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REVIEWS - Apple Motion 2 (Mac DVD) [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureGPU Accele...
Motions intuitive interface works with you, not against you.Were talking instant gratification here. Motion 2 reacts immed...
Create behaviors and animationsquickly with visual tools.Drag-and-Drop CreativityTake behaviors, for example. A form of pr...
ReplicatorWhen it comes to animating waves of repeating graphics or movies along a grid or pattern you define, youregoing ...
Motion has the most intuitive control scheme in the biz.Motion also provides built-in shortcuts called Gestures that make ...
Works Well with OthersA good corporate citizen, Motion imports a wide range of files, including QuickTime, DVCPRO, HDV, TI...
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Apple motion 2 (mac dvd) [old version]


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Apple motion 2 (mac dvd) [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Apple Motion 2 (Mac DVD) [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureGPU Accelerated 16-bit and 32-bit floatqrendering—Motion is the first motion graphicssoftware with GPU-accelerated film qualityrendering.Replicator—Motions Replicator is the easiest wayqto animate waves of repeating graphics or moviesalong user-defined grids.Integration with Adobes After Effects—Now youqcan combine Motions intutive next generationtoolset with the 3D compositing of Adobe AfterEffects. Drag and drop Motion projects into AfterEffects without rendering.Read moreqProduct DescriptionApple’s award winning, real-time motion graphics software, Motion is the easiest way for artists and editors toanimate text, movies and graphics for film, video or DVD motion menus. Layer animations in real-time whilemaintaining pristine imagery. Motion 2 is the world’s first motion graphics software with GPU accelerated 32-bitfloat rendering for true film quality. Explore new design options with Behaviors, Motion 2’s intuitive way tocreate fluid animations without keyframes. Customize over 100 particle effects like billowing smoke andsparkling pixie dust. Animate wave-like movement that ripples through a grid of images using the newReplicator tool. And if that’s not enough, FXPlug allows 3rd party effects plug-ins to take advantage of Motion2’s real-time design engine. The designs you create with Motion 2 are unlike what you’ll create anywhere else.Read moreProduct DescriptionUnlike your old-school motion graphics system, Motion 2 ushers in a new paradigm, offering true film-qualityoutput, GPU accelerated real-time performance and an astounding tool set that lets you create advancedmotion graphics with drag-and-drop ease, startling clarity and unprecedented color fidelity. Motion 2 representsthe easiest way for artists and editors to animate text and graphics for DVD motion menus, video or film. It alsolets you design in real time and take advantage of GPU acceleration--at true film quality 16-bit and 32-bitfloat--when it comes time to render your files. Thats an industry first.
  2. 2. Motions intuitive interface works with you, not against you.Were talking instant gratification here. Motion 2 reacts immediately as you audition its many built-in filters,particles, and title animations. In fact, Motion 2 not only plays back multiple streams of video, filters, text, andparticles, it also encourages you to experiment freely, moving or resizing video layers on the fly. Want to trysomething on for size? Experiment as much as youd like. Motion 2 caches each layer of your motion graphicindependently, so what you see is what youre doing. That very second.GPU AccelerationMotion 2 leverages all of the processing capabilities built into the top-of-the-line graphics cards available for thePower Mac G5. Its also the first motion graphics software with GPU-accelerated 16- and 32-bit true film-qualityfloat rendering.Theres more. Motion 2s real-time engine is not just fast. Its scalable. Add more RAM, replace a really goodgraphics card with an even better one, or upgrade to a new Power Mac G5 with an even faster processor, andyoull notice the results immediately. Youll see faster video playback, increased particle and filterresponsiveness, and improved behavior and text layer performance.32-bit float processing offers incredible detail and quality for all your output needs.True Film-Quality OutputOf course, Motion 2 delivers absolutely dazzling image quality. It provides not only superb detail and extremelyfine color accuracy but eliminates those nasty banding artifacts. Remember, at 16 bits per channel, you have65,536 luminance levels per Red, Green, or Blue channel to play with in your Motion 2 designs. At 32 bits perchannel, thats over 4 billion luminance levels per channel. And because of its built-in support for floatprocessing, you can take advantage of an unprecedented level of dynamic range, retaining detail when youreworking with Open EXR High Dynamic Range images and their superwhite pixels.Not outputting to film? Motion 2 allows you to use 16-bit and 32-bit float processing even when outputting yourfinished projects as 8-bit or 10-bit QuickTime files. That means your motion graphics will display with superiorquality even when your final output is restricted to an 8-bit video environment.
