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PySynth : A toy pure python software synthesizer.


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This slide describes toy software synthesizer. It is made by pure-python, and generates PSG like square-wave form sound from MML.

Published in: Technology
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PySynth : A toy pure python software synthesizer.

  1. 1. Pure PythonSoftware synthesizer 2011-06-11 Python mini Hack-a-thon #9 at gumi
  2. 2. Who are you?Ransui Iso @ X-Listing. Im Common Lisper,But use python heavily.
  3. 3. I like Chip-Tune Music very much.Modern DTM system generates very rich sound, but the system cant generate PIKO-PIKO sound well.
  4. 4. So, I made a toy software synthesizerto generate PIKO-PIKO sound.
  5. 5. It generates PSG like square-wave sound.PSG is Programmable Sound Generator”, which has been commonly use for computer and game music In 1980s
  6. 6. Square-wave form is good for PIKO-PIKO sound
  7. 7. Architecture of Synthesizer Oscillator Oscillator MML MixerInterpreter Oscillator Oscillator Raw PCM binary data
  8. 8. Music Macro Language● Musical notation scores can translate to MML.● Note : CDEFGAB and R ● + as #, - as ♭● Musical Control ● Tempo T ● Volume V ● Octave O ● Default key on length L
  9. 9. How to generate MML to PCM data MML String Tokenizer Notation Generator Sequence of Square Wave Note instance Generator RAW PCM Binary data.
  10. 10. Splitted output module Software Synthesizer FIFO Output Driver Software PyQtQt Layer QtMultimediaOS Layer ALSA DIrectSound Esound, etc...
  11. 11. Lets see the code! You can find the python source code at pasetebin.Raw PCM data generator : Sound Output Program :
  12. 12. DEMOHave you heard of this?
  13. 13. Thank you for LISTNING Happy Hacking!!