What Would Happen if I Did... in HFM?


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On a dare, HFM expert and Oracle ACE Chris Barbieri takes a Mythbusters style approach to debunking a series of potentially damaging changes to HFM applications to find out exactly "What would happen if I did...?"

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What Would Happen if I Did... in HFM?

  1. 1. z al an rR ateWhat would happen if I did... g ew Ed inf HFM? rt yo ro pe P Chris Barbieri Practice Director #Kscope
  2. 2. What would happen if I… al nz Ra Changed the IsCalculated flag on an account? ter Changed an entity‟s currency?wa ge Ed of rty Changed the Zero View settings? ro pe Inserted P new entity into a locked hierarchy? a Loaded metadata without integrity check? Changed number of review levels for a scenario? #Kscope
  3. 3. Changed the IsCalculated flag on anaccount/custom? IsCalculated does two things: nzal a ● Built-in No Input rule rR ate values ew ● HFM automatically clears the dg fE Sample account “CalculatedAccount” yo ert P rop Not checked = Input-able #Kscope
  4. 4. Enter Data Enter “78” in <EC> z al an rR w ate d ge o fE rty ro pe P Naturally “155” is calculated (Translated) #Kscope
  5. 5. What’s Under the Hood? Kscope_DCE_1_2005 table z al ● Stores <EC> and <PC> datar R an ate ew dg fE y o code ert What‟s arepthese numbers?P ro Need to convert labels to ItemIDs* #Kscope
  6. 6. Dp0_Input & Dp0_InputTransType Dp*_Input stores YTD number nzal a R ● Each record holds 12 months,r numbered “0” through “11” w ate d ge o fE rty ro pe P Dp*_InputTransType tells HFM what sort of number it is ● Input (16) ● Calculated (32) ● Derived (128) #Kscope
  7. 7. This is Critical to Understand z al anThe InputTransType is the ter R metadata attribute wa is written toat the time the number ge Edthe database!of rty ro peIf the IsCalculated attribute changes on the PAccount, this is not updated in the table! …until a new number is written to that cell #Kscope
  8. 8. Extract Data al Type “16” data can be nz Ra ter extracted Extract Calculated willewa E dg include type “32” fdata rt yo ro pe P #Kscope
  9. 9. Change Flag to IsCalculated z al an rR Turn on IsCalculated w ate d ge o fE rty ro pe P #Kscope
  10. 10. Load Metadata Only Database still shows Input (16) nzal r Ra w ate d ge o fE rty ro pe Grid shows “no P input” Data extract shows not calculated #Kscope
  11. 11. Consolidate Data Data remains z al an “16” rR ● HFM clears cells with type “32”, not ate ew ● Despite the IsCalculated flag dg fE ● Must clear it manually using HS.Clear in rules Must removerty o data Prior to changing flag ro pe P #Kscope
  12. 12. Changed an Entity’s Currency? al Data and journals are nz Ra ter stored by currency ID UKSales e wa ● Originally GBP f E dg ● Change to ert yo EUR P rop ● Parent EastRegion USD #Kscope
  13. 13. Classic Mode Metadata Change Error during load z al an ● Metadata Integrity Check rR w ate d ge o fE rty ro pe P ● Won‟t load ● Un-post then delete the journal? #Kscope
  14. 14. Successfully Changed? Before  After load nzal a te rR e wa E dg y of ert Prop #Kscope
  15. 15. Translate Parent Currency  al TranslatezGBP n Ra translated value ● Is rnow ate EUR to GBP w from e E dg y of ert P rop  Time to reload all data and journals! #Kscope
  16. 16. Changed the Zero View settings? z al Scenario setting an rR w ate “How should I treat dge missing data?” ● Zero YTD o fE rty a periodic value so we arrive at zero on a pe reversing out the entire YTD balance from ● HFM will derive ro P YTD basis, prior period ● Zero Periodic ● HFM adds the periodic zero to prior period YTD, essentially carrying prior period forward Applies only to Revenue/Expense/Flow #Kscope
