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Hfm to Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud


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Overview of EPM Cloud, FCCS and Comparison to HFM, Implementation, Customer Stories

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Hfm to Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud

  1. 1. HFM to Financial consolidation and Close Cloud Debra O’connell Principal Solutions Manager, Alithya
  2. 2. AGENDA > Introduction > Overview of EPM Cloud, FCCS and Comparison to HFM > Implementation > Customer Stories > Demonstration > Open Q&A
  3. 3. PRESENTER: DEBRA O’CONNELL > Over 25 years of Oracle EPM Experience > Oracle/Hyperion ▪ Hotline ▪ Consulting ▪ Pre Sales > Advertising Conglomerate, Project Manager ▪ Essbase and HFM Administrator/Developer > Alithya Ranzal, Principal Solutions Manager ▪ Product Demonstrations ▪ Training Content Development and Delivery ▪ Proposals and Estimate Generation
  4. 4. AGENDA > Introduction > Overview of EPM Cloud, FCCS and Comparison to HFM > Implementation > Customer Stories > Demonstration > Open Q&A
  5. 5. ORACLE EPM CLOUD On-Premises HFM/ Enterprise PBCS/ EPBCS FCM SDM ARM ARCS On-Premises Planning Essbase EPRCS HPCM PCMCS TRCS Disclosure Management HTP OAC FCCS Financial Close Manager
  6. 6. ORACLE EPM CLOUD ADVANTAGES > No server purchasing or configuring > 99.5% availability > All patches and updates > 4 week update cycle with new functionality > Backups and other maintenance > Minimal database administration skills necessary > Integration with local Active Directory > Learning Academy for all products/cloud ready documentation/Click to chat help > Development and Production Pods/Environments available within 3 days > All hosted in Oracle’s cloud environment without reliance on third party vendors
  7. 7. FINANCIAL CLOSE CONSOLIDATION CLOUD SERVICE > Out of the box functionality including calculations, hierarchies, reports and dashboards for quick deployments with limited need for scripts and other customizations > Built in task flow management and workflow > Flexible, robust user owned reporting and dashboards > Fully integrated with Oracle EPM Cloud > Cloud Accelerator Wizard to Migrate HFM Metadata to FCCS
  8. 8. FCCS MAJOR COMPONENTS > Consolidation > Predefined dimensions with built-in Financial Intelligence > Out of the box and easily configurable reports, forms and dashboards > Journals > Data source detail tracking with drill through capability > Built-in automated cash flow, KPI ratio Analysis, currency translation, eliminations > Workflow > SmartView / FDMEE > Financial Reports > Close Calendar > Task Management > Dependencies > Assignments > Due Dates > Alerting > Workflow > Supplemental Data > Textual and non-structured data > Flexible Forms and Questionnaires > Integration to Consolidation
  9. 9. FCCS CONSOLIDATION SYSTEM DIMENSIONS 11+ > Required > Scenario > Year > Period > View > Entity > Account > Intercompany > Currency (Value) > Consolidation (Value) > Data Source > Movement (Value) > Optional > Multi-GAAP/Custom 1 > Custom 2 > Custom 3 > Custom 4
  10. 10. FCCS VS ON-PREMISE HFM - SIMILARITIES > Financial Intelligence > Intercompany Eliminations and Matching Reports > Journals created standard or from templates > Forms (Grids and forms are now combined) > Configurable Calculations and advanced consolidation capabilities > On-the-fly currency translation > Granular security > Approval process > SmartView integration > FDMEE/Data Management with drill-through > Thin client > Financial Reports (same Report Writer) with books and batches
  11. 11. FCCS IMPROVEMENTS OVER HFM > 100% Cloud Infrastructure with automatic enhancements > Built on Familiar Essbase/PBCS Platform > Workflow / Process Management > Supplemental Data Management > Task and artifact integration with EPM Cloud > Built in reports and dashboards > Pre-configured rules for cash flow, balance sheet and income statement > Simplified Value Dimension > Dimension Maintenance Functionality in Excel > Journal comments and attachments at every level > Multi-GAAP Capabilities > Mobile Access > Direct integration with Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service > On-Line Training Academy Videos
  12. 12. AGENDA > Introduction > Overview of EPM Cloud, FCCS and Comparison to HFM > Implementation > Customer Stories > Demonstration > Open Q&A
  13. 13. IMPLEMENTATION METHODOLOGY > Iterative approach within a standard SDLC methodology > Focus on process and business involvement > Design approach will be influenced by software decision > CRPs in Build drive feedback loops > Key benefits include: > Increase in solution understanding and ownership > Improved end user satisfaction > Early identification of defects > Continuous risk identification and mitigation > Fewer surprises in Test phase 13
  14. 14. FCCS QUICK START > Set up development and production pods > Create an FCCS application with up to 1000 entities; 5000 accounts > Build 5 custom data forms; 5 custom calculations and 5 financial statement reports > Create security model for up to 10 users > Build one data interface using Cloud Data Management for a single data source > Integrate 2 years of history > Knowledge transfer on maintenance, system navigation, security management, application management and backups and FCCS best practices
