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GTD Getting things done presentation 06-2015


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GTD Getting things done presentation 06-2015

  1. 1. GTD Getting things done Raphael Monteiro - 06/2015 Bankfacil
  2. 2. “Getting things done in a much better way than just letting things happen, which often turns out not to be very cool at all”
  3. 3. ●In ●Next actions ●Waiting for ●Projects ●Some day/maybe You will need a calendar as well! ;) The backbone of the GTD system: Lists
  4. 4. The IN list ●Capture ideas and tasks ●“what is the next action?” ● < 2 minutes to do it?
  5. 5. The NEXT ACTIONS list ●“as-soon-as-possible actions” More stuff… ●Contexts(tags) ●Agenda Contexts
  6. 6. The WAITING FOR list ●Are you waiting for someone else to do something? ●Marked with the current date
  7. 7. The PROJECTS list ●Requires more than one action ●Title and/maybe descriptions ●One action in the NEXT ACTIONS
  8. 8. The SOME DAY/MAYBE list ●Ideas and projects that some day will be touched!
  9. 9. Weekly review! ●“critical factor for success” ●Be honest with yourself! ●Trigger list - key words
  10. 10. BEST PRACTICES Have hard edges between your lists!!!
  11. 11. Some tools! ●Read/Review Folder Only the things you actually want to read ●Tickler file a collection of 43 file folders
  12. 12. More information? ●GTD in 15 minutes> ●Wikipedia> ●Book(Amazon)> Things-Done-Stress-Free-Productivity/dp/0142000280