads. They are looking for websites with nice graphics, good content andlots of keywords. Oh did I mention that, your competition can actually steal your Keywords in a bid to get a better search engine ranking.
  19. 19. Now you know what the criminals are looking for you can take the necessary measures to protect yourself.
  20. 20. Do you want to be a victim ?
  21. 21. Please visit: 36626 for more info