  17. 17. Sample Sales for UKSales z al an rR w ate d ge o fE Notice Augustty r Periodic and YTD ro pe P #Kscope
  18. 18. Change Actual Zero View to “Periodic” Metadata load prevented z al an rR w ate d ge o fE y rtjournals and re-load metadata ro pe Unpost/reject P ● Re-post same journals #Kscope
  19. 19. Notice August Changes? z al an rR w ate d ge o fE rty ro pe P #Kscope
  20. 20. Inserted a new entity into a lockedhierarchy? al July and August 2005 are nz consolidated, published, r Ra ate and locked ew dg fE Insert new parent “West” rt yo ro pe P #Kscope
  21. 21. Changes from New Entity to Top al Review status and nz Ra ter Calc Status of ancestors change wa ge Consolidate and f Ed yo et Publish eachrperiod P rop #Kscope
  22. 22. Move Europe Change existing entity z al an structure rR ate ew ● Looking for NoData status dg fE change yo ert P rop #Kscope
  23. 23. Move an Entity with NoData al No change to Calc status nz Review Level stays same ter Ra e wa E dg y of ert Prop #Kscope
  24. 24. Loaded metadata without the integritycheck enabled? al nz Has no bearing on data, only journals Ra from: ter Prevents broken journal entries wa ge ● Deleted / renamed base members Ed of ● Make an intersection invalid e rty ● Change Custom 1..4 Top Member ro pIsICP P ● Remove ● Promote a base Account / Custom to parent ● Change currency on an entity ● Change Zero View on scenario #Kscope
  25. 25. Rename “Sales” to “Revenue” z al an rR w ate d ge o fE rty ro pe P Load metadata in “Replace” mode #Kscope
  26. 26. Item IDs al  nz Appname_Account_Item Ra use ItemID  er Data and tjournals number a ew “133”, not “Sales” dg o f●EJournal records in rty Appname_JLENT_1_2005 ro pe P #Kscope
  27. 27. Integrity Check “On” z al an rR w ate d ge o fE rty ro pe P #Kscope
  28. 28. Remove Check Integrity Flag Don‟t try this at home!!! z al an rR w ate d ge fE yo No metadata load errors ert P rop #Kscope
  29. 29. …now, about that journal z al an rR w ate d ge o fE rty Account is removed pe It cannot ro “looked up” Pbe ● Journal still refers to “133” #Kscope
  30. 30. Account_Item table Replace mode z al an ● Removes “Sales” from rR ate ew Appname_Account_Item table dg fE t yo ● Adds “Revenue” r Assignspe ● Pr o a new Item ID ● “177” is the next number available #Kscope
  31. 31. Reload Original Metadata? Try to “bring „Sales‟ back” by nzal Ra ter reloading Enable “Check Integrity” a ew dg No errors this timeE of around rty ro pe “Sales” is assigned a new ID “178” P ● Treated like a new member ● Next ID in sequence #Kscope
  32. 32. Delete Invalid Records al HFM deletes any data records orztables for Ran tables ItemIDs which don‟t exist in r*_Item ate “133” was ew No way to tell what account E dg y of ert Prop Leaves journal records though ● Forever orphaned #Kscope
  33. 33. Changed the Maximum Review Level? September: all entities approved zal n Levels 1- 5 Ra Scenario Settings at defaultr “10” te ● Change to “2” e wa E dg y of ert P rop #Kscope
  34. 34. MaxReviewLevel = 2 No bearing on z al an existing review rR levels w ate d ge ● Still at “5” o fE e ry No change to tpromote options P ● All “10” op rlevels still available No error when promoting straight to “10” Placebo #Kscope
  35. 35. Disable Process Management for ascenario al nz Actual: set SupportsProcessManagement = “N” Ra All levels for scenario revert rto “Not Supported” te e wa E dg y of ert Prop Add it back? SupportsProcessManagement = “Y” Eureka! #Kscope
  36. 36. Questions? z alChris Barbieri an rRcbarbieri@ranzal.com ate ewNeedham, MA of E dg rtyUSA ro pe P+1.617.480.6173www.ranzal.com #Kscope