Advanced Topics in Calc Manager for HFM


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Ranzal Practice Director, Chris Barbieri conducted this presentation at the recent ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference in Long Beach, California.

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Advanced Topics in Calc Manager for HFM

  1. 1. Advanced Topics inCalc Manager for HFM Chris Barbieri Edgewater Ranzal
  2. 2. About Edgewater Ranzal One of the Largest Hyperion Practices in the U.S. Oracle / Hyperion Platinum Partner - Highest Status 15 Years 700+ clients Vertical Expertise with High- 1000+ projects Profile Clients from Coast to Coast Sound Project Methodology Insures Project Success “One Stop Shop” for ALL EPM Implementation needs
  3. 3. Our Services Business Consolidation Planning Intelligence Data Project Infrastructure Services Management
  4. 4. Advanced Topics in Calc Manager● Sub Translate● Sub Dynamic● Sub NoInput● Sub Consolidate● Troubleshooting ● Logging ● Timers
  5. 5. A Note on Translation● HFM app settings determine default translation● But sometimes you need some accounts to translate differently, such as Equity ● Or maybe you want some accounts to use a whole different rate
  6. 6. Translate● Translate balance sheet accounts at average rate, using PVA ● … this is in the middle of a data range
  7. 7. Calculate the Difference BetweenRates● The @Trans and @TransPeriodic will translate a value using the difference between rates● …and write that out to another account/custom
  8. 8. Force a Rate of “1”● Generally not advisable to use constants● Overrides are stored in a custom in this app ● Use “1” instead of the rate
  9. 9. Write to Another Entity● The only time you can write to another entity ● A sibling entity AND ● [Proportion] or [Elimination] members only AND ● @CON function in Sub Consolidate
  10. 10. Change Another Entity’s Calc Status● @ImpactStatus ● “Notify” next year that this year has changed ● “Notify” another scenario that it needs to copy data from this scenario…
  11. 11. Copy to Another Scenario
  12. 12. Non-Consolidating Parent● Use a condition to avoid consolidating to a particular entity
  13. 13. Consolidate – Data Range ● Only accounts flagged Consolidated are available ● Don’t consolidate zeros: skip them
  14. 14. Consolidate – HS.Con Function
  15. 15. Member Range● Cycle through a list of members within a given dimension● Can be defined in the rules “Parent”,”[Base]”● Or from custom member lists “OverrideAccounts” OverrideAccounts”● Most common in NoInput rules● Don’t use this elsewhere if you can avoid it
  16. 16. Member Range Example
  17. 17. Test User Defined Fields ● Explain yourself
  18. 18. Dynamic Function● Note the use of a different formula for each View
  19. 19. NoInput Function● Inside a member range● Custom4 conditions not shown
  20. 20. Debugging, aka “WriteToFile”● Is the rule running? Did it pass each condition?● Add a formula {i} = {i} ● To contain the information you wan t to write out ● At the point in the rule where you want the information● Enable Logging ● Formula Level ● Rule Level
  21. 21. Debugging, cont’d ● Icon indicates you can enter text ● Also add variables to see their contents at that point in the rule
  22. 22. Debugging Example● Within data range, but before account condition● After the condition
  23. 23. Script● Possible, but… ● … chicken’s way out● Take you just as long to write in script as it would to use graphical mode ● And it would still be better written
  24. 24. Questions Chris Barbieri +1.617.480.6173
  25. 25. Presentations Calculation Manager: The New and Improved Application to Create Hyperion Planning Business Rules – Monday, 11:15 am, Room 102C Security and Auditing in HFM – Tuesday, 4:30pm, 101B Best Practices for Using DRM with EPMA – Wednesday, 8:30am, 103A Getting Started with Calc Manager for HFM – Wednesday, 8:30am, 101B Advanced Topics in Calc Manager for HFM – Wednesday, 9:45am, 101B Maximizing the Value of an EPM Investment with ERPi, FDM & EPMA – Wednesday, 11:15am, 101B Taking your FDM application to the next level with Advanced Scripting – Friday, 8:30am, 101B IFRS reporting within Hyperion Financial Management – Thursday, 10:30am, 101B
  26. 26. Chris Barbieri +1.617.480.6173