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  2. 2. WHO IS EASY HOLIDAYS? Easy Holidays Club (EHC) is a vacation club based in Durban, South Africa It is affiliated to Resort Condominium International (RCI)- RCI being an association of about 8,000 vacation clubs throughout the world It is affiliated to Vacation Ownership Association Of Southern Africa (VOAOSA) It is associated with Toucan Travel, a travel agency based in South Africa It is associated with AVIS car rental
  3. 3. WHY INVEST IN EASY HOLIDAYS? There are three important considerations when one goes on a holiday  1. Accommodation- being assured of a high standard of accommodation must certainly feature on one’s vacation shopping list  2. Transport- air, self drive or public transport  3. Spending money Invest in Easy holidays packages and one remains with Transport and spending money to worry about The decision one makes is whether to rent or own your own holiday just like one makes a choice to own a house or rent a house Saving for holidays is unpredictable as one may end up half way through the year spending their money on other expenses, and when the time for holiday arrives the money isn’t there anymore and the same old excuse comes up like “ we will go on holiday next year”
  4. 4. HOW DOES ONE BECOME A MEMBER Invest in e’Points or Shares E’Points are one’s holiday currency Gone are the days of spending your hard earned cash to pay for holiday rentals All one does is to use your Club Membership and e’Points Your e’Points are inflation proof, in other words, if you need 80 e’Points to go away for a week to a certain resort this year, you will need the same amount of e’Points for a similar season week next year This means that e’Points secure your holidays for a LIFE TIME.
  5. 5. WHAT DETERMINES HOW I USE THE POINTS Grading of the resort- Gold Crown, Silver Crown or Hospitality Unit Size- dependant on the number of people going on holiday The type of break desired- A full week (7 nights), Mid week break (In Monday and out on a Friday- 4 nights) and Week end- In Friday and out on a Monday (3 nights) The season of the year- Low , High, Peak (School and public holidays). Works on a supply and demand basis- the low the demand for holiday space, the low points one needs and the higher the demand, the more points one requires
  6. 6. HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS Local – Zimbabwe (Lokuthula Lodges,Vic Falls, Blue Swallow Lodges, Troutbeck and Caribbea Bay, Kariba), South Africa (over 167 destinations), Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia ,Swaziland and Ethiopia. No additional charges required when one books local International- over 3,600 holiday destinations throughout the world that are affiliated to RCI An exchange fee is paid through RCI South Africa as one’s request goes into an international pool Holiday destinations are secure
  7. 7. BONUS BREAKS Bonus breaks are additional cash breaks that arise during the year depending on space availability Weekly emails sent out to members by Tuesday of every week indicating space availability 1 to 2 weeks in advance Market prices are discounted by 80% to 90% for the space to be utilised These are accessed using cash and not e’Points Usage is flexible- one can book clients, staff, customers, relatives and friends under one’s membership
  8. 8. MANAGEMENT FEE Management fee is payable once a year towards the upkeep and refurbishment of all the resorts By maintaining the resorts you are maintaining the quality of your investment The management fee is non-profitable, meaning that the money goes exactly where it should, and that is towards the upkeep of the resorts Management fee covers all your annual costs. It’s billing cycle is from October to September of the following year. Management fee is determined by the number of points one invests in One has a choice to pay on a monthly basis or once on receipt of the annual advice The annual management fee covers one’s holidays in a year
  9. 9. INVESTMENT OPTIONS 14 ZAR USD ZAR USD ZAR USD Points 60 60 80 80 100 100 Investment amount 75,000 5,357 100,000 7,143 125,000 8,929 Min 10% Deposit (7,500) 536 (10,000) 714 (12,500) 893 Investment balance 67,500 4,821 90,000 6,429 112,500 8,036 Repayment period 6 years 6 years 6 years 6 years 6 years 6 years Monthly Investment amount 1355 97 1,806.67 129 2,258 170 Management fees ZAR USD ZAR USD ZAR USD Billing Cycle-Oct to September Current charge for 2015/16 7,447.20 531.94 8,299.72 593 8,886.12 635 Monthly charge would be 621 44 692 49 741 53 Expected monthly payment 1,976 141 2,498 178 2,999 223 NOTE The monthly charge for Management fees is determined by the date when one joins/signs up
  10. 10. NOTES ON THE INVESTMENT Repayment period is up to 6 years Early settlement is allowed Upgrading of Points is allowed One can start booking using the e’Points once they have paid at least four months installments One has immediate access to Bonus Breaks holidays once they are a member Points accrued on an annual basis for LIFE with a Proviso that the maximum number of Points one can hold in any one year is twice the initial investment, i.e if you invest in 100 Points, the maximum number of Points one can hold in any one year is 200 You can invest in many Points as you need
  11. 11. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Prepaid holiday Accommodation for LIFE, hedged against escalating accommodation costs Lifetime membership into RCI Access to over 167 local resorts and over 3,700 international RCI resorts Your portfolio now determines length of stay, size of unit, season or quality of accommodation The flexibility to use, save, rent out, lend out your e’Points, or to borrow e’Points from the next year Instant bookings requiring reduced e’Points if booked within 21 days of holiday, utilising the available accommodation A flexible portfolio which can be tailor-made to suit your changing holiday needs An asset in your estate Membership in Perpetuity
  12. 12. CLOSING REMARKS Is saving money important to you? Do you feel wise to beat inflation whenever possible? Wouldn’t it be great to own a luxury holiday home in ALL the nicest areas in the world? If you could have frozen the price of houses years ago, knowing what you know today, would you have done it? Do you holiday every year? If so, do you intend to continue to do so? Do you agree that inflation is going to continue? Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop it forever? Folks, in your opinion do you feel becoming a part of EHC would add quality and value to your lives?