  3. 3. Create behaviors and animationsquickly with visual tools.Drag-and-Drop CreativityTake behaviors, for example. A form of procedural animation, behaviors let you produce natural, fluid motionsimply by dragging a behavior--such as Throw, Fade In/Fade Out, or Gravity--from Motion 2s library anddropping it on the type or graphic you want to animate. Much more accessible than keyframes, not only canbehaviors be modified easily and instantly, but they can be combined with one another or with the 500+ filtersand particle presets that come with Motion 2. As a result, you can try out many animation variations in afraction of the time it would take you to painstakingly construct them with keyframes.Motion 2 offers the same level of sophistication and accessibility for text animation. To get started, simply typethe text you wish to animate in Motions Canvas. Select any font on your system to generate vector-based textthat scales, skews and rotates while remaining absolutely sharp. You can animate your text with many of thesame parameters--such as position, opacity or rotation--available for other graphics. Or you can applyattributes unique to type, like format, style and layout parameters such as margin, alignment, and justification.With Motion, you can create intricate character-by-character behavior-based animations. You can also placeand animate text along a path, selecting either Line or Loop in the path options.Play It Again, SamIf dragging behavior and filter parameters with a mouse or stylus isnt fluid enough for you, how would you liketo play your motion graphics as if they were musical instruments. Attach a MIDI device to your Mac and you cando just that. With Motion 2, you can use the default Learn mode to assign any number of filters or transformparameters to a MIDI knob, fader or pad. Then, like a jazz musician, you can spontaneously modify your motiongraphics in real time, adjusting multiple parameters for color correction or particles at once. Want todemonstrate for clients the range of possibilities available for a project or the different directions in which youcould take an assignment? Imagine how Motion 2 can let you illustrate your creative potential.Keyframing When You Need ItWhat about those times when your project calls for precise parameter values to be set at specific frames ofyour animation? Thats when its handy to take advantage of the strengths inherent in keyframe animation, andMotion 2 provides an arsenal of powerful, convenient and intuitive tools for just such projects.Make your animations more robust with the new Replicator tool.
  4. 4. ReplicatorWhen it comes to animating waves of repeating graphics or movies along a grid or pattern you define, youregoing to find Replicator--a new Motion 2 design tool--completely indispensable. Motion provides a library ofmore than 150 original Replicator presets, letting you easily create everything from video wallpaper to spiralgalaxies to lower-third graphic backgrounds.Using Replicator, you can quickly and fluidly build patterns of repeating elements--shapes, photos, still images,video or just about any object in your project. Once you determine the shape of the pattern, using a grid, spiralor other geometric parameter to define it, you can modify and animate the parameters specific to that patternanyway youd like. Change the size of the circle. The twist in a spirals arms. The speed of rotation. You can alsomodify and animate the patterns cell parameters.Want to try something completely different? Use the Sequence Replicator, a special Replicator behavior, tosequence through parameter changes and create wave-like animations across repeated objects.Particle GeneratorFrom designing animated backgrounds to generating such real-world effects as smoke, sparkles or fire, Motion2 makes it easy to create the particle effects so essential to your motion graphics designs.Consider, for example, that you can use virtually any object in its library--including QuickTime movies--as aparticle shape. That you can apply multiple objects to a single particle emitter, thus creating more elaborateeffects. Or that you can drag a complete preset particle system into your project--and either use it unaltered orcustomize its parameters in the Dashboard to better suit your current design needs.All by itself, the Particle Generator provides you with an astounding tool, but youre also going to want tocombine it with others for even more versatility. If, for example, you combine particle system parameters withthe power of behaviors, youll find yourself creating incredibly complex and unique effects nearly impossible tocraft in any other way. Whats more, you always have the option of tapping Motions powerful Keyframe Editorand using it to keyframe the particle emitter and particle cells.Filters and EffectsIn Motions robust library, youll also find a suite of more than 130 GPU-accelerated filters and effects to use inyour projects. Lightning-fast, the accelerated performance of the filters is most evident when you applyGaussian Blur or one of the stunning Glow filters to a video clip; then interactively adjust the parameters of theassigned filter. Try it. Youll be blown away by Motions responsiveness and by what you can achieve withPrimatteRT (use it for chroma keying), explosive Light Ray filters, the elegant Vignette filter and more.Got After Effects-compatible plug-ins? You can use your favorites to modify the behavior of Motions built-infilters and effects. Or install one of the new third-party filters designed for Motion 2s FxPlug architecture.Theyll work just like the filters and effects in Motions Library and will take advantage of its real-time designengine, delivering accelerated performance, onscreen control and full 32-bit float rendering for outstandingtrue film-quality resolution.Intuitive and Powerful InterfaceUsing Motions multi-track Timeline, you can insert, overwrite and replace clips with ease. Because weve builtbasic editing capabilities right into Motion, you dont have to switch applications to perform essential timingtasks. Conveniently, you can trim, slip or slide tracks in the Timeline to have them precisely match animationsand effects. You can even view and trim audio tracks quickly and easily in Motions Timeline.