  15. 15. AGENDA > Introduction > Overview of EPM Cloud, FCCS and Comparison to HFM > Implementation > Customer Stories > Demonstration > Open Q&A
  16. 16. Revenue USD ~ $9.6 B Deployment Location North America Industry Manufacturing Products FCCS PBCS BICS OACS FDMEE Legacy Platform Shared drive Partner Use Case Summary Precision Castparts Corp performed a roadmap to identify and long-term solution for their reporting needs. The recommended solution was completed in 2018 and this use case focuses on the FCCS part of the implementation. Top Customer Objectives and Challenges • Needed a fully integrated consolidation solution that would feed the new PBCS and BI applications as well as the legacy parent HFM application. • First FCCS application to serve as blue print for rest of subsidiary applications. • Transition to a cost center view of data instead of purely entities • Seamless integration between cloud and on-premises systems Results • Consolidation solution that satisfies all reporting requirements • 5 years of validated history in new reporting format • Transparent data loads from multiple general ledgers and movement among FCCS, PBCS, OACS and the corporate HFM application • Static Excel reporting replaced with dynamic reporting book Key Benefits Achieved  FCCS is the source for reporting actuals across all of the products.  Streamlined data loads  Reduced reliance on Data manipulation and Excel for “one version of the truth” * PARTNER USE CASE * http://www.ranzal. com/
  17. 17. Revenue USD ~ $610 M Deployment Location Montreal, Canada Industry Financial Services - Insurance Products Financial Consolidation Cloud Service (FCCS) Data Management Legacy Platform Excel Partner Use Case Summary Ranzal provided Intact with unique client insight and a continuity of experience. Building upon a long standing relationship and client confidence earned during previous implementations (Hyperion Planning and Essbase), providing natural grounds for a continued partnership with Intact’s first steps into Oracle Cloud products. Top Customer Objectives and Challenges • Replace current Excel consolidation process by FCCS • Use the out of the box consolidation rule of FCCS • Utilize out of the box currency translation, predefined metadata, intercompany eliminations, and journal entry capabilities • Include integration and translation of new subsidiary data Results • Produce consolidated IFRS financial statements • Scalable design allows future expansion in application and integration • Satisfied strict audit requirements using out-of-the-box functionality and audit features • Integrate two GL data sources • Seamlessly integrated new subsidiary during ongoing merger activities • Custom rules to calculate key indicators; such as EPS, DPS, Weighted Average number of outstanding shares • Custom allocation rule Key Benefits Achieved  New Consolidation system  Integrated data feed  Ability to load, adjust, translate and consolidate data  Scalable solution as business changes over time * PARTNER USE CASE * http://www.ranzal. com/ Partner Contact: Rick Torres, BDM
  18. 18. Revenue USD ~ $350 M Deployment Location North America Industry Manufacturing Products Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) Cloud Data Management Legacy Platform Oracle Essbase Microsoft Excel Partner Use Case Summary Cretex partnered with Alithya to design, implement and roll-out Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) to replace Oracle Essbase and various Microsoft Excel templates. Prior to FCCS, Cretex leveraged an Oracle Essbase system for consolidations and reporting. Top Customer Objectives and Challenges • Oracle Essbase system was on an unsupported version • Limited IT and Business resources to support and maintain Essbase • Multiple ERP’s with manual General Ledger data loads • More efficient close process across various Business Units • Centralized collection and calculation of Statistical Metrics & Ratios Results • Successfully implemented Oracle FCCS to replace Essbase • Cloud based application and reliable Oracle maintained infrastructure • Increased stability with cloud solution • Streamlined mapping and centralized data loads from multiple General Ledger sources with increased auditability and flexibility • Close Manager functionality increased visibility and allowed for proactive management of the close process • Streamlined, auditable journal entry process for adjustments • Dynamic reporting for both financial and statistical driver information • SmartView used for Statistical Metric submissions and ad-hoc analysis • Scalable application design to meet the growing needs of the business * PARTNER USE CASE * Key Benefits Achieved Partner Contact: Nate Gruys 952.210.8377  Centralized repository for financial and statistical reporting  Improved visibility and administration around financial close process  Streamlined data flow for all aspects of parent company reporting  Cloud solution provided increased stability without need for IT and future upgrades
  19. 19. Deep Dive Demo
  20. 20. Q&A