  5. 5. Motion has the most intuitive control scheme in the biz.Motion also provides built-in shortcuts called Gestures that make it a breeze to navigate even the mostcomplex projects. Instead of pulling down menus with a mouse or using keyboard combinations, you can makegestural swipes with a pen and tablet to execute any of the more than 30 commands at your disposal. Swipethe pen to the right, for example, and youll move the animation 10 frames forward; draw a greater-than sign(>) and the Timeline begins playing; swipe down and youll stop the animation playback.DashboardAnother Motion innovation, the Dashboard is a contextual tool that provides the most commonly usedparameters for a selected object. While your line-of-sight remains clear and the workspace stays neat andorganized, you have all of the tools you need at your fingertips. For behaviors, for example, the Dashboarddisplays an intuitive graphical control, making it simple and fun to modify animation behaviors. And while theDashboard suppresses the display of less common parameters, you can always access the full range of controlswith a mouse click or pen swipe.All the tools and files you need are close at hand.Built-In ConvenienceWhere might you find the assets and tools you need for your next project? In Motion 2, youre never more thana mouse click or two away from what you need, and youre not distracted by a hodgepodge of floating palettesthat get in the way of creativity.The built-in File Browser lets you easily access and organize such media assets as graphics and QuickTimevideos. Similarly, the Library offers immediate access not only to iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums, but also toall of the Behaviors, filters, Particle presets, and Replicator presets youll use to animate your projects. Youllfind the Template Browser equally convenient. There, youll discover a range of Apple-defined templates forcommon projects such as broadcast promos and DVD menus. And when you begin creating your own templates,you can save them there, too and organize them into categories that you define.
  6. 6. Works Well with OthersA good corporate citizen, Motion imports a wide range of files, including QuickTime, DVCPRO, HDV, TIFF,layered Photoshop files, Illustrator vector graphics and OpenEXR for 16-bit float quality. Motion also lets youexport in MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats for creating DVD-compatible files.You can also work hand-in-hand with Adobe After Effects. Drag and drop your native Motion 2 project files intoAfter Effects 6.5 without rendering. To make a change, simply launch Motion from within After Effects; thechanges you make will automatically update in your After Effects composition. And those who normally useAfter Effects can now easily access the intuitive particle creation, elegant Replicator designs and drag-and-dropprocedural animation found in Motion 2.Motion also lets you use your favorite After Effects-compatible plug-ins for filters and effects. And thanks to anews FxPlug architecture, you can use any of the GPU-accelerated plug-ins that come with Motion 2 or fromthird-party developers.Important Member of Final Cut StudioBecause it natively supports HDV, Motion 2 can also play an integral role in a Final Cut Studio solution, allowinga seamless workflow--with no generational quality loss--from Final Cut Pro 5 to Motion 2 to DVD Studio Pro 4.In fact, Final Cut Studio applications work cohesively together. You can open motion graphics created in Motiondirectly from Final Cut Pro. And when you edit video or audio tracks in Final Cut Pro, all of your cuts, layeringdata and motion paths remain intact.Looking for ease of use? You can drag project files from Motion 2 into DVD Studio Pro 4 without rendering. Usemarkers in Motion to set chapter markers, transition points and loop points for DVD menus. Not only will DVDStudio Pro render these project files on the fly, but if adjustments are needed, it lets you open Motion and makethem right away. No need to export and re-import the files. The graphic automatically updates in DVD StudioPro without the need to encode or render.Motion 2 also works seamlessly with Soundtrack Pro and Shake. If you need to modify an audio file, open it inSoundtrack Pro from within Motion. Save it, and the edited audio file automatically updates in Motion 2.Whether the project requires simple sound effects or sophisticated audio repair, Motion 2 provides quick andeasy access to Soundtrack Pros powerful audio repair tools, sound effects library and loops. And you can nowsend Motion 2 projects directly to Shake to take advantage of its sophisticated compositing effects. DropMotion projects into Shake without rendering; render 32-bit Open EXR files from Shake to bring stunning filmquality back into Motion 2.